Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nostalgia #67 : The Rocks

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I've been into many near-death-drowning situations but those incidents didn't stop me to love the beach.

Every time I look at the beach, I can't help but reminisce back when I was a little girl. I was only four or five when my sister and I decided to hop in the big rock formations with about two meters depth of water. Off we went, it was fun anyway. I disobeyed my parents even if they warned us not to go to that area because it was really dangerous for us. I was not really a hard headed kid but the curiosity and the mystery behind the rocks that I always wanted to find out ruled out in me.

As I hop from one rock to another I missed my step into a slippery moss covered rock and fell into the water. I did not know how to swim so I just waved my hand in and out in a deep. I already drank a pail of water before my uncle saw me. I thought I was going to die. Only as thin hair strand chance was left on me to survive but my uncle was quick and jumped to the water and saved me.

When we reached home, my father's eyes and face turned beet red in anger as he was fuming mad, brought me back to the beach and told me if I wanted to die. I cried and made a promise. Now that I am a parent myself, I always remind my kids to be obedient, for we know what's good and we only want to protect them from any danger.

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  1. That was scary. reminds me of until now I don't know how to swim. good thing your uncle saw you.

  2. Hahahaah buti na lang andun si uncle to the rescue. Your post remind me of my elementary years, malayo kasi ang school namin. Nasa aratig barangay pa and nilalakad lang namin and to reach the school we have to cross river called "suba" which is deep when it's high tide. Sometimes, one parent would offer to give the kids a ride from a boat but most of the time we are on our own t swim pag uwin na at malalim ang tubig. I nearly drowned there when I tried to swim but the flow of the water was faster than normal. I've survived but never get tired of swimming from then on. Thanks for this very nostalgic post.

  3. kaya dapat lagi sumusunod sa magulang, yan lagi sb ko sa mga kiddos :)
    marunong kna magswim now? turuan mo ako, hehe.

    tigress na si dalaga mo baka dna nia type maging lady maroons :)

    have a happy weekend.

  4. This post reminded me of my own near death experience when I had near drowning in Nov. 19, 1995. I was in ICU for 3 long days. This is actually my second life.

    Though I am not yet a parent, I could clearly understand why parents fear for their children's safety. They say one will only understand it when they become parents themselves.

    Thanks for dropping off a comment at Truly appreciate it.


  5. @rose, I am so amazed with your story, kahanga hanga ang pinakita mong determinasyon para makatapos ng pag-aaral, and look at you now! You are an inspiration sis! Bilib ako talaga sayo! "I've survived but never get tired of swimming from then on." -- i love this quote from you..

  6. That's a bit frightening. I almost drowned too and it caused a phobia of big body of water for me. I can't go near a beach for the past 20 years now.

    Sometimes, we do learn from our mistakes. And oftentimes, those mistakes have to be painful so we can really see the consequences. And as parents, we can only do so much to protect and remind our kids about the world around us. Hopefully, they will all take heed.

    Have a nice day.

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  7. oh,my! kakAtakot naman...glad that you survived te....super hero pala si tito mo...thanks for sharing...kaya dapat makinig talaga sa magulang...hehehe....:)

  8. nice shot....late visit here from nostalgia...:-)


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