Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meme for Toys

I'll be joining a weekly meme hosted by Jes, a blogger who will host the said meme every Thursday. I'm excited to join now to share my children's toys, both old and new. I wonder if I can share their gadgets like their e-book and e-toys. Those were my kids' toys now. If it is okey, then I guess a nitro rc cars would be fine and fit for meme too. I might post some of my friend's including her toy cars which she collected for many years now.

Most of the toys that my kids used to play were dolls. Time flies. My kids are no longer babies and not enjoying them anymore. Other toys were already donated last year. The doll house which is my younger daughter's favorite will be handed down to her cousin. It is now waiting to be delivered and her cousin is excited to play it soon.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Renovated Rest House

Because my in-laws seldom visit the country for a vacation, they took the opportunity to visit their relatives in Batangas last weekend. The place is just about two hours from Manila. We stayed in their relatives' house and spent the whole day eating and making up for the times that they've missed. We did not got to a beach because of bad weather condition and the water is not clear for swimming at the resort.

Anyways, it is nice to stay for a while in a Nipa hut away from the city. The place gives us a cool and relaxing breeze. I love the house which is just newly renovated using Anahaw leaves for the roof. For the flooring, they used some kind of wood but not the typical bamboo material. I think that if they used it otherwise, the place will be cooler or even better with laminate flooring. I hope that they change the flooring applicable for an ideal rest house in our next visit, maybe in the next three years .

Nostalgia #54: Twenty Pounds Ago

Sorry for my late entry again. I've got ten million things in my mind and can't compose a better entry. Anyways, this is the first photo I scanned from my new scanner/printer. My old printer was broke and now in a trash mode. I got this photo in my old album but I think my scanned job was not successful because of photo's poor quality. When the sales agent in the mall scanned a sample product, it was way to beautiful compared to my scanning job. The photo below is nostalgic because this was taken twenty less pounds ago. Half kidding.

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Tuition Fee Increase

I woke up early today to check the weather and turn on the TV while sipping a hot coffee. The headlines both online and on TV were about school fees this year. Fifteen percent of the universities implement tuition fee increase this year. The university where my daughter attends to is among the universities that implement the tuition fee increase. I settled my daughter's tuition fee long before the school vacation starts but what troubles me is the extra expenses that are needed this school year. The cost of supplies are getting higher too. Most of the moms I know avail a payday loan  to keep both ends meet. I wonder how much would be the tuition fee by the time my younger daughter enters college. It could be doubled considering the trends in tuition fee increases these days.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Ipanema Flip Flops

Love flip flops? I do!

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jewelry Gift

Wondering why I seldom visit you guys? My PILs are here for a vacation. My online time is still unlimited. I have enough time, it's just that I am having a blogger's block from time to time. Anyways, when my PILs arrived, my daughter and I got a new ring. I can't help but blog about it. It has few stones but I am not sure about the karat. I will ask my MIL about where the stones are made of. It looks very elegant. I am thankful for I received more than what I have wished for. I only want hypoallergenic earrings but I got more than what I expected. Daughter asked if she could use it at school. I warned her not to because wearing such is prohibited inside the campus. Anyways, I love jewelry but I just love to keep it for my collection.

Nostalgia #53: I am Feeling Nostalgic

Sorry folks for my late entry. I am feeling so nostalgic these days. Well, oh well, our summer plan didn't push through. I am posting here one of our summer getaway taken last year. This year we missed going out in a beach. Oh we did, but it was not the real relaxing vacation because we only got to visit the resort for I guess three hours or less and it was an unplanned visit. Summer is still here but we only have one weekend left to go to the beach.

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A Wish for a Friend

Everyone dreams of having a grand wedding. Who wouldn't want a wedding like that of Prince and Princess of Cambridge. I all thought that wedding can only happen in a fairy tale. Well, I believe in fairy tales. It's just that only few are granted with their wishes. Talking about the wedding, the month of June is just a few days away. As we all know, it is the month where many people choose to hold their weddings as they believe that this month will bring them luck. But this belief is not a thing for my friend. This month is a time for recovery where she just ended a two year relationship with her boyfriend. It is just real that the length of time of being together does not necessarily mean ending up in altar exchanging vows. I felt sad for her and only wish that she opened herself in free online dating. Who knows she'll find her love of life this time. I know that she is a strong girl but I just hope that she gets over with the bad experience soon. I believe that it happened for a reason. At least she knew at this early time that they are not really meant for each other and that it will hurt even more in the future.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

UNICEF Philippines to launch first fundraising online auction

UNICEF Philippines is launching its first fundraising online auction entitled Auction for Action: A UNICEF Fundraising Online Auction to benefit children’s programs in the Philippines and worldwide (www.ebay.ph/unicef goes live on 25 May 2011). This unique online auction in partnership with Ayala Malls, Ebay.ph and Cibo brings together works of reputable artists in art, design, furniture, fashion, jewellery and photography along with exciting experiential packages.
Featured artists are: Manny Baldemor, Michael Cacnio, Celestina, Seb Chua, Kenneth Cobonpue, Araceli Limcaco Dans, Kristine Dee, Janina Dizon, Mich Dulce, Tom Epperson, Accessory Lab, Ito Kish, E. Billy Mondoñedo, Ramon Orlina, Debbie Palao, Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, Benji Reyes, Popo San Pascual, Joey Samson, Vito Selma, Victor Sollorano, Paul Syjuco, Ricky Toledo and Chito Vijandre of FIRMA/Felicity, Reg Yuson, and UNICEF Special Advocate for Children, Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez.
Galerie Joaquin artists such Jovan Benito, Jomar Delluba, Hamzah Marbella, Dominic Rubio and Juvenal Sanso are also participating.
Experiential packages include dinner by Chef Tonyboy Escalante of Antonio’s and dugout experience with the Philippine Football Team or Azkals on July 3 at the World Cup qualifier in Manila.
UNICEF Country Representative Vanessa Tobin shares, “This is a first for UNICEF Philippines. Our partnership with acclaimed artists via online auction helps us engage the public in a new and interesting way. As well as raising important funds for our work, we will be able to raise awareness of important issues affecting children in the most disadvantaged communities of the Philippines and worldwide.”
“I know a lot of people recognize UNICEF’s valuable work in children’s rights, but few realize that UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary contributions to support its work on the ground. I’ve helped them educate moms all over the country on maternal health, mortality and breastfeeding. This time, I want to help UNICEF raise awareness and funds for all their other goals: providing children with health care, access to safe water and sanitation, education, and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation,” said UNICEF Special Advocate for Children Daphne Oseña Paez.

For Daphne, “the response from artists has been very encouraging, to say the least. It feels incredible to be able to work with such prominent artists for a worthwhile cause. I’m a great fan of their work, but now I’m in even greater awe of their kindness and generosity. They put a lot of love and devote a lot of time into everything they create, so I know that beyond the beautiful art piece, the artists are really sharing a part of themselves with UNICEF.“
Celebrity host and also a UNICEF Special Advocate for Children Bianca Gonzalez adds, “I’ve been working with UNICEF since 2007 and I’m very excited to be a part of this unique fundraising auction. Whilst online auctions are quite new to the Philippines, it’s very secure and the best thing is you can participate from anywhere in the country.”
Auction for Action: A UNICEF Fundraising Online Auction on www.ebay.ph/unicef will go live on May 25, 2011. Watch out for exciting items up for bidding and help make a difference for children.

UNICEF is on the ground in over 150 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive from early childhood through adolescence. The world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS.
In the Philippines for over sixty years, UNICEF works through partners to reach disadvantaged children and communities to ensure children are healthy, educated and protected from harm. UNICEF is quick to respond in emergencies to ensure affected communities are reached and provided with services from local governments and other service providers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 13th birthday!

my daughter is now officially a teenage girl today. I've been waiting for this day to come to see my little lady turns 13. but i think I have to blog this because someday I know, I'll get back to what I have posted today, and for my daughter whom I know might read this blog someday. mommy loves you so much.even if I was not beside you in time for celebration. For a mom, it could be the saddest. I still think positive even though my daughter wasn't able to blow her cake. Earlier, we went to church to thank God for another birthday full of blessings. It was me, my two daughters minus dad. For twelve years that she celebrated her birthday, I've always been the busiest mother that I am, waking up early to prepare the food for the visitors and wishers to come to celebrate with her. So today is still a lucky day that the worst nightmare I never thought would happen came but it ended before twelve midnight strikes. I know I sound like I just came from mars. Yes, I just came from the other planet. I'll blog about the food and the cake that I have prepared tomorrow. I haven't got a picture of it yet, it's in the fridge, cold and untouched. To my daughter, mom loves you so much, happy 13th birthday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ipanema - The Most Stylish Flip-Flops

When attending different social gatherings -- whether a night out with friends, a romantic date or family reunion, you definitely want to be at your best dressed in light casual clothes and a chic pair of sandals.

During such fun and relaxed occasions, the world’s most fashionable Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema lets you go about with your plans wearing the most stylish, fashionable and super comfy sandals that are perfect for dress-down fashion trends or classier gigs.

Choose from Ipanema’s range of sandals Classica, Anatomica, Neo Anatomica, or Surf Temas, Chic Fem, Flora Fem or Neo Apliques that offers comfort plus exceptional colors and designs that fit different moods. These extraordinary sandals conform to every contour of the sole which means less pressure is placed on the body when walking – perfect when staying out from morning ‘til night.

Ipanema flip flops give new twists to traditional sandals with various combinations of slip-on bar, sexy thongs, printed soles, vibrant colors and designs reminiscent of Brazil’s exquisite sceneries and beaches.

Moreover, the brand takes pride of being one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable footwear around. Each pair is made up of butter-soft materials that are 99% recyclable. The innovative material is unbelievably flexible that widen the possibilities of producing creative, hypo-allergenic and super-comfy footwear with soles that are sublimely soft and perfectly padded.

Ipanema also pioneered in the creation of state-of-the-art features for flip-flops like wedges, 3D details (Envolvente in Portugese) and elaborate finishes. Higher heeled sandals are perfect for dressier styles, while 3D designs give your feet a more edgy and stylish look. Now, even when you put your sandals on, you can still see its beautiful design on all sides. And nothing beats an eye-catching accessory, whether a glittery or matte coating, a crystal or a charm, to put the icing on your flip-flop.

You can take a look at these extremely fashionable flip-flops, and get fabulous freebies and discounts in two different venues simultaneously happening during the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week, the biggest and most prestigious fashion and style event in the country.

Be the first to see the latest collection of Ipanema at the SMX Convention Center when you visit the Ipanema lounge booth where one fashion hot spot in the world will be featured each day. For the entire Philippine Fashion Week season, guests can immerse themselves in the culture of New York, Milan and Paris or get into the groove of Madrid and Sao Paulo while trying on an Ipanema pair.

Plus, you can experience more of the newest footwear trend at the Ipanema Lifestyle Lounge located at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. Open until May 15, the lounge lets you step into off-the-ramp Ipanema sandals and get a souvenir of you all dolled up at the “stylized” photo booth every time you purchase an Ipanema sandal.

Pose for an artistic shot inspired by the featured fashion city or you can join in the exciting games and win great prizes at the Ipanema booth in Mall of Asia.

Aside from having the most fabulous collection of flip-flops, Ipanema is also well-known for providing utmost comfort -- its sandals that are molded to suit every feet; especially the fashion-forward set all throughout the year.

With Ipanema, any rendezvous is more enjoyable and fashionable. Know more of Ipanema’s uber chic and stylish sandals by visiting www.ipanemaphils.com.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog and Relax

As a blogger, I always want to have a conducive place to write. Sometimes, I want to spend some moments alone, with no interruptions, no gadgets to disturb my ideas, and no outside noise to destruct my attention. I'm glad that there is www.electricfireplacesdirect.com that assists in looking for facilities and amenities that may help me to be relaxed and comfortable at home. The site offers different types of furniture with unique features suitable at home especially for a full-time mom and blogger like me. Oh, by the way, I live in a tropical country but I still dream of having this at home. I sometimes imagine myself spending quiet moment alone.

Crystal Wedding at The Legend Villas

Your dream wedding is now within reach as The Legend Villas presents its Crystal Weddings packages. Choose from magical Quartz or sophisticated Onyx – bridal themes which make for truly unforgettable weddings.

“Our Crystal Weddings packages guarantee luxury of service, stylish set up and sumptuous feast. The Legend Villas is your perfect venue as we take care of all the fine details of your special day,” said Ginger King-Villavicencio, Chief Operating Officer of The Legend Villas.

The Quartz package is ideal for couples who prefer a fairytale-themed wedding. The classical table setting reflects timeless elegance while the luminous decor accentuates an aura of magical merriment.

Stylish and chic, the Onyx package is meant for couples who want to veer from the traditional wedding motifs. The black and white set-up evokes a hip atmosphere of drama and high class.

Complementing the impressive venue set-up is a mouthwatering array of dishes. Served buffet-style, guests will certainly enjoy lip smacking food prepared by the hotel’s well-trained chefs.

Those who wish to hold their nuptials within the hotel may do so in The Legend Villas’ tastefully decorated ceremonial hall. The intimate setting is ideal for the couple’s solemn exchange vows.

The starting package rate for 100 persons costs only Php 155,000.00 Depending on the client’s chosen package, this is inclusive of a buffet meal with freshly baked breads, your choice of soup and fresh salad,four main courses, pasta and carving stations, desserts and bottomless beverages.

All tables will be styled with crystal tress and floral centerpieces, candles in pedestal votives mint-filled crystal jars and personalized menu cards. Aside from the usual registration, souvenir and cake tables, a special wish table will be provided complete with note cards, pencil and apothecary jars.

The package also includes a wedding coordination kit and free service of a day coordinator. A master of ceremonies will also be on hand to help conceptualize, develop and facilitate the wedding program.

The venue will be professionally designed with mood lighting. Technical assistance will be on standby throughout the reception. As for souvenirs, the hotel has prepared personalized soap boxes. Each box contains four handmade soap tablets with scents chosen by the couple.

For the traditions, the package also comes with a bottle of red wine for toasting and a three-tiered cake or three-tiered stand with cupcakes.

To round up the package inclusions, The Legend Villas will also provide an overnight accommodation with breakfast for two in a Villa Suite Deluxe prior to the wedding and an overnight accommodation with breakfast for two in a Honeymoon Suite on the night of the wedding. Should the couple wish to get additional rooms for family and friends, the hotel offers 40% discount on published room rate.

“Stressful weddings are now a thing of the past as The Legend Villas is now your one-stop shop for worry-free weddings, “added Villavicencio.

The Legend Villas is a 124-room sprawling hotel property in the heart of Mandaluyong City. As part of Legend Hotels International Corporation, the hotel carries a tradition of innovation with first class amenities and personalized service.

The Legend Villas has catered to the business and family market for years through a unique brand of service. As it improves its facilities and services to better serve the market, the hotel promises an inviting experience for guests out on business and leisure.

“We are expanding our services to cater to our market’s growing needs. We are positioning The Legend Villas to be the next best wedding venue in Metro Manila for small, intimate and elegant weddings,” said Villavicencio.

For inquiries, interested parties may call Banquet Sales Office at 702-2712 to 14 or visit www.legendvillas.com.ph.

Playing Ping Pong

I used to play ping-pong when I was in high school. Although, I did not excel in this game, I have always tried to do my best for the game not just because it is a physical education (P.E.) requirement but because I personally love the game. I even asked my parents to buy a ping-pong racket and ball so that I could also play the game at home with my siblings. Sadly, they did not grant my wish so we just used an old racket and ball which were used as toys by my younger sister For ping pong table, we used improvised home-made table made from some plywood and a pair of sawhorses.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nostalgia #52: I Miss Baguio!

I am just feeling Nostalgic today! Our original plan of spending a weekend in Baguio did not push through. I am not really disappointed about it but my kids are expecting for that vacation. Anyways, Baguio is just there and we can go there anytime we want to, maybe during Christmas, me and my kids minus husband.

I am posting a picture of us during our stay in Baguio a couple of years ago. My kids were still young in this picture and I still fit in my medium size here. Lol.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finding a Good Night’s Sleep

There is nothing more important to starting the day off right than a good night’s sleep. However, it is all but impossible to sleep well on an unfit mattress. Many people are sleeping on mattresses that have worn out spring or other problems, but think they cannot afford a new mattress or do not associate their tiredness with their bad mattress. Luckily, this site has great resources to help you find the right mattress. You may find that you can not only afford a great mattress, but that your overall well being is better due to a good night’s sleep. There is definitely a mattress that is right for you from pillow top to memory foam, or maybe you still like a traditional spring mattress. Whatever you like or want you will be able to find. With the right mattress not only will you be able to fall asleep faster, but you will be able to stay asleep, which means eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Not only will you wake up rested, but you will continue to feel rested throughout your busy day. Everyone is busy these days from work to kids, it is hard to juggle it all, but if you can at least give yourself the proper sleep you will be able handle the toughest of days. So, before you spend another night tossing and turning consider buying a new mattress that is just right for you and at a cost you can afford.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao!

Manny Pacquiao successfully defended his WBO welterweight title against Shane Mosley. Pacquiao chose to wear yellow gloves in this fight. He said that yellow signifies unity of the Filipino across the globe. I hope that all of us will continually support the biggest fight of his life now, poverty. Congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao!

Photo source: internet

Friday, May 6, 2011

What I've Learned

If you are a follower of my blog, you definitely know what had happened in all of our things when the super typhoon hit Manila two years ago. Most of them were put into trash. Even the most important documents, pictures and other frames were drowned into flood. Imagine how terrified I was that moment. But I am still thankful because all of us were safe and no one was harmed. I learned my lesson then. Although I did not insure anything in the house, I keep them in a safe place now. The first thing that I have learned from that tragedy is secure document storage so that when strong typhoon hits again, I'll be more at ease and not worry about anything at all. Seems like I will be preparing again for the coming storm since we have shorter summer this year. Two storms are expected to fall this season. Ugh.

I Need Venetian Blinds

I always wanted to go shopping for new appliances and kitchen set like cookware for my kitchen but I have no time yet to do the list of what I need. I really need an upgrade for all of them and throw the old ones. As a mother, cooking is one of the most common things I am doing at home so, to inspire me more, I have to have a kitchen upgrade right? I was thinking of it a couple of time ago but I am hesitant to shop now since we are just renting. There’s always a possibility of moving again and if I have plenty of things, I will surely have a hard time carrying them all. That’s one of the reasons why I cannot shop and upgrade my kitchen yet. Anyways, I am browsing the site for home improvement and planning to buy venetian blinds. Summer time is at peak right now. I think I need blinds more than any of the appliances in the house. The sunlight shines directly through the window. So I guess I must put this in my priority list now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Pay tribute to all mothers around the world. You are blessed if you have your mom around you now. I was in my early 20s when my mother died. If you have mom around you now, hug her, kiss her and tell her how much you love her.

A Mother's Love - Jim Brickman & Mark Masri

Thank you for watching over me
all of the sleepless nights you lay awake
Thank you for knowing when to hold me close and when to let me go
Thank you for every stepping stone
and for the path that always leads me home
I thank you for the time you took
to see the heart inside of me

You gave me the roots to start this life
And then you gave me wings to fly
And I learned to dream
Because you believed in me
Theres no power like it on this earth
No treasure equal to its worth
The gift of a mothers love

Thank you for every sunlit day
that fill the corners of my memory
Thank you for every selfless unsung deed
I know you did for me
Thank you for giving me the choice
to search my soul til i could find my voice
And I thank you for teaching me
to be strong enough to bend


I thank God for a mothers love

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. - Tenneva Jordan-

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Watching Late Night Show

Since the day my friend Jes and her family migrated to US, we started following each others blogs to keep ourselves updated in our daily activities. They got all the comfort in their new house which you can find in the details at her New Home site except for télés that she aims to buy next on her priority list. On Sunday, they plan to watch the Pacquiao-Mosley fight live via pay per view (PPV) in their friend's house. Surely, they will celebrate it with lots of food and wine. I'll just wait for their pictures in her site. Right now, she and her kids contended themselves watching shows via internet or live streaming online. I honestly cannot live without TV. Next to blogging, watching late night shows is one of my favorite too.

Me and Jes in one of our blogging events

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I watched ETC, The Insider and other cable channel yesterday as they reviewed the details of the wedding. The elegant wedding gown, videos not covered live by the media, the smiling Prince Harry and his ex South African–born Chelsy Davy, the best and worst dressed lists, invited guests and other details in figure were being featured. I haven't gotten over yet with the royal wedding. I watched the coverage over and over again aside from reading news online. I missed only few of them. I love all the funny sides and the not so important videos that caught my attention but what I love most was the moment while Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) walked slowly down the aisle and Prince Harry look backward and whispered these words to Prince William.. "wait tell you see her." As Kate met Prince William at the altar, even the no lip reading experts could tell in the video what the Prince whispered, "you look beautiful." Social media tweeted that Prince William actually said, "You look stunning babe. " Anyways, that was sweet.

Mix of royal dignitaries, celebrities, and other head of the states came to support the family to witness the Wedding of the Century. Ladies came in their formal wear with their statement hats, in their best style, (except for a few who seemed to be in their bad hair day) and gowns but nobody wore better than Princess Kate. The road filled with banners and balloons by the crowd.

Princess Kate wears a very elegant Sarah Burton wedding gown.

Photo source: internet.

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