Thursday, November 28, 2013

What instrument fits you best?

Learning to play a musical instrument is not as easy as it sounds.  When you see a performer on stage,  please understand that they went through a lot  to achieve  such skill.  When you're inspired  to be like them,  make sure you really love it so you won't have  to stop in the middle of  learning.   It would be easy  till the end of tutorial when you have a passion in it.  Consider the most popular instruments such as  piano,  guitar, violin, drums, flute and saxophone because tutorials in  these instruments are easier to find.  

Next is listen to your heart.  When you play a music,  listen to the beat that connects to yourself.   Each instrumet has a certain sound that fits a musician like a violinist who is  technically brilliant playing a stringed instrument, something hard to learn but easier with passion. Find something that would be easy for you.  If you are person with a little drama, a guitar will perfectly suit you.  Add  an amp for better sounding that would make your learning a big difference.

Monday, November 25, 2013

DigitalGlobe Opens Imagery Access to Yolanda-Damaged Areas

Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Super Typhoon Yolanda, left the Philippines in a national state of calamity with at least 2 million families in 44 provinces gravely affected, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

The world has united to help victims of the disaster wrought by one of the strongest storms ever recorded. Various relief efforts are helping to alleviate the dire situation. But long-term strategies involving strategic mapping of urban and rural developments are needed more than ever. Learning where and how to adapt to future storms, including surges, in order to minimize the impact of such weather disturbances is key to rebuilding lives, property and infrastructure in the damaged areas.

The numbers reported from the ground up are staggering. Resources depicting the aftermath of the storm surge abound in social media, taken and uploaded by witnesses and survivors in the provinces of Cebu Island, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, Western Samar, Southern Leyte, Leyte, and Biliran, among others.

A resource is needed that will enable disaster and emergency team responders, relief operation trackers and infrastructure planners to see the extent of damage caused by Yolanda in up-to-date satellite imagery with photos before and after the storm.

RASA Surveying Land Survey Consultants, a DigitalGlobe reseller in the Philippines, supports the campaign to make professional satellite imaging available to the Philippine government and the general public to assist in rebuilding efforts. DigitalGlobe, a satellite imagery provider and operator of the largest space satellite constellation in the world responded to the call to help the Philippines under Operation Damayan by establishing special accounts on its cloud services platform that will let the public get temporary access to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)-related imagery.

The DigitalGlobe facility has been made available to the government for the time being to enable it to respond to emergency measures better, faster. DigitalGlobe has established special accounts on its cloud services platform to enable Government to make quick emergency responses on the ground where needed most. This effort also helps local government units (LGUs) of affected areas to establish technical reports so relief operations can be delivered more effectively and recovery solutions implemented ASAP.

DigitalGlobe satellite imagery that translates to images with resolution of 0.5m GSD (ground sampling distance) is the most accurate. For every pixel in the image, one can see anything bigger than half a meter on the ground;’ for example, cars, houses, large trees, roads and bridges. Planning and reconstruction engineers may then assess actualdamages and categorize them into lightly damaged, severely damaged or totally damaged houses, buildings and other structures. This would hasten the process of balanced relief operations and implementation of reconstruction efforts.

Currently, the public can also access data published at for free. Satellite imagery for Leyte Island, parts of Samar island, Northern Cebu, including Bantayan Island, Roxas City and Coron, Palawan can be accessed at Fresh imagery before and after Super Typhoon Yolanda is made possible by DigitalGlobe’s constellation of satellites’ daily collection of data. Project Noah, Google Earth, NAMRIA and DOST are among theprivate and government agencies that use DigitalGlobe images for their application.

Now that electricity and communication lines are not yet fully operational, LGUs can rely on DigitalGlobe for images that will help them assess the extent and cost of damages, identify areas for relocation, areas that should not have structures, etc. Private citizens may also use DigitalGlobe in support of their insurance claims to prove that their houses or buildings have been damaged.

More information is available at

Business Cards that Make an Impact!

In this tough time, business is likely to survive only if you are good and efficient in   marketing.  Big or small,  what seems to be the most important tool in building your network is by social media,  if you are in an online business.  However, there are times when you are required   to go out and meet clients or prospect and  you need to  introduce yourself  and your company.   In this time,  you need a weapon  in form of  a card  that will make a good catch, something that  will  represent not only yourself but the image of your company as well.   You need a  professional who specializes in  business cards  and knows  what  should be highlighted  in  your business. Some don't realize the importance of  it and just put their name and contact number.  It could  give a negative impact  with wrong representation  while  right design could  your company well.  That is why  it is  highly  recommended  to leave this job  to  professionals who are expert in this service.

Healthy, Sexy and Preggy: Mama Yes You Can!

Motherhood is one of the most exciting roles a woman could play. It opens you to a deeper meaning of love and devotion, but it can be a bit of a challenge. It is not a walk in the park, and it starts during pregnancy when your body changes immensely during the nine months of cradling your “mini-me.”

It’s unbelievable how your precious little cargo can sap your energy, but regular exercise not only helps you get through the day. It also has numerous benefits: it improves your sleep, reduces pregnancy pains, reduces risks of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, plus it helps you maintain your physique1! So on your next prenatal check, talk to your obstetrician on how these simple preggy exercises can help you on your journey to being a fit and fab mom:

1. Swimming? Mama Yes You Can! As your unborn baby enjoys in the special bag of water inside your belly, you should too. Swimming is hailed as the best form of exercise even for pregnant women2. It is ideal because it exercises both of your major muscle groups, the legs and arms. It also provides cardiovascular benefit to both you and your baby. This exercise is not strenuous, as it allows an expectant woman like you to feel weightless as you enjoy the coolness of water.

2. Dancing with a preggy Belly? Mama Yes You Can! This is an all-time favorite exercise. It is economical as all you need is your favorite tune and you can get your heart pumping even in the comforts of your home. This exercise not only helps you control your weight, but also relaxes your wee one as the baby listens to your favorite groove.

3. Yoga and Stretching? Mama Yes You Can! Women from all parts of the world love this specialized workout. Antenatal yoga allows you the flexibility you need for childbirth. It also helps to keep you supple, which is very important in your adaptability to your growing belly. Plus it’s a routine you can definitely enjoy with your girlfriends!

4. Preggy Walks? Mama Yes You Can! Walking is the most popular exercise for expectant mothers. Not only is it safe and easy. Walking is also therapeutic as it relaxes the mind especially when the pregnancy mumbo jumbo is starting to weigh on you.

Note: Please consult your doctor before consuming any supplements.

It is highly encouraged to always stay hydrated when doing these exercises. Increase in fluid intake is encouraged most especially when pregnant3. Now here’s a healthy drink you can enjoy! ProMama is essential to you so you can be at your best possible health for your new baby. It is also beneficial to your unborn child’s nutritional needs.

Only ProMama contains Pro-Nutri Builders, ingredients that include Maternal Immunity Enhancers like Beta Carotene, which has antioxidant and immunostimulatory properties, and Vitamins C, E and A, which also help promote good vision and cellular growth.

ProMama has Mental Enhancers like DHA, a nutrient important for a child’s visual and mental development; Folic Acid, which is essential for the development of the nervous system and in preventing neural tube defects; and Zinc, which assists in fetal neurodevelopment. ProMama’s formula also contains Bone and Muscle Builders such as Vitamin D, important for calcium metabolism and to support bone and teeth development; Protein, the building block of all tissues; and Calcium, which supports bone development.

Staying fit and fab even while pregnant helps keep you happy during your pregnancy. Enjoy doing these exercises but remember to always consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity.





A wedding planner for real or reel

The fairytale wedding of one of the top  noontime Telenovelas  just happened last Sunday where televiewers waited and anticipated  the biggest event of  the  year on a soap opera.  It was like a real wedding  where VIPs and showbiz personality were sighted in their formal wear.   The production staff surely had a very busy day preparing for this epic  scene  like a real wedding event.

Be it a real or a scene in a movie,  one  should  prepare  to  organize such a big event.    Here are some tips to consider when planning a  wedding event.   The  first  thing to look   is  the  budget.   From this point,  you  may  start  to  determine  about hiring  of wedding professionals and service providers like photographers, videographers, DJ and host, florists, etc.   There are a lot of wedding organizer  online  where you can rely  on  but make sure you click the right  website  and read  reviews from satisfied customers.  You cannot just leave all the planning  to the organizer  but make sure  you involve yourself  to make things work out perfectly till the day of  the wedding.  As much as possible hire  who is  locally  available  and  is reachable  in case you need  a quick meet up  for  updates.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back2Back Throwback at SOLAIRE Resort and Casino

Wang Chung  and Naked Eyes with DJ Jon Tupaz,   Back2Back Throwback on December 5, 2013,  Thursday 7pm, at Grand Ballroom SOLAIRE  Resort and Casino. For more details, please check the image below.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Advocacy: Public awareness on hearing Impairment, prevention and rehabilitation

Today, November 20, 2013 at Thai Bistro,  Deaf Awareness Week was  held which was  attended by different groups of media, educators, service providers, parents and  individuals to raise awareness on hearing impairment.  In November 8, 1991, the late president Corazon Aquino signed Proclamation No. 829 declaring second week of November of every year as Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) recognizing the need to focus on public awareness on hearing impairment, its prevention and rehabilitation. The celebration of  the said advocacy will center on the vision of transforming the hearing impaired community as immutable force in the society.

This year, Better Hearing Philippines, St. Luke's Medical Center, Qc, UST McAudio Department, in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline held a Medical Mission in Brgy Dona Imelda Quezon City.

Part of the advocacy in promoting preventive and treatment measures means addressing the problem of ear and hearing. At the event, Dr. Gretchen Navarro-Locsin, a Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist said, "Protecting children through breastfeeding, adequate nutrition, frequent hand washing, avoidance of tobacco smoke and vaccination can go a long way towards ensuring that your child hears the world through clear ears."

A mother with her child who is suffering from hearing loss and speech difficulty gave an inspirational message to all. 

Bloggers, individuals signed up for commitment of the advocacy

Preparing to release the balloons as a symbol of  commitment

The balloons were released into the sunny sky, a symbol of commitment for public awareness on this year's Deaf Awareness Week. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Depending Hope

Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.  1 Peter 3:15

YOU NEVER KNOW when it will happen. You might be on an airplane, at the office water cooler, in the backyard talking to a neighbor, in church, or in your child's room putting him or her to bed. Something--your kindness, the other person's need, an event in the news, a family problem--may prompt the person to ask you about your faith. Are you ready? What will you say? How will you say it?

Questions about our faith may come in all kinds of varieties--intellectual, ethical, or personal--but at the bottom of them all, people want to know if our faith experience is rich and real and if it makes a difference in how we live.  They are also looking for hope. They long to know they are loved, forgiven and accepted by God, and they need somebody to tell them that yes, it;s true: God loves them, too.

When the question is asked, it's too late to prepare our hearts.  We must get ready to answer the question by "sanctifying" Christ in our hearts, putting Him first, above all other affections.  When our love for Him transcends everything else in our lives (and even if we're actively struggling to love Him more than anything else) we're ready.  Our words will reflect our hearts, and authenticity is incredibly attractive to people.

We don't argue people into Kingdom, and we don't intimidate them into becoming God's beloved children. Peter reminds us that our demeanor should be "with meekness and fear," realizing the awesome and responsibility and privilege of communicating the light of the gospel to a darkened heart.

Are you ready?

If someone asked you about your faith today, what would you say and how would you say it?

What are some specific things you can do to "sanctify" Christ in your heart so you're be ready?

"If knowing Jesus means a lot to you-- and you know Him, it does--then let me urge you to pray for God's guidance so that you might witness effectively, and for God's courage so that you will witness often."--ZIG ZIGLAR

full script source:  Daily Insight with Zig Ziglar and Dr. Ike Reighard

Monday, November 18, 2013

Korina Sanchez at CNN

Korina Sanchez, a veteran anchor and ABS-CBN News journalist  was featured at CNN's episode "The World Lead"   with caption "How dare you, CNN?" 

On November 13, 2013, Korina Sanchez commented on   Anderson Cooper's Tacloban report about Typhoon  Yolanda.  According to Cooper, "there's no evidence of organized relief and rescue operation around Tacloban.  I haven't seen much of relief effort, I haven't seen a large military presence."

Korina then reacted and criticized that Cooper doesn't know what he is talking about.

Cooper said, "Miss Sanchez is welcome to go there and urge to go there. I don't know if she has but her husband is in-charge I'm sure she can arrange her flight."

Anderson Cooper's tweets  spread in local media and drew positive reaction from netizen.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

The past few days have been full of terrible and devastating news,  all distressed of  what happened.  Today is  Day 8 after the devastation.  I couldn't find a word to describe it  because  devastation doesn't even fit to  detail  Yolanda, the super typhoon  with sustained wind of 315 kph and gusts reaching 380 kph.  I couldn't even imagine how  strong it was,  the ferocious wind and tsunami combined. 


My sister's neighbor's family is from Tacloban.  Like other survivors, they shared the same horrible story of how they survived.  They crawled inside the ceiling of their house, hung on for their lives for six hours and if five more  inches of  flood emerged,  they wouldn't survive, and probably would die.  The next day,  all that's left with them was nothing.  They walked barefoot for six hours, walk past dead bodies lying on the street,   scavenging whatever food they could get  to survive and  waited desperately for four days with some heavy rain while waiting to board a military aircraft to evacuate.  Each survivor  has their own unimaginable horror story of  Yolanda.

If there is no word to describe  devastation, likewise, no exact word fits  to describe how strong Filipinos are.-  because we are stronger than any typhoon.  No matter how strong the wind is,  we simply  bend but we  never break.  We have an average of  20 typhoons every year and other calamities... and quickly recover.. and..

This too, shall pass.

Salamat Anderson Cooper!

Help. Donate. 


image source: internet

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Sunday Show on TV5: PHILIP, Lifestyle Guy

life•style noun \ˈlīf-ˈstī(-ə)l, -ˌstī(-ə)l\ : a particular way of living : the way a person lives or a group of people live

Philip Abadicio has been writing about lifestyle. He is behind the successful campaigns of his clients’ lifestyle products and brands. As a PR man, he established RPA & Communicate where he mastered the ropes of the lifestyle industry. He is the editor-in-chief of the online lifestyle source, RPA is an acronym for real, personal and all-that style. He has hosted a lifestyle news program for the Global News Network, “Style RPA TV,” and a lifestyle magazine talk show called, “It’s More Fun with Philip,” on TV5’s news channel Aksyon TV. And his latest offering is the recently launched lifestyle TV show, “Philip, Lifestyle Guy,” airing on TV5 every Sunday 11 a.m. to 12 noon.

As an indication that Philip Abadicio is indeed a lifestyle practitioner, the preceding paragraph mentioned the word “lifestyle” 8 times. He adds color to the viewing experience with his new TV show that has brought out the friendlier and more amusing side of his personality as captured on-cam in his latest quest as Philip, Lifestyle Guy.

The Long and Fabulous Road to TV5

Philip Abadicio is no stranger to the various lives and styles but like most people, he began with a humble venture that led from one thing to the next. Who knew that his destination would be a show on TV5?

Let’s Start with the Retail Beginnings

After graduating from U.P. Diliman, he opened a retail store called Wild Life at the newly-opened Robinsons Galleria. Wild Life was a clothes and knick-knacks store that specifically catered to the lifestyle of the urban wild. It was an interesting concept at that time that it caught the attention of daughter of the owner of the mall. Through Wild Life and his inquisitive nature, Philip has laid the foundation of determining the next big thing.

Next Destination: Print

Encouraged by the same mall and Manila Times owner to pen lifestyle write-ups, Philip was faced with opportunities to create his niche as a lifestyle figure. Philip wrote typical lifestyle themes: fashion, food, finds and Manila’s fabulous through his column Flip Flop at the Manila Times. Eventually, it would become a source for trend metrics that identified the Flip (in) and the Flop (out).

Mapping Public and Relations

With his growing network and connections in Manila’s In and It crowd, Philip capitalized on his professional standing and established a PR agency, RPA. He began with clients like Euphoria and Levi’s. As Philip continued to spot the trends with more brands and services for young adults, Philip brought

Bacardi, Nickelodeon, AXN, Yahoo, Warner Music, Pizza Hut and a lot more, a younger and fresher branding to their target market.

Philip utilized his know-how in singling out what’s in fashion and who’s the up-and-coming which fueled his position as a PR authority. He partnered with Paolo Bediones to expand his PR machine and set up Communicate, one of the agencies that handled trend-setting campaigns that targeted lifestyle, and hip and young brands. As his partner became busier with TV assignments, Philip incorporated the PR firm into RPA & Communicate and the roster of clientele included Hennessy, MTV, Ericsson, Dockers and Studio 23, among others.

Philip maintained his stance in Manila’s social scene. He organized creative events and parties for Moet et Chandon, Standard Chartered and Dom Perignon, and many other prestigious brands. His campaigns were also a platform for famous celebrities today, such as Pia Guanio’s stint with Caltex as a weather girl, and her team-up with Paolo Abrera to participate at an AXN event in New Zealand.

Stopovers: What’s Hot and Who’s Hotter

True to Philip’s nature as a lifestyle pundit, and together with Paolo Abrera, the two launched a free magazine called ZERO, which listed the happenings within Metro Manila. Philip would later create FLY magazine with Levi’s and after six years, the magazine would be published and circulated in Hong Kong.

Philip also briefly dabbled on talent management. It was inevitable that through his work and connections, Philip would have a peek at the interesting world of entertainment. He initially discovered the talented Rico Yan, whom he would introduce to Johnny Manahan and ABS-CBN. Afterwards, as they always say, the rest was history for the young actor.

Caution: TV Curves Ahead

With his background in producing content and events in the world of lifestyle, trends, celebrity and society, Philip was encouraged to join the world of entertainment. He hosted lifestyle news program for Destiny Cable’s Global New Network. He also produced the show Follow for 2nd Avenue in 2012.

Despite the persistent opportunities to take on the reins as a local lifestyle maven, Philip decided he wanted to do a show that is accessible across many viewers, across typical demographics. And like an answered prayer, and a sign on the road, he was offered to do a lifestyle talk show on Aksyon TV in order to reach out to more people. It’s More Fun with Philip, a magazine and talk show on TV5’s news channel, was a hit. After several interviews with interesting personalities and features on fascinating establishments and locations, a whole new road was being paved for Philip Abadicio.

From retail to print to PR to entertainment and lifestyle, Philip Abadicio is now taking the next big journey with Philip, Lifestyle Guy bringing his expertise in lifestyle to the audience that really matter: the general public. It is a visually appealing, culturally enriching, and gastronomically appetizing TV show. It is more interactive as the host gives the viewers a chance to sample the featured items by simply tweeting, sharing their comments on social media or texting. As, our lifestyle guy says it: “We’ll give you the surprises, for you to win the prizes!”


The biggest family event of the year, Baby & Family Expo Philippines 2013, happening on December 06-08, 2013 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, will be recognizing celebrity families, parents and kids who have been a great inspiration and role model to Filipino families in the first ever Golden Family Awards. The awarding ceremony is scheduled on Saturday, December 7, 2013, 6pm.

The Golden Family of the Year will be awarded to celebrity parents Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo and to daughter Johanna “Yohan Lois" and son Juan Luis "Lucho." Their on-screen love team developed to an off-camera relationship. Four years after, wedding bells were finally heard. Despite rumors, their relationship stayed strong. Aside from their successful showbiz career, Judy Ann and Ryan still managed to be hands-on parents. When it comes to enforcing discipline to their kids, they prefer to handle it on a case-to-case basis instead of imposing cardinal rules. Both parents are open to possibilities of their kids entering showbiz as Yohan and Lucho are showing signs already.

Celebrity couple Regine Tolentino and Lander Vera-Perez will be awarded as the Golden Couple of the Year as their relationship is one of the perfect examples of a relationship that withstood trials and emerged stronger after the storm. Actress and dancing diva felt love at first sight for his on-screen partner Lander Vera-Perez, who was a heartthrob then. But the on-screen love team became a real life relationship. They are blessed with two daughters Azucena Reigne and Alessandra Reigen.

Queen of all media Kris Aquino’s son James “Bimby” Aquino Yap and Little Miss Philippines 2012 Ryzza Mae Dizon will be crowned as this year’s Golden Kids. Following the footsteps of his mom, Bimby is now very active in showbiz print and television commercials plus with an upcoming movie together with award-winning child actress Ryzza, who have been on demand ever since she won in the noon-time show pageant for her unique wit. Currently, she hosts her own show.

Celebrity parents will also be present during the expo to give inspirational talks. Host, author, columnist & Mercato founder RJ Ledesma will share tips on Daddy 101. Azkals coach Michael Weiss will talk about ‘Coaching the Azkals and Coaching Your Kids’. On The Money host and president of The Master's Academy Edric Mendoza will talk about Homeschooling. Bb. Pilipinas- Universe title holder and actress Nina Ricci Alagao-Flores and dancing diva Regine Tolentino will give a talk on Parenting 101. Former vocalist of Moonstar88 Acel van Ommen and Starstruck avenger Jade Lopez will give an advocacy talk for Right Start.

Former beauty queen turned actress Maria Isabel Lopez and MTRCB board member and actress Gladys Reyes-Sommereux will also be there to sell their pre-loved clothes/items and other stuff to the expo goers, a portion of which will be donated to the Yolanda victims.


The Golden Family Awards is part of the three-day fun-filled event organized by MediaCom Solutions Inc. and co-presented by Cordlife Philippines, the leading cord blood and tissue banking service provider in the country. The Baby & Family Expo Philippines dubbed as “Welcoming Life, Love and Care”, is dedicated to nurture family development and child care. It covers the stages of family growth from pregnancy, maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood. The event will also feature educational talks and seminars, exciting activities like Family Olympics and Family Fashion Weekend and exclusive discounts from over 200 exhibitors.

Be part of this star-studded family event by registering for free at the Baby & Family Expo Philippines 2013 website For queries and updates, call +632.843.2174, email and join the community at and

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Frustrating Sickening Depressing

and all the words that could describe happening on Day 5 of disaster (Yolanda). It is not the time to blame  now or discuss disaster prevention or who is responsible because it already happened and  is pointless  because what the survivors need  now is relief and hope.  Let us put the blame later,  or  tomorrow   because  the survivors  are  now appealing and screaming  for  IMMEDIATE relief. 

"Not  in a few days,  not in a few hours  but  now,"   so as one of the survivors  told  the CNN  Correspondent.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Give a Hand and Pray

When there's no one to hear your call for help,  no home to go back to --  there is something you need to embrace what is only  left,  to be strong to survive.   A survivor was asked  where he's  going and  answered with confusion like  he's walking nowhere   in the midst of tsunami hit-like zone showed hopelessness in his face. It was the day  after  the storm  and  he couldn't grasp the horror,  a real  scene or a  nightmare while sitting on top of the debris of flattened home.  I wasn't  there to witness but  I  could feel the agony.  I could feel the pain.    I've  watched the videos of  the most devastating typhoon, Yolanda, (Haiyan).  Just looking at the images  almost gave me a feeling of hopelessness too.  But out  of the hopeless situation,   there is still a light of hope from a survivor's story,  a  reason  why he made it through the storm.

The nation prepared for the strongest storm to land in the country.  Other provinces  in Visayas  were also directly  hit and   almost  80%  or properties were washed away  but   less casualty was reported.  What happened to Tacloban  was  beyond everyone else's  imagination and disaster was beyond  off scale.  Literally, storm surge now means  ocean  water  that  goes to the land.   On the day of the storm,  the boats  washed  ashore  while  human bodies  swayed into the ocean.  There were some warnings about  up to 7 meters of wave heights, flashfloods and landslides  but it was a disaster and no one could exactly tell about  how  much preparation is needed  until  caught  by surprise by the  storm.  We learned  what "flood"  means  from   Ondoy and now learned what "storm surge" means from Yolanda.

The president declared last night a  state of national calamity.  Mr. President gave updates and  thanked   international communities and  foreign countries who pledged for help.  In this time of grief,  the help and  donation coming in from different groups or individual is an indication  of hope, knowing that  there is empathy message in unity  and  this calamity will be over,  if not soon.

Help  and prayers  are  all that we can do.  Let us  pray for the survivors to embrace what  is only left with them now, to stay strong and survive.   Let us pray for  those who did not survive the storm  to find peace for their soul.  Let us pray for the volunteers and rescuers enough strength for their mind and body to handle and deal the situation on the  brink of catastrophe.  Let us pray  to guide the conscience of   public officials and those handling donations to spend  up to the last cent of  the  fund fairly and evenly  where it is intended for,  the survivors.

Let us all unite and  stop blaming why it all happened, question lack of preparations,  the curse of  the  government  or  the microwave pulse.  What  we can  do  right now,  and I think  the  best that we can  do  is give a  hand  and  pray.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Yolanda Aftermath

Let us all pray for all those affected by super typhoon, "Yolanda"  as  almost ten regions of the nation were affected and some areas were totally devastated  by  the typhoon.

Scary. Unimaginable  as I watched the footage of the aftermath of  "Yolanda",  the strongest typhoon ever landed on the history.  I saw some videos that  were unedited,  just bit blurred  for scenes that are sensitive for viewers. Dead bodies lying on the street, evacuation areas that  should have been the safest area were  also hit and some evacuees were feared to have been drowned.   A wounded woman running on a completely wiped out city looking for her child that slipped off her hand on the midst of the storm, and her siblings and parents feared to have been dead is totally  a heartbreaking scene.   Scary, devastating.   This  is just in one city, Tacloban,  where "Yolanda" made a landfall.  I couldn't imagine  the aftermath in other cities  slashed  by storm signal number 4.

As  of  yet,  the roads connecting to airport (airport was even washed out)  are completely blocked.  Communication lines are still down. Media and other agencies only way to reach the areas is  by private helicopter,  same with video feeds  only via the nearest city with satellite. 

PAGASA released a weather bulletin at 3:30 pm that Typhoon "Yolanda" is now outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR.)  Share, donate and pray for all the victims of the typhoon.

One of the photos of Yolanda aftermath.  Debris float on a flooded road. Photo by Reuters/TVReuters

Donate in anyway you can   to  @philredcross.  Text RED AMOUNT  send to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)

You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

Red Cross / Donate Now.

Friday, November 8, 2013

MICO Mobile App

Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. (MICO) is the first insurance company that offers mobile application ensuring clients' peace of mind at one's fingertips via MICO Mobile App which has these unique features: It allows the company's motorcar insured clients to report and file motorcar claims via mobile phone, or tablet immediately, at the scene of the accident; Built with online calculator; Feng Shui advisor and horoscope to guide users regarding their lifestyle or money matters; Provides for a motor vehicle repair shop location, branch locator and hospital numbers, Provides toolbox for Twitter feeds from various government agencies such as MMDA, PAG-ASA , DOST, DOT, DTS, DOH and Makati Traffic.

For more information about Malayan’s travel insurance plan and other e-products, visit its official Facebook page at and click on the 
Malayan Online link.

Why You Should Buy Quality Material

The quality of  materials certainly affect the sound  that  instruments create. Whether you  buy  or rent it, a destructive sound would make the music unpleasant to listen.   Some may find  it more expensive when they buy  an  instrument and  just choose to rent  instead.   Maintenance is sometimes more expensive plus the fact that  most of the stores  have no parts or materials to replace in case it gets  broken.

When you buy an  instrument make sure you get  a  warranty including parts and maintenance.  There are stores  that sell  parts  like guitar string, knobs or cool blackstar ht-5  in case you need a replacement. Personally,  I prefer to buy quality ones because even if some parts need to be replaced, still,  I get what I pay for because  low quality instruments usually produce poor sound while high quality ones are expected to be way up good that last for  years.

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