Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sickness and Treatment

At my age now, I'm becoming more aware of possible sickness and closely watch the diet that I follow everyday. I sometimes experience hard breathing lately but I am not sure though if this is related to any heart problems. And because my parents both died of cancer, I always consult the doctor regularly to check my health condition. Few months ago, I visited my ob-gyne and underwent required several examinations. Waiting for the result seemed to be a lifetime for a patient like me. I was a little bit worried that early signs were developing already without knowing it. I was afraid about the result but I thank God that everything was normal and ultrasound showed nothing. I do not need to undergo any therapy or even mesothelioma treatment. Even if I'm not exposed to asbestos or any other chemicals, I'm still aware about possible sickness I can get like any other individual. Everyone is prone to different kinds of diseases and I'm glad that all the test results fall within the normal range.

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