Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nostalgia #65: Traditional Game "Siklot"

When I was in grade school years, the only thing that I wish was to go home early after school and play Jackstone and Siklot. I was very good at that game that I could play all throughout the game without giving a chance to my playmates. We would gather in my grandmother's house to play this game. Today I rarely see children playing this. I sometimes wish that internet was not invented so that kids are not glued in front of computer or any gadgets that made them immobile all day.

And what is Siklot? This game is similar to a jackstone. We would collect small stones or pebbles to be used in the game. To start, the players will decide on who will begin. Each player starts with six or more stones. The first player will collect stones from other player. He/she would toss the stones in the air and catches them with the back of his hand and tosses them again with back of palm. All the stones that are dropped on the floor will be flicked in pair until the stones are gone. After each round, the player will take one and keep it as "savings." The player with the most number of stones will be declared as the ultimate winner. That's how we played it and it's fun to remember how we used Siklot as our pastime.

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  1. Hahaha I rember siklot sis, I am good at that too. Thanks fr the nice memories.

    Salamat sa greetings.

  2. hehhehe..fave game ko din to when I was little...kakatuwa kasi I just bought one for Akesh the other day....tried to teach her...kaso she seems!

    thanks for dropping by my nostalgia te.


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