Monday, May 30, 2011

Renovated Rest House

Because my in-laws seldom visit the country for a vacation, they took the opportunity to visit their relatives in Batangas last weekend. The place is just about two hours from Manila. We stayed in their relatives' house and spent the whole day eating and making up for the times that they've missed. We did not got to a beach because of bad weather condition and the water is not clear for swimming at the resort.

Anyways, it is nice to stay for a while in a Nipa hut away from the city. The place gives us a cool and relaxing breeze. I love the house which is just newly renovated using Anahaw leaves for the roof. For the flooring, they used some kind of wood but not the typical bamboo material. I think that if they used it otherwise, the place will be cooler or even better with laminate flooring. I hope that they change the flooring applicable for an ideal rest house in our next visit, maybe in the next three years .

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