Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer Fun and Adventure at Sandbox, Alviera

At  31°C,  with  humidity of  46%,  there is no doubt that summer is  officially here.   At the  media launch of  Sandbox at  Porac, Pampanga last Saturday, April 5, 2014,  I felt that the weather forecast was not accurate.  It could be more than that  because  I could feel the sun in my skin. It was extremely hot and the  sky was so clear.

For  adrenaline junkies and those looking for adventurous activities, this kind of weather doesn't make any contribution to stop  them from heart pumping and thrilling rides.

For family activity, the place is also perfect for  kids  because they have a themed  playground with picnic areas, mini golf and camping sites.

Sandbox  features an array of exciting attractions  such as  Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower that features, Free Fall, Rappel Wall and Wall Climbing,  Roller Coaster Zipline,  ATV,  and more  that visitors will surely enjoy and  have a memorable experience this summer as they will officially open to public on April 12, 2014.

My two daughters as they were getting ready to do rappelling and wall climbing.

It's the CLIMB!  The siblings that climb together stay together. :)

Adventure Tower,  with 15 meters of wall climbing fun, rappelling and free fall.

Wall Climb

Rappel Wall

The Giant Swing that will take your breath away.  Get ready to scream now.. 

Giant Swing

There you go.. my two daughters as they tried the giant swing while they embraced the summer sun.
The Giant Swing is the tallest swing in the Philippines with 10-meters high.

Doing the Aerial Walk

The Aerial Walk is a high rope adventure with the added challenge of being in an obstacle course.

Sandbox also offers ATV AND mini-ATV rides.

ATV and UTV Rides at the Sandbox

Sandbox's UTV and ATV Rides

On April 12, 2014,  a concert featuring Bamboo Manalac  will be held in the open field  as the park will be officially opened to public.  They will  also  feature kite-flying and kite making workshops, health and wellness program this summer. 

Sandbox is a perfect place for family picnics,  team building sessions, sports and active life enthusiasts, outdoor hobbyists and outings with friends. 

The Sandbox is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

 For booking guidelines, visit the Alviera at and

 How to get there.


  1. wow! amazing..parang ang saya...may twists ung mga rides and activities nila....

  2. Hello Nora ! I am one of your new followers and also an online acquaintance of Joy Mendiola. I am also from Lubao, Pampanga and has plans of visiting Sandbox together with my seven kids in the future. Btw, I love your blog's new design and layout. Feel free to visit me at or at Blessings !

    1. Thanks, Sarah! My layout is from Squeesome Designs. I like it neat and simple as it is. Yes, Sandbox is for family.

  3. It was fun at Sandbox, although it was too hot when we went there! My son wanted to ride an ATV, but he wasn't allowed to do that. It's a good thing that they also have a mini ATV for kids where they can drive by themselves.

  4. I want to go there with my family! ANg daming pwedeng ma-experience!


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