Saturday, August 29, 2020

Switzer Falls Unfinished Hike

They say that experience is the best teacher.  We got lost  on the way to Switzer Falls.   I can now give some details after I do research after the hike. In every hiking, we always google first its difficulty or sometimes call for more updated info. Those details that I  gather usually slip off my almost overused memory before  I even get to the start. I shouldn't rely on GPS  as it is always a dead signal zone in the mountain, thus no maps to guide in the wilderness.   That's actually how I always do, outsmarting GPS and rely on my instinct.

We started our hike at 7am and  entered the burned area towards Bear Canyon. We already walked a few miles when we realized it wasn’t the trail to Switzer Falls and went back to the picnic area already exhausted and tired. We started again the trail, ascending and descending, scaling the edges of the cliff of the mountain, crossing the stream, snags and downed logs. We were almost like twenty minutes to reach the Falls but decided to go back as we were already tired.  

We saw a couple of snakes, lots of squirrels, different species of lizard, birds and skunk, well I didn’t see it but the smell gives a sign that there is. No bear surprised us, and we’re fortunate that no other wild animals showed up in the trail.  

Parking at Switzer Fall needs  an adventure pass. I have an annual pass, 'America The Beautiful Adventure Pass'  which I can use anywhere in the US (please check the website for more details) that I hang in my dashboard for all state parks we go in. Please check REI store and Big 5 Sporting Goods  stores for this pass. You can also get it from a gas station and other authorized sellers.  

I am uploading videos in one account for easy posting as I can’t keep up blogging anymore. Probably will vlog instead and revive my old Youtube account. Because, why not?  

My two daughters joined me on this hike. Made an intense trekking, rock climbing.
Made 16,345 steps / 7miles.  

We never reached the falls but we will be back anytime in unscheduled day this season.  

 How to get to Switzer Falls Trail will be in my next hiking adventure part two. Just hoover at my sidebar and click Switzer Falls  if this post buried in my archive.

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