Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 13th birthday!

my daughter is now officially a teenage girl today. I've been waiting for this day to come to see my little lady turns 13. but i think I have to blog this because someday I know, I'll get back to what I have posted today, and for my daughter whom I know might read this blog someday. mommy loves you so much.even if I was not beside you in time for celebration. For a mom, it could be the saddest. I still think positive even though my daughter wasn't able to blow her cake. Earlier, we went to church to thank God for another birthday full of blessings. It was me, my two daughters minus dad. For twelve years that she celebrated her birthday, I've always been the busiest mother that I am, waking up early to prepare the food for the visitors and wishers to come to celebrate with her. So today is still a lucky day that the worst nightmare I never thought would happen came but it ended before twelve midnight strikes. I know I sound like I just came from mars. Yes, I just came from the other planet. I'll blog about the food and the cake that I have prepared tomorrow. I haven't got a picture of it yet, it's in the fridge, cold and untouched. To my daughter, mom loves you so much, happy 13th birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter.:)

    I hope everything is fine with you sis.

  2. Happy birthday sa panganay na maganda!

  3. Happy birthday sa panganay na maganda!

  4. belated happy bday with the pretty tomasian, sis. same with yami, i hope everything's ok:)


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