Friday, May 6, 2011

What I've Learned

If you are a follower of my blog, you definitely know what had happened in all of our things when the super typhoon hit Manila two years ago. Most of them were put into trash. Even the most important documents, pictures and other frames were drowned into flood. Imagine how terrified I was that moment. But I am still thankful because all of us were safe and no one was harmed. I learned my lesson then. Although I did not insure anything in the house, I keep them in a safe place now. The first thing that I have learned from that tragedy is secure document storage so that when strong typhoon hits again, I'll be more at ease and not worry about anything at all. Seems like I will be preparing again for the coming storm since we have shorter summer this year. Two storms are expected to fall this season. Ugh.


  1. hopefully that won't happen again.

    I've transferred my blog and renewing my links, I took your badge with me when I transfer ^_^ Kindly change my badge code if you have the time to do so...thanks!


  2. May bagro daw dyan ngayon sis, S#1 nga ang bicol..

    Happy mother's day!

  3. im also a victim of ondoy. lesson learned talaga.

  4. yes tama!! you know what i insure in our house my photo albums!!! ;))


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