Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nostalgia #52: I Miss Baguio!

I am just feeling Nostalgic today! Our original plan of spending a weekend in Baguio did not push through. I am not really disappointed about it but my kids are expecting for that vacation. Anyways, Baguio is just there and we can go there anytime we want to, maybe during Christmas, me and my kids minus husband.

I am posting a picture of us during our stay in Baguio a couple of years ago. My kids were still young in this picture and I still fit in my medium size here. Lol.

I am linking this to Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.



  1. I remember that lake sis kaso di kami sumakay hehehe.. Ba't di kayo natuloy? "Usyusera eh lol.. Cute naman ng mga prinsesa, ang liliit pa..

  2. wow! nice.. i've been in baguio once but no pics, we had no camera..hehe! my first time joining nostalgia..hope you can drop by!

    followed here too!

  3. I wish I could see baguio city. Loved your pic sis. Hope to see you in my Nostalgia post here.

  4. buti k p you miss baguio...ako nga I MISSED baguio! d ko man lang napasyalan muna...bata p ko nung nagpunta ko dyan! d ko nga maalala!!!


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