Saturday, August 8, 2020

Hitting the Trail at 5am

First, this blog is now taking a different theme which makes me realize how this evolves from one  Stay at Home Mom  to  Hitting the Trail err  Survival of the Fittest.   Half kidding!

I never thought in my whole life I'd do hiking as I did today.   My hiking buddy,  K,  is a hiking enthusiast. It runs in her blood.  Her mom and dad have already been to the highest point of mountains in California.  While I on the other hand only had a few hikes when I was a kid, helping my parents going on a hilly farm for a living. Does it even count as hiking?  I could honestly say,  this is not new to me that helped and trained me and  built my endurance.  Waking up at 3am is not something I would do just for a hike but this is a complete turn of events,  one for a  reason,   my body is starting to feel like breaking down. 

At 4am we headed the canyon trail but unfortunately it was closed so we headed another trail and wasted no time.  We started at 5am while the sun was still hiding and needed a flashlight to illuminate the trail. 

We started at 5am and barely see the trail.  Honestly, I'm scared or mountain lions that I sometimes see in the news crossing the freeways down San Gabriel.  But having the rate of only one attack in hundred years made me feel a little safe.  


Too old to hike?   Hiking doesn't require age. It's never too late for everything.   But first, I wanna feel good about myself and hiking releases endorphins.  This pandemic is making me depressed at times.  Plus of course, my body needs some physical workout. 

We are just having a COVID getaway.  K, on the other hand, needs to get away from the office stress.  Seriously,  we have the same goal.  To get fresh air,  physical workout  and be one with nature. 
See this beauty and it's all worth it.  The picture doesn't even justify the scenic view.  And look how pretty are these cacti that stand the test of time and extreme weather conditions.  I truly admire how these plants survive the intense conditions.  

Simply Breathtaking!

Capturing these flowers that stood out from the rest, surviving drought and storm despite the fact they have roots and couldn't move.  Isn't that amazing!   

Cool temperature a little above 60 degrees F and back at 74 degrees made our hiking a little easier which is really ideal for outdoor adventure. This is why I love California. We have the perfect weather.

Tired sole.
 Elevation gain: 1,503 feet 
16,465 steps 
7.4 mi 

 I survived! 

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