Monday, April 28, 2014

Smart Parenting's Baby Shower Year 4


Last Saturday, April 26, 2014,   Smart Parenting threw its annual Baby Shower at  the Discovery Suites and treated  pregnant mommies to another day full of   informative learning  and educational activities to help ease them into pregnancy and motherhood.  Delamar Arias of "The Morning Rush"  fame hosted the said event.

Host of the event and also  a mom, Delamar Arias.

The first session was about birthing alternatives, followed by a talk on how to stay fashionable and beautiful with a baby bump. Breastfeeding techniques and emotional health during pregnancy were discussed in the final segments.

Pregnant moms moving their hips  with the Hula Hoop exercise.

Co-director of  Shiphrah Birthing Homes, Ms. Deborah Anne Gustafson, demonstrates some exercises for pregnant women.

Other speakers  shared  tips and their experience being moms.

Fashion stylist and new mom Margaux Romero-Alampay shared fashion tips for pregnant women. 

Moms also enjoyed a session of Preggy Yoga to help them keep fit and healthy while expecting. There was also a Lamaze Stretching and Breathing Technique Class that taught proper breathing and relaxation tips during labor.

Everyone brought home goodies from Smart Parenting, and gifts from partners like Baby Company and Cordlife.

Watch out for upcoming Smart Parenting events and activities!

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Facebook:  Smart Parenting Magazine
Twitter:      @_smartparenting. 

Smart Parenting Magazine is available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P125.

This April, Smart Parenting features Team Kramer on the cover.  You can read Smart Parenting straight from your tables by downloading the e-magazine at

F1 Hotel Manila's Me and Mom Alike Contest

Hello to  all  moms out  there!    Here's a contest  from F1 Hotel Manila  this Mother's Day entitled "Me and Mom Alike"  wherein  Mothers and Children will post a photo of them  showing their similarities such as hobbies and such.

Join now!  Submission of entries will be from April 25-30, 2014.  Please read below the mechanics  how to join.


  1. Interested participants must follow F1 Hotel Manila's Instagram account.
  2. Participant's account must be public setting so F1 Hotel Manila can view their entry.
  3. Contestants will upload a picture of them with their mother showing some similarities with the tag #F1HotelMomAlike.
  4. A short caption describing their similarities must also be placed.
  5. Submission of entries will be from April 25-30, 2014
  6. Five finalists will be chosen and their photos will be uploaded at F1 Hotel Manila's Instagram account on May 2, 2014.
  7. The  winners will be determined through likes and reposts.  Voters must like F1 Hotel Manila's Instagram in order for their likes and reposts be counted. 
  8. Cut-off time for likes and reposts will be on May 7, 2014, 2014, 6pm.
  9. The most numbers of  likes and reposts will win an overnight stay in a Deluxe room  and two (2) 2 runners-up will win a buffet lunch or dinner for two. 
  10. Winners will be announced on May 9, 2014.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vikings Luxury Buffet at Megamall

Don't believe the hype.  That's what I always think  because when  there is  a newly opened branch, more often than not,  it is the good promotion that gets more people in.   I really have to see and  taste to believe.  When I read a  lot of  good reviews about Vikings, I don't actually get excited to try and visit the restaurant.  Because, for all I know,  this is the same buffet  restaurant  that  offers  hundreds of dishes and certainly out of hundreds, I would find a food  that will fill my cravings.  What else  should I expect?


Last Tuesday,  I  finally  dined at VIKINGS  at SM Megamall.  At exactly 12nn,  I saw a  lot of people  sitting at the couches waiting for their numbers  to be called.  For those planning to dine here, I suggest to  make sure you have a reservation because there is only a little chance  to get seats for  walk-in customers. 

I was  so   overwhelmed with the array of  food  on   the buffet  but  what  surprised me  is  the freshness and quality of food  despite the many selections on  the table.   I  just  pick the photos here randomly.  These are not the complete list.  Imagine if I post all the 200 dishes here!  I bet it would take you an hour waiting for this site  to completely  load.   Anyways,  this is how  I eat.   I  don't usually  start with soup or salad.  Sometimes, the dessert comes first.      

VIKINGS Megamall has a seating capacity for 500 guests and offers more than 200+ dishes on their buffet table.

Refreshing juice of your choice and  this is included in your meal  unlike other buffet where you will be billed for an extra  charge if you order soda and other drinks.  

Dessert Section


Meat (Turkey, Lechon and more)

Dimsum, Sushi and more

For  Dimsum alone,  you  will find it hard to choose because there are too many options.  You should  dine at VIKINGS because these choices are just waiting for you to be opened.   


Me and my friend Joy with Raquel Bartolome, Vikings Marketing Manager  and  Spanky Enriquez  of   Thank you very much for  a delightful lunch!

My plate with bits of everything

Vikings Luxury Buffet was nominated and awarded the title "Most Promising Retailer," during  the awarding ceremony of the 17th Outstanding Filipino Retailers and Shopping Centers for Crowne Plaza last March 19, 2014.

Every dish created by their chefs  is a work of art or a "masterpiece", and  that guests can freely paint their palate with the different colors of cuisine on the buffet table. 

Vikings Megamall  is known for their captivating promo, "Birthday Promo"  where celebrants may eat for free on their actual day of birthday.

Here's how to avail  and more details of the promo.

  • Celebrant must be accompanied by one full paying adult.    
  • Celebrant must bring an original and valid government issued picture with I.D. with birth date imprinted on it.
  • This promo can't be used in conjunction with any other in-house discounts or promos.
  • Gift certificates can't be used with this promo. 

Wedding Anniversary Promo, Senior Citizen Promo, Big Group Promo  and Student Promo are available in other branches.  Vikings promos differ from branches to branches.

Fresh quality  food  ingredients, wide choices of international cuisine, international standard of service,  food safety and store cleanliness,  luxurious ambience, safety and security of guests and value for money.   What more could you ask for?   It's all here.   Treat yourself  on your  birthday  or  simply celebrate  life  at  Vikings!
4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D
SM Megamall, Julio Vargas cor. EDSA
Mandaluyong, Philippines
656-3888, 656-4888,

Friday, April 25, 2014

Enjoy up to 70% Discount at Markdown Madness @ Tektite

Please mark these dates on your calendar: May 5 to 9,  9am to 8pm. 

One of the biggest annual summer sale events in town, Markdown Madness @ Tektite is happening once again.

Enjoy up to a jaw-dropping 70% discount on participating brands: Skechers, Sperry Top-Sider, Keds, Saucony, Merrell, Creative Recreation, Pony, and No Fear from May 5 to 9, 9am to 8pm at the Phil. Stock Exchange (PSE) Auditorium, Tektite Tower in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Markdown Madness promises to be another grand sale event with great finds on selected items from participating brands. This is a good time to buy shoes for your remaining summer escapades and vacations, as well as for back-to-school needs.

Don’t miss this chance to get the best shoe deals in town! Visit Markdown Madness on Facebook for more information and updates.

Shopping frenzy at last year’s Markdown Madness @ Tektite

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014

There is no doubt that the Filipina beauty is one of the most captivating in the world, after bagging numerous international crowns these past years. This year, Miss Tourism World Philippines, one of the biggest national pageants happening in the country today, is in search for young, lovely and talented Filipina who would want to be the next beauty queen. The main pageant will be held in SM MALL OF ASIA ARENA this June 2014.

Miss Tourism World Philippines will be the first in the history of Philippine pageantry and in the rest of the world to give away 10 International Titles and an opportunity for its candidates to go abroad all expenses paid and compete on international beauty pageants representing the Philippines. Join and grab one of the 10 crowns and 10 major titles, aside from the Miss Tourism World International.

But what sets this contest apart is that Miss Tourism World Philippines 2014 is perhaps the first of its kind where winners will each be involved in actually performing socio, civic, economic and humanitarian activities in their hometowns. At the same time, winners have the opportunity to help promote tourism as Ambassadresses of Goodwill in their respective provinces/cities/municipalities.

The pageant is also unique with its involvement in making a big difference in the lives of its contestants, winners and non-winners, by assuring all of its candidates the means to build on their chosen career with the pageants livelihood projects. The ladies should they fail to get the coveted crowns will no longer be the traditional “thank you ladies” but would be winners in their own right.

All of the candidates, including the non-title holders, will also be given a chance to promote their hometowns abroad, especially in the U.S. and many other countries, through the pageant’s events and shows overseas.

Miss Tourism World Philippines is looking for young Filipina age 18 to 25 years old and is ready to take on new heights with this contest. Screening starts on April 21, 2014 to May 5, 2014. The Ms. Tourism World Philippines Foundation, Inc. Office: (02) 664 83 82 Globe: 0917, 849 94 88 Smart: 0928 203 55 72 Sun: 0932 211 82 65.

(Press Release)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sole to Goal Promo by Ipanema

If  you  dream of  traveling  to Brazil to feel its colorful culture and want to experience the  thrill of watching Football's biggest event  live in Brazil for FREE,  then join  Ipanema's Sole to Goal Promo  contest   now!   

Here's how to be one of three 3 LUCKY WINNERS of Ipanema's Sole to Goal Promo:

1. Just buy a pair of Ipanema in any participating store nationwide.
2. Fill up the entry form and enter the promo code from the store.

Promo runs from March 15 - May 15, 2014 only! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Make Handwashing a Habit with Safeguard Germ Alarm

For so many times, I witnessed several people  who just  go ahead of their cravings and   eat right away  without washing their  hands.    Imagine the millions of bacteria they just injected to their bodies and the  diseases they could  cause. Worst is, these communicable diseases could pass on to friends and  all members of  the family.

It is quite alarming that many of us are not giving attention to this.  We can do a big change or control the diseases to spread  by  just washing our hands!

Look at the photo below that  I just spotted in one fast food chain. This is the Safeguard Germ Alarm  especially invented  to tackle the issue of germs in public restrooms. Alarms were initially installed  in McDonald’s branches around Metro Manila, schools and offices. It alerted more than 10,000 people to wash their hands after using public toilets.

I'm glad that DOH, Unicef and other NGOs  have been very active in promoting  hand washing.   They launched Global Hand Washing Day,  co-founded by P&G,  to promote the life-saving habit of  handwashing with soap.

As a parent it is my responsibility  to teach my children  about  hand washing from an early age.  In that way,  I know that my children will be protected  even when I am not around to remind them.   I always  make sure we use only a soap that kills  99.9%  of germs that cause illnesses such as diarrhea, cough, colds and pneumonia  and  I trust only Safeguard for this.

How  Safeguard Germ Alarm works.

The Safeguard Germ Alarm  will alarm a person  who  use  the toilet and will  only  stop  once  the soap dispenser  is  pressed.

Here are some tips  to wash hands properly.

1.   Wet your hands.
2.   Apply enough soap.
3.   Rub your hands palm to palm with fingers interlaced.
4.   Rinse hands with water.
5.   Dry thoroughly with hand dryer or single use towel.

According to a  research study  by Michigan State University,  only 5 percent of  people who used the bathroom washed their hands long enough to kill the germs that can cause infections.  Also,  33 percent didn’t use soap and 10 percent didn’t wash their hands at all.

Please check out the video that I embed here from YouTube.

Kudos to P&G for inventing this simple gadget,  the  Safeguard Alarm Soap.  I  hope    this  hand washing  that started  with  Germ Alarm  becomes our  lifelong habit.  This is so easy to accomplish and with this,  we can make a big difference for  a healthier life.

I miss Bogart too

I featured  Max  here,  the dog we met  during  our  trip last summer.  I highlighted my story while he was crying with  his eyes in tears,  swam towards  us and followed  our boat  as we left.   He accompanied us throughout the day at the resort.


Another dog  named Bogart, probably in his senior year kept us company but he hardly moved due to his age.  He couldn't run anymore. When he walked, he seemed like his body was too heavy and  appeared to be retiring.   He probably needs  this dog supplement  so he could do his job well,  I mean, entertaining visitors with some of his  tricks.
Do you still remember  Max here?  That scene below  summed up of  the  fun we had   during this travel. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nurture Run Rescheduled on May 18, 2014

A lot of runners have expressed their concerns regarding the run’s proximity to the Lenten season and Holy Week, proving it difficult to train and prepare for the race while actively taking part in traditional Lenten practices of fasting and abstinence.

In response, we have set the event the weekend after Mother’s Day,  May 18.

“We find that hosting an event intended to empower women and mothers would be best held on a month that commemorates the women in our lives. Hope that we see you on May 18 and help us make this initiative meaningful.” explains Iza Abeja, BBB’s Executive Director.

The venue will be announced as soon as we finalize the details. For questions and inquiries, please contact (02)585-9410 or (02)904-6902

Count Your Blessings, Not Calories

"Count your blessings,  not calories."

I say it both.  I count my blessings and calories.

This post might be overly late  which should have been posted  a long time ago.  I've been on my emo state lately  which gives me a good excuse to  lose weight.  It only takes me sleepless nights to gain back my desired weight. Half kidding.  I just use this state to motivate me.   Physical fitness follows with only a little sweating and I'll be back in shape.  :)

School year has just finished and  two weeks have already  gone away from  our  three month long summer break.   My  older daughter  did well in the last semester  where she got  flat  1 and  1.5  grades in four  subjects.   Should  I call her genius now?   Could be,  only  if  Math is included.   For all you know,  she hates it.   Should it have been  1  too,  she would have the  sem average  that  I couldn't imagine.  Still, It's a blessing for passing the freshman year with flying colors.

My new blog design is from Squeesome Designs.  So clean,  just  the way I like it.  My old  layout has three columns. I tried to tweak my blog but it only caused my html template into trouble.  I  then commissioned   the expert,  Kaye of,   for new design which  has  two columns now  to give more  space for my photos.  I  simply love it!   Thank you so much, Kaye!

I woke up on the right side of bed today and will take advantage to it  by  writing  before everything  run away from my mind.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sam Concepcion is New Endorser of Chef’s Noodle

Earlier today,  Chef's Noodle,  the new favorite go-to restaurant for hearty Korean dishes introduced its new endorser-actor, singer and dancer Sam Concepcion at the  launch  of  their newest branch at  Robinsons Magnolia.  

Sam's  fresh youthful  image that  is characteristic of Chef's Noodle is  perfect to be included  to the roster of celebrity endorsers including  TV host Grace Lee and gorgeous couple Lloyd and Shamcey Supsup-Lee.  He is one the most in-demand teen actors today.

The first international master franchise of the Chef’s Noodle brand from South Korea, the restaurant is fast becoming a diner’s haven for those who want a taste of the land of K-Pop and kimchi—and more.

“I am truly honored to be part of the Chef’s Noodle team,” says Sam. “The restaurant has been known for its delectable dishes and high culinary quality. Who would not want to be associated with that?”

Offering a wide array of mouth-watering food choices, Chef’s Noodle boasts of dishes especially crafted by no less than award-winning Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun. Among the must-try menu items when one visits the restaurant are Chef’s Noodles, Starking Fire Sushi, Bibimbap, Japchae, Haemul Seafood Pajun (Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, spring onions and bell pepper), Leek Shrimp Twigim, Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce), Spicy Dukbokki, and well-loved desserts such as ice cream and gelato.

Chicken Kas

Don Kas

Kas Basket

Kimari Twigim

Leek Shrimp Twigim

Shrimp Twigim


Sam furthers, “My friends and I love to hang out and try different kinds of food. I especially love Chef’s Noodle because you get to enjoy a delicious meal at an affordable price. It’s a cool combination of a fast food meal and a fine dine setting. The interiors of the restaurant are as inviting as the appetizing menu. I can’t wait to invite my friends to try Chef’s Noodle and love it the same way I did.”

“Sam’s cool and casual personality as well as his vibrant energy perfectly capture the brand. As a fairly new player in the food industry here in the Philippines, Chef’s Noodle is indeed a rising star—just like our new endorser Sam,” says Nancy Go, Chef’s Noodle operations manager. “We promise to always delight our customers with our signature dishes and new offerings. Chef’s Noodle will always remain to be the Korean fast food restaurant that Filipinos learned to love.”

Craving for Korean cuisine?  Visit its branches at the following:

University Mall (4050129)
Atlanta Center (5765054)
Robinsons Magnolia (6567033)
SM North EDSA The Block (3765367)
Robinsons Place Malolos (0917-5486187)

Soon to open:  SM Megamall. 

Open for franchising.

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