Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Modern Business Meeting

Often, meetings are the hardest to plan especially if people/business partners have different schedule and the venue is not favorable to others. There are quite a lot of things to consider before you finalize the meeting like location, convenience, time and budget. If meetings will be conducted in a five-star hotel, you need a substantial amount of money and exert effort in planning to make the day of the meeting turns out smoothly. Such a big hassle in preparations, both time and money.

Today, there is megameeting.com web conferencing by which a modern technology will take you to a place without having to travel yourself physically. Before this existed, a lot of planning is needed just to have all the participants present on the day of the meeting. Three, four person or more than that number can participate in a meeting without budget cuts to think about. This kind of meeting is vital to small or big companies and the reasons of getting it are quite numerous. You can easily and quickly communicate with business partners across the globe and the convenience that this conference will give you is affordable, yeah, as affordable as one click away.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Resorts World Manila 2011 Coronation Night

Only one stood out from the rest and was crowned as the Ms. Resorts World Manila 2011 last August 27 among the 28 beautiful ladies that gave their best during the competition held at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila. These ladies presented themselves before the crowd in their swimsuit and evening gowns. All of them graciously and confidently did their best to take home the crown.

I know at first that my personal bet #17 will win and I was not wrong with my judgement. She was voted by the panelist as the princess, as her name says it, as she emerged from the rest of the contestants. I could compare such competition to the most prestigious beauty pageant as all the ladies ramped their evening gowns.

The crowd cheered when the name Princess Angela Abella, 23, was crowned as the Ms. Resorts World Manila 2011. Aside from P500,000 cash prize, she was awarded also as Miss Viva Talent in one of the biggest movie production outfit, Viva Films. Abella was also awarded as Darling of the Press during Media Presentation last August 15. (Photo credit: Rafael Mendiola, Jr.)

Only twelve of the the 28 contestants made it to semi-finalist with Princess Angela Abella, Ladylyn Riva and Kriza Charisse Argana. They are Jo Ann Peria, Reina Mae Maerina, Pamela Sue Nieva, Pauleen Conde, Cara Rodriguez, Liezl Verses, Sabrina Jane Watts, Angela Luz Abuallata, and Princess Leiza Manzon.

Special Awards were given to Pamela Sue Nieva as Miss Photogenic, Liezl Verses as Best in Long Gown and Angela Luz Abuallata as Miss Talent.

Ladylyn Riva who won the First Runner-up title won P250,000 worth of prizes. She was also awarded as Best in Swimsuit and Miss Maxims while the Second Runner Up title went to Kriza Charisse Argana, who took home P100,000 worth of prizes.

MTV VJ Sarah Meier and model and TV Host Rovilson Fernandez hosted the event that made the night even more alive with the witty and funny lines they made from time to time. Meanwhile, the panel of judges are; Philippine Daily Inquirer Showbiz Columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal, Azkals Star Player Anton del Rosario, RWM's Official Colin Kerr, Steve Reilly and Sviatlana Burkun, Tati Fortuna of Scribble Works Production, Inc., Charlie Yu of Empire East, and Vincent del Rosario of Viva Films.

During the intermission numbers, Kaos lead perfomer Martha Joy, Leo Valdez and the cast of The Sound of Music performed that night that gave the audience in awe with their jaw dropping performance.

The newly crowned Miss Resorts World Manila Princess Angela will serve as the ambassadress of the first integrated tourist destination of the Philippines, The Resorts World Manila.

Ms. Resorts World Manila 2010 Wendy Tabusalla in her farewell walk.

During casual and swimsuit parade

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Collectible Item

We're planning to visit the museum in the next long weekend or when another holiday falls on Monday. My kids haven't visited it yet and wanted to see what's inside. They have seen it on videos and movies but they haven't experienced what's supposed in a real display. They want to see the old medallions and challenge coins with a unique design as featured in a documentary show last week. The owner of those coins donated half of his collections to the Museum.

I love how the show demonstrated the importance of these items that even my children developed their interests on how it can be used as a special recognition to boost moral. According to the said show, the owner started collecting it since the day he was awarded being a full pledge and a loyal member of the organization he was in. No wonder why these items steal the scene in several shows; during awards, ceremonies or recognition events.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nostalgia #67 : The Rocks

image source: internet

I've been into many near-death-drowning situations but those incidents didn't stop me to love the beach.

Every time I look at the beach, I can't help but reminisce back when I was a little girl. I was only four or five when my sister and I decided to hop in the big rock formations with about two meters depth of water. Off we went, it was fun anyway. I disobeyed my parents even if they warned us not to go to that area because it was really dangerous for us. I was not really a hard headed kid but the curiosity and the mystery behind the rocks that I always wanted to find out ruled out in me.

As I hop from one rock to another I missed my step into a slippery moss covered rock and fell into the water. I did not know how to swim so I just waved my hand in and out in a deep. I already drank a pail of water before my uncle saw me. I thought I was going to die. Only as thin hair strand chance was left on me to survive but my uncle was quick and jumped to the water and saved me.

When we reached home, my father's eyes and face turned beet red in anger as he was fuming mad, brought me back to the beach and told me if I wanted to die. I cried and made a promise. Now that I am a parent myself, I always remind my kids to be obedient, for we know what's good and we only want to protect them from any danger.

photo credit: skyscrapercity.com

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to these amazing ladies celebrating their birthdays this week!

To all my friends and family who celebrated their birthdays this month especially to my SIL, though she's not into online world, happy happy birthday to you Riz from all of us here!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


LEGO promotes the wonders of the Philippines and celebrates Filipino ingenuity.

A grand exhibit like "LEGO PILIPINAS, TARA NA! is one event that you shouldn't miss. It was a privilege for me to have been a part of this event where unveiling takes place at SM Mall of Asia in partnership with Department of Tourism.

The exhibit will run from August 12-27, 2011 and will feature various fun and exciting daily activities and events for the whole family.

The infinite possibilities of what the human imagination can do and love of country are the values that the leading toy company LEGO champions in LEGO PILIPINAS, TARA NA!" - the first ever LEGO Filipino-theme event in the Philippines and surely, one does not have to look far to discover the wonders of nature and appreciate historical places, as these can be found in our very own country. In partnership with the DOT, LEGO aims to promote the beauty of the Philippines through an exhibit of the re-creations of famous regional landmarks and icons, highlighted by the 18x30 Philippines map-all made of colorful LEGO bricks. From the Philippine islands to the highlands, one can marvel at the places such as the Chocolate Hills, Crocodile Farm, Banaue Rice Terraces, Siargao, Luneta and other wondrous sites like one has never seen before.

In the same way as these amazing landmarks bring inspiration to people, all great achievements start with a dose of imagination and excellence. The LEGO Pilipinas, Tara Na! event also presents the "Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas, Ang Galing ng Pilipino" photo exhibit of local personalities who were not afraid to dream, and who, through their excellent work and contributions in society, inspire others to do the same. We believe that Philippines is not just about its wonderful places but also about great people who continue to shine all over the world and contribute to our community. Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas, Ang Galing ng Pilipino" will be a great complement to the grand LEGO Pilipinas, Tara Na! display as we take price in our country;s richness natural and human resources.

Kids can have fun and learn at the LEGO Play area, while they can further challenge their imagination and join the LEGO My Own Creation, Children from 4 to 14 years old can build and have their photo taken with their creation with their cutest smile! Participants with the best creation in each age category (4-7/ 8-10/ 11-15 years old) will receive special LEGO prizes worth P5,000.oo. Photos of the participants will be displayed at the photo wall on-site and at the LEGO Philippines official website and facebook account: bricksphilippines. More excitement awaits the whole family with the LEGO Single Building and Family Building Competitions held every Saturdays from 2-4pm.

In line with the exhibit is the "Brick House for Children," a donation/charity project led by LAJ Marketing Philippines in partnership with SM Foundation. Each P1,000.00 donation given to the SM Foundation will correspond to a LEGO brick house which, in turn, will be displayed at the exhibit. SM Foundation will be the lead agency to identify DSWD's centers for children who will be the recipient of this project.

Truly, building with LEGO bricks has never been this grand and meaningful. The '"LEGO PILIPINAS, TARA NA!" event is presented by LEGO, LAJ Marketing Philippines, SM Mall of Asia and the Department of Tourism, supported by SM Toy Kingdom, the Picture Company, The Philippine Star, Mommy Mundo and Creative Juice Communications.

LAJ Marketing Philippines, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the LEGO brand.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nostalgia #66: Filipiniana

This month, Linggo ng Wika is celebrated all over the country. My daughter who is now in her Junior year has been very busy for this week's activity for their school's celebration.

I'll feature in my next post on where you can find costume for children and adult. For now, I'll just feature her Filipiniana costume for my Nostalgia entry.

Filipiniana last year.

And her new Filipiniana for tomorrow's Linggo ng Wika. She's too excited to wear hew new Filipiniana . She she slept early today so she can fix her hair tomorrow morning the Maria Clara way. ^__^

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pasko sa Agosto Giveaways!

Our country is known as the nation with longest Christmas celebration that lasts from September to February and I am not exaggerating here. Extraordinary celebration right? Now, you'll be more surprised! Filipino Bloggers made it earlier for you.

Pasko sa Agosto

There is "Pasko sa Agosto" where bloggers will be giving away fabulous prizes. Bloggers and non bloggers can join as long as they have Philippine address to where prices will be shipped. For this contest, I'm giving away "I Love My Blog shirt and bag from sleekinthecity.com for one lucky winner.

Cute bag, right? Like? Like! Join my giveaway contest now!

Mechanics is very simple, literally as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Like my fan page
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3. Leave a comment with the username/account you use in 1 & 2

That's it and You're in!

If you want to join more contests, please click here for the complete list of bloggers who joined the giveaways!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Escape from Weekend Stress

So today is another busy weekend for me. For one stay at home mom, Saturday is a home-chores day where laundry, cooking and all duties always seem to be endless. As usual, my morning starts with a cup of coffee. At 9 am, I accompanied my daughter to her swimming lesson but it lasted for only an hour because her coach is busy for the coming national competition which will be tomorrow. Although we have enough time in the afternoon to go out malling or dining, we opted to just stay home because the budget is kind of tight these days. I cannot anymore tighten my belt as it is already tightened and extended to its maximum limit. I wish that I can spend a weekend with no home chores, mom duties and budget to think about.

I sometimes wish for Boating Holidays Norfolk Broads. A boat holidays could be relaxing and just imagining the picturesque scenery right now makes my mind refreshed. How I wish I can escape my everyday life even for once. During my husband's two week vacation, we were not able to spend at least one quality out of town trip by which my children have been dreaming for quite a long time now. Sigh. I hope that during their school break, probably before the second semester begins, this vacation will push through even for a simple get away.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insurance for Few Days

What would you do when you can't say no to a friend who wants to borrow your car? You trust your friend but the problem is, there is fear inside you about the things that might possibly happen to your car. Don't be paranoid! There is a solution to keep your mind at peace. You can get an insurance for temp cover for two, three or depending on how many days you want your car to be insured. Yes, there is an insurance that will make you at ease during those times when your car is out of your sight for a long drive by someone else. Get one for your car now!

Nostalgia #65: Traditional Game "Siklot"

When I was in grade school years, the only thing that I wish was to go home early after school and play Jackstone and Siklot. I was very good at that game that I could play all throughout the game without giving a chance to my playmates. We would gather in my grandmother's house to play this game. Today I rarely see children playing this. I sometimes wish that internet was not invented so that kids are not glued in front of computer or any gadgets that made them immobile all day.

And what is Siklot? This game is similar to a jackstone. We would collect small stones or pebbles to be used in the game. To start, the players will decide on who will begin. Each player starts with six or more stones. The first player will collect stones from other player. He/she would toss the stones in the air and catches them with the back of his hand and tosses them again with back of palm. All the stones that are dropped on the floor will be flicked in pair until the stones are gone. After each round, the player will take one and keep it as "savings." The player with the most number of stones will be declared as the ultimate winner. That's how we played it and it's fun to remember how we used Siklot as our pastime.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be Secured!

My sister works in a publishing company for more than ten years now. She thinks that working in the office which is just few meters away from the house brings many benefits to her. Aside from the distance of office to work, the company offers housing and other allowances. She never considered moving in to another job even if other company offers her a career for financial advancement. With the present dollar fluctuations that affects their company's business, which is exporting articles abroad, she still appeared unaffected at all. She is contented with her life now because of cheap life insurance that she has secured long ago. I wish I have acquired one before. I should have been harvesting the fruit of that investment now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Notepad

My bloggger friend Jes tagged me in my FB account about the memo pad that she sent me last week. I am expecting the pad to arrive in my address in two weeks time. The pad is too cute with my website address in it too. Knowing her who loves collecting cute items like stickers,
labels, photos and other memorabilia, I have no doubt she will excel in this field, art. She owns a website exclusive for her hobby and now holding a giveaway contest as her way of thanking her readers and visitors of her site.

I want to hold a contest in my site too but I haven't conceptualized yet the mechanics. Besides, I can't think anything as of yet. It is my kids' first quarter exam week. Even if I am not the one attending school, still it gives me pressure in my head.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet-up with Senator Gringo Honasan

First off, thank you Jeman of www.orangemagazinetv.com for the opportunity to be part of this meet-up. Last Thursday, bloggers were given a chance to ask Senator Gringo Honasan everything about political and personal life. Honestly, I just know a little about politics. Good thing the topic did not focus much about it, only few of the current issues. Other bloggers threw some ice breaking questions and the conversation went on smoothly with few good laughs from time to time. Senator Honasan answered the questions spontaneously except for one question about women in the past and jokingly said “I invoke my right to self incrimination.” He said, "stop trying to understand women, instead love them unconditionally. " I guess we will all live in a peaceful and loving relationship if all men have the same view as the senator.

In that few hours meet up, I've learned a few things about the senator. He works silently behind camera and accomplished a lot on his own. He works productively for the country. For all of us to know, Senator Gringo Honasan was a National Champion in Wrestling and Combat Shooting. He was also an ASEAN Champion in Skydiving.

It was a light talk, more on the personal life of one senator, what a typical day like to him and the legacy he will pass on to the next generation.

At 63, Senator Honasan is still active in his life. And how does a day in his life starts?
He wakes up at 6am and does his daily ritual by freshening up, jogging, and praying to God and thanking Him for waking him up. He asks forgiveness for his transgression and his weaknesses, and strengths for burdens that he's bound to carry as a public servant as a father, as a grandfather and as a husband. And in the evening, he tries to squeeze in some exercise because he is bothered about being overweight which he said was not good for one senior citizen.

What's the happiest day in his life? Getting married, having children and having grandchildren are the most unforgettable happy days in his life.

I don't think you can respond in a very personal manner if your family is not okay. You cannot be a good family man without thinking of your country.

He likes reading, watching movies and the last movie he watched was "Transformer". He also paints, carves, and do bonsai gardening for personal satisfaction.

He added that in most part of their married life, his wife has been the father and mother to their children and his wife is stronger than him psychologically and has endured a lot that's why he's vulnerable in their lives. He said that the security of his family is very important to him and that's the reason why he always tries to maintain and manage their anonymity so that their security will not be jeopardized, not for his own benefit, because if anything happens to them, he will run after anybody who is responsible. He can take criticism and other personal issues but not his family, his friends and country.

When asked about his favorite local artist, he mentioned Piolo Pascual. He said that he used to think that Piolo Pascual was just a handsome face but not until he heard Piolo singing. He added in a half-humorous tone that it's unfair for all of us. For this guy to be given good looks, talent and yet the nature endowed him a beautiful singing voice. He added that maybe he was raised there during these times to provide us with a beacon of life and an example that our capability can actually achieve our potentials. When asked if Piolo would be a good candidate to play for his role in the movie, he said that it would be a self indulging and we all smiled in his witty answer. He would rather write a book so that the generations can read that once upon a time there's a group of young idealistic soldiers who were willing to risk their lives and give it up if necessary for the country.

Senator Gringo Honasan and the Bloggers
Photo credit: JemanVillanueva

I kept listening to his words of wisdom that he shared to us especially when I heard him said that our country is so beautiful and we are such a good people and he would not have risked his life over and over again if not, and he's not doing it for himself but for future generation.

When asked what part of the country would he campaign to promote tourism, swimming with the huge Butandings at Donsol is one great adventure that one has to experience.

my legacy is to present a building for the next generation...

I actually saw my father in him seeing one principled man in front of us, bloggers. I suddenly missed my father. There's always a spark in his eyes whenever his grandchildren were brought up in the topic. He is one good senator that I never could have imagined. There are so many things I have to be thankful to Senator Honasan. He opened my eyes on a larger perspective and how to become a productive citizen of the country. Thank you, Senator!

That dinner/meet-up was one great experience I've ever had and I will always carry his words of wisdom for the rest of my life.

Thumbs up to you Senator!

the minimum requirement of nation building is sacrifice
-Senator Gringo Honasan-

Construction Site Near Us

As a tenant, I obey the rules and follow the regulations of the management but it seems that they are not doing their job to us. I am thankful for them anyway but my concern last week was about the lock of door that I kept following-up for only little repair needed for our door knob. But it is done anyway, not by the management but by the men at the construction site near us. These men are complete with high end construction equipment that even the band saw blades are available at the working site. If not for them, my problem would still be sitting there at the moment waiting for the maintenance to come. Anyways, I am thankful enough to them for attending to my concern even if it is not included in their scope of job. My only observation is that, these construction men have been in the site for quite a long time now. The owner told me that the project was already extended for another month. Maybe, these men are just trying to delay the project because they are paid on a per day basis and this tactic is not new anymore. I wish that they work conscientiously so that the project will be finished in a specified time and for us to have a peaceful nap and rest at home.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nostalgia #64: The Long and Winding Road

When doing my task online, I always put my headset on and listen to my old favorite song. I love 70s, 80s and up to this generation but whenever I hear thissong, I can't help but feel nostalgic. It always brings back old times. Memory gap can't stop me to remember the hit that Beatles made in 70s.

"The Long and Winding Road" is a ballad written by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon/McCartney) that originally appeared on The Beatles' album Let It Be. It became The Beatles' 20th and last number-one song in the United States on 23 May 1970, and was the last single released by the quartet. "The Long and Winding Road" was listed with "For You Blue" as a double-sided hit when the single hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1970. (source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

McCartney originally wrote the song at his farm in Scotland, and was inspired by the growing tension among the Beatles. McCartney said later:

I just sat down at my piano in Scotland, started playing and came up with that song, imagining it was going to be done by someone like Rey Charles. "I have always found inspiration in the calm beauty of Scotland and again it proved the place where I found inspiration."

The video is not mine. I used to blog this in my old Friendster account. I'm feeling nostalgic with this song from Beatles. What music makes you feel nostalgic?

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Amidst a group of well-wishers from media and supporters, the Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Federation team flew to the US late last night to defend their world record title in the 10th International Dragon Boat World Championship starting today in Tampa, Florida.

Training on longer distances, the Cobra-PDBF paddlers who won the men's 200-meter race in record-breaking fashion the past two stagings of the world championships, are looking to add the men's 500m, 1000m and mixed 500m to their medal collection.

Cobra-PDBF coach Nestor Ilagan said the team is prepared for the challenge, having trained on extended distances—rowing thrice a day from Manila Yacht Club to Manila Ocean Park—with premium on speed.

``We've trained hard for this and anticipated all possible conditions at sea,'' said Ilagan.

In the 2007 world championships, the PDBF won the gold in the men's 200m in Sydney, Australia and set a world record of 42.16 seconds.

The team successfully defended its world title two years later in Prague, Czech Republic, erasing its old record and setting a new mark of 40.02 seconds. The Philippines also won the mixed division 200m in the 2009 world championships.

Standing in the PDBF's way for another shot at glory are Canada, US, Germany, China, Australia and Czech Republic.

``These countries are the strong contenders for the title in both short and long distances,'' said Ilagan, who is confident that the 25 champion paddlers have the edge in their discipline and determination to win; shared values that have gained the respect of stalwart supporters Cobra Energy Drink and Philippine Airlines.

``We are pleased that Cobra-PDBF now has the opportunity to win more titles, set more world records and bring more glory and honor for our country,'' said Mike Ngo, Asia Brewery’s AVP for Marketing, Media and Budget.

Made up of unsung heroes from Philippine Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel plus the best civilian women paddlers, the team has put the country in the world sporting map similar to the feats of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, Efren ``Bata'' Reyes of billiards and US bowling Hall of Famer Paeng Nepomuceno.

``We're hoping to be re-affirmed as the world's best,'' said Ilagan.

``The prayers and support from all Filipinos will inspire us to work harder and win more medals for our country.''

Some media practitioners and celebrities who continue to rally support for the Cobra-PDBF team are Santi Elizalde of MBC Radio with his team of DJs; DZRH’s Deo Macalma, Ruth Abao, Love Radio’s Papa Jack, Nicole Hyala, Chris Tsuper, Yes FM’s Maria Maldita, Robin Shena, Luke Mejares, ABS CBN News/ABSCBNnews.com’s Yvette Novenario, Studio23/ABS CBN Sports’s Peter Musngi, March Ventosa, Vince Rodriguez, Sports writer/commentator Anthony Suntay for RFAL Sports on Wave 89.1, VIVA’s Vic Del Rosario, Sports celebrity commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz and showbiz celebrity, Anne Curtis.

Catch the Cobra-PDBF Race Updates in Florida, USA daily at Studio23 during weekdays (2pm, 4pm, 6p, 8pm) and weekends (1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm) starting today until Aug. 8.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I read ESports Daily News

When offline, I read a newspaper to take a break from the online world. Coffee in the morning makes my morning complete along with ESports news paper at the side for the latest update.

Jing Javier is an ESportS Daily News columnist. She contributes articles for Miscellaneous page under Health and Beauty section and in Entertainment page.

Make it a morning habit to read ESports and get the latest updates from Sports, Showbiz and Politics.

Photos of me and Jing and friends during the events.

Lyn, Mark of sleekinthecity.com, Jing and Me

at Mang Inasal event
at Candy Fashion Mag event

Btw, thanks Jing Javier for the warm greetings in your column in today's issue. You are so sweet girl! Thanks for the ride last night. I hope to see you too again soon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mang Inasal expresses love for OPM, Kicks off music advocacy program

FILIPINO fastfood chain Mang Inasal expresses its love for Original Pilipino Music (OPM) by launching an advocacy program that gives eight deserving artists music grants and valuable exposure to a broader audience.

The project dubbed as the “Mang Inasal Mang Aawit Music Advocacy Program” aims to preserve and enrich the local music scene by providing new and original songs that reflect Filipino sentiments, values, and spirit an avenue to be heard.

The eight breakthrough artists chosen for their talent, commercial appeal, and type of music include

OPM pop heartthrobs 1:43 whose debut recording titled “Time for Love” remains on the bestselling album chart for months now

multi-awarded RnB and soul artist Arnee Hidalgo who is releasing a comeback album soon

acoustic singer-composer Aries Sales from Davao City

and hitmaking pop band Kiss Jane, the group behind songs “Lagi” and “Baliw.”

Mang Aawit will likewise feature musical auteur, gold record artist, and staunch OPM advocate

Myrus whose launching his second all-original album in September;

stand-up comedian and radio host Onse of DZBB Teleradyo;

sultry pop singer and Pinoy Dream Academy scholar Sheng Belmonte whose latest single “Gigil” is now a radio hit;

and Sony Music’s acoustic gem Stephanie Dan.

“Mang Inasal loves Filipino culture and music, especially our very own OPM. We believe that helping promote our own brand of music and artists is a part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen,” explains Mang Inasal Marketing Manager Enri Luzuriaga.

“Giving our new artists their much-deserved break is an inherent value to Mang Inasal. We as a company has also a humble beginning before becoming one of the biggest fastfood chains in Philippines today,” adds Luzuriaga.

Mang Inasal Mang Aawit will be funding the recording of two promotional songs for every artist and the production of one music video that will be played heavily in close to 400 Mang Inasal stores nationwide. A compilation album of all these original songs will also be released within the year.

“The Mang Inasal Mang Aawit music advocacy program comes at a time when OPM needs it the most. It is one big step to reviving our local music industry that was what was once the most influential in Asia,” related Mang Aawit Project Director Chris Cahilig.

“I have no doubt that many of the eight breakthrough artists will soon become the most prominent OPM artists. And it would be good to remember in the future that they all started from Mang Inasal Mang Aawit,” adds Cahilig.

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