Saturday, August 13, 2011

Escape from Weekend Stress

So today is another busy weekend for me. For one stay at home mom, Saturday is a home-chores day where laundry, cooking and all duties always seem to be endless. As usual, my morning starts with a cup of coffee. At 9 am, I accompanied my daughter to her swimming lesson but it lasted for only an hour because her coach is busy for the coming national competition which will be tomorrow. Although we have enough time in the afternoon to go out malling or dining, we opted to just stay home because the budget is kind of tight these days. I cannot anymore tighten my belt as it is already tightened and extended to its maximum limit. I wish that I can spend a weekend with no home chores, mom duties and budget to think about.

I sometimes wish for Boating Holidays Norfolk Broads. A boat holidays could be relaxing and just imagining the picturesque scenery right now makes my mind refreshed. How I wish I can escape my everyday life even for once. During my husband's two week vacation, we were not able to spend at least one quality out of town trip by which my children have been dreaming for quite a long time now. Sigh. I hope that during their school break, probably before the second semester begins, this vacation will push through even for a simple get away.


  1. oh i just posted on housework this morning too! They are endless!!

  2. wow! cool place! wish i could go there someday :D


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