Saturday, November 16, 2013

Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda

The past few days have been full of terrible and devastating news,  all distressed of  what happened.  Today is  Day 8 after the devastation.  I couldn't find a word to describe it  because  devastation doesn't even fit to  detail  Yolanda, the super typhoon  with sustained wind of 315 kph and gusts reaching 380 kph.  I couldn't even imagine how  strong it was,  the ferocious wind and tsunami combined. 


My sister's neighbor's family is from Tacloban.  Like other survivors, they shared the same horrible story of how they survived.  They crawled inside the ceiling of their house, hung on for their lives for six hours and if five more  inches of  flood emerged,  they wouldn't survive, and probably would die.  The next day,  all that's left with them was nothing.  They walked barefoot for six hours, walk past dead bodies lying on the street,   scavenging whatever food they could get  to survive and  waited desperately for four days with some heavy rain while waiting to board a military aircraft to evacuate.  Each survivor  has their own unimaginable horror story of  Yolanda.

If there is no word to describe  devastation, likewise, no exact word fits  to describe how strong Filipinos are.-  because we are stronger than any typhoon.  No matter how strong the wind is,  we simply  bend but we  never break.  We have an average of  20 typhoons every year and other calamities... and quickly recover.. and..

This too, shall pass.

Salamat Anderson Cooper!

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