Monday, December 20, 2010

Craving for Polvoron

I call her my cousin even if I haven't traced yet our roots. I like her vibrant personality. She's smart and pretty. But most of all, I like best her polvoron. ') It just tastes so good and I swear you'll even crave for more. Thank you Fedhz. I am now officially a big fan of the most delicious polvoron. Kids were like monster that Saturday evening and left nothing for me but one piece of polvoron.


  1. salamat po ng marami, cousin. hehehe. pretty daw o. lol

    more polvoron ba ang hirit nun? hehehe

  2. wow pang-billboard ang picture. lagay nyo yan along edsa, pa-advertise yung polvoron ni fedhzie. hee hee.

    miss you mommy nuts!

  3. waaaaaaaah!! havent blog anything bout ouir party yet!t! gumagapan ako ngyun sa dami ng gawain :P pero im surely blog all of them! ;D

  4. same w/ jes here, daming gawain nkaabang, un plan ko din gumawa ng pulboron dna maasikaso, nsghsrden na un flour, ahehe.

    ganda ng posing nu, pangmodel tlg ng pulvoron:)))

  5. ayay! pengeeeeeee...ehehehe! ganda nang model....:) yehaaaaa!


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