Monday, November 25, 2013

A wedding planner for real or reel

The fairytale wedding of one of the top  noontime Telenovelas  just happened last Sunday where televiewers waited and anticipated  the biggest event of  the  year on a soap opera.  It was like a real wedding  where VIPs and showbiz personality were sighted in their formal wear.   The production staff surely had a very busy day preparing for this epic  scene  like a real wedding event.

Be it a real or a scene in a movie,  one  should  prepare  to  organize such a big event.    Here are some tips to consider when planning a  wedding event.   The  first  thing to look   is  the  budget.   From this point,  you  may  start  to  determine  about hiring  of wedding professionals and service providers like photographers, videographers, DJ and host, florists, etc.   There are a lot of wedding organizer  online  where you can rely  on  but make sure you click the right  website  and read  reviews from satisfied customers.  You cannot just leave all the planning  to the organizer  but make sure  you involve yourself  to make things work out perfectly till the day of  the wedding.  As much as possible hire  who is  locally  available  and  is reachable  in case you need  a quick meet up  for  updates.

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