Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Make Everyday a Special Day

We just celebrated Christmas and New Year's Day.  Some Christmas trees are still up and waiting for Chinese New Year to celebrate the occasion too. But before we even clean up the mess, I say beautiful mess  from holidays  wraps and left overs, we already find ourselves looking for damasks - custom   to prepare for next occasion like Valentine's Day,  Mother's Day,  or  Independence Day.  Occasions are a  good reason to be together with family  so  make the most of  it and  I say, make everyday a special day to celebrate.

Lands End

I never know of this place until we reached Lands End in San Francisco. Not a lot of people visit this spot and is less crowded.  We headed to a museum nearby and  got to know a little history of the  place. I could only imagine Sutro Baths in the 19th century.  Shipwrecks views and wild flowers give a stunning view with the windy trail that  you'd  say, you're definitely at the place where lands end.  

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