Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Saturday. Manila-Laguna-Batangas-Tagaytay-Manila. In twenty hours we were able to make the best of our Christmas weekend. On Sunday morning, we left Batangas and headed Tagaytay before lunch time. The traffic was so bad that day but we enjoyed the moment left for us to wander at the park.

At the Zipline area.
Posed before the hanging bridge. It was not their first time to see the place but they were all very excited again as if it were the first.
Did you see the Zipline at the back? I was wondering if anyone wanted to try, so I asked, but none volunteered. The Zipline is 300 meters offground with a speed of 60km/hour and 250 meters long of scenic views.

For 200 pesos, one can experience a one way Zipline. A combination ride is available at P300/person for weekday rates.

Weekend rates are available at 300/person way ride and 400/person for a combination ride.

Jump before steep side valley. We just couldn't let that moment pass without having a jump shot. I told them to be very careful with their jumps for they might fall in a deep ravine.
Do not try! They're actually few meters away from ravine.
I was not able to take a panoramic view so I took two separate shots. Just in case you're wondering why everyone was looking up in the clouds. They sat down in the kite area and took a rest after few hours of strolling at the park.

Can you figure out what is this picture above? Our last stop over. Horseback Riding. The sun was already bidding goodbye. They did not enjoy the horse back riding anymore. Everybody seemed so tired after a long walk and wanted to rest. Horses looked overly tired too and hardly respond. But each one had their own moment for an hour rent. My camera battery turned red too, an indication that all of us need to rest.

Tired that day? We arrived home in Manila around 10pm already. I was dead tired and my home chores just added to my already tiring day but I was happy anyway! Instead of starting my pending tasks on Monday, I slept the whole day to recharge myself and only started my chores on Tuesday. Blogging hiatus resumes today, Wednesday. I'll be busy again for our Media Noche but I will blog in between. I want to welcome 2011 with a clean dashboard. Thanks guys for visiting my blog. Promise, I'll blog hop in between too. :)


Family, love, nature, home, friends, memories, and time are some of the best things in life that are free!


  1. i remember going to tagaytay some 3 years back, and i never dared try riding on that zipline, my two kids did:)

    happy new year to u nuts, and ur lovely family. may u continue to have more blessings this year.

  2. wow! SO MUCH fun...ang saya-saya nang mag iinsan....:) would love to go to tagaytay.....:)


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