Sunday, August 7, 2011

Construction Site Near Us

As a tenant, I obey the rules and follow the regulations of the management but it seems that they are not doing their job to us. I am thankful for them anyway but my concern last week was about the lock of door that I kept following-up for only little repair needed for our door knob. But it is done anyway, not by the management but by the men at the construction site near us. These men are complete with high end construction equipment that even the band saw blades are available at the working site. If not for them, my problem would still be sitting there at the moment waiting for the maintenance to come. Anyways, I am thankful enough to them for attending to my concern even if it is not included in their scope of job. My only observation is that, these construction men have been in the site for quite a long time now. The owner told me that the project was already extended for another month. Maybe, these men are just trying to delay the project because they are paid on a per day basis and this tactic is not new anymore. I wish that they work conscientiously so that the project will be finished in a specified time and for us to have a peaceful nap and rest at home.

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