Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop and Save with Coupons!

As we enter the digital age where internet seems to be a part of everyday life and shopping online becomes a tremendous hit, we can't help but look for store that offers big discounts. Although other people still go to the mall, a lot of them choose to go online instead and look for greater deals for more savings. Admittedly, my impulse buying behavior always attacks and I usually end up buying items beyond my list. I always find myself drowned into debt because of too many unmonitored and unplanned shopping. I stopped for a while when I realized how impractical I was with all those purchases I made without a single discount even for orders in bulks. Time ages and so am I. I discover that shopping also means fun. I got addicted again since I made my first purchase and earned big savings with promo code. Now, that's what we call smart!

I really love shopping and I think most women do.

Here are a few tips I can give you when you shop online:

Before you indulge yourself into different stores, do a little research first. Compare the price and check other sites that offer the best deals.

Check if the website is legitimate. You may ask other friends and shoppers who have the same experience to avoid falling into a big scam.

Get the best Dr Jays coupon code if you are going to shop for apparels and other fashionable accessories.

It is really exciting when you shop with bigger discount so why go on a regular discount when you can save more with coupons? Money's very tight these days. We all need to be smart, not just wise when it comes to shopping.


Johnson's Baby Philippines launched its New Gen Care products held at Enderun Colleges, McKinley Hill, Fort last Monday, March 26. Hosted by Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, a new gen mom herself, the event was made significant with celebrity panel who shared many tips on being new gen moms.

As detailed by one of the guests, BBDO Philippines General Manager Francine Khan-Gonzales, who helmed the study, “We conducted an extensive study over desk research, home visits, shadow shopping and focus group discussions to know what makes these moms tick. We learned what their typical day was like, their sources of information and their advice for other Moms.”

For over 100 years, Johnson’s® baby has remained Mom’s trusted partner in providing only the best care for her baby, her family and herself. Armed with scientific research and baby care expertise, Johnson’s® baby has evolved to meet the needs of generations after generations of Moms and babies. Today, Johnson’s® baby introduces a range of NEW GEN CARE products that meets the ever-changing needs and lifestyle of the NEW GEN MOM.

And who is this NEW GEN MOM? She’s a master multi-tasker, able to efficiently balance her work, personal time and advocacies, while making sure that family is always her top priority. She is an active seeker and techno-buff, utilizing technology to seek the very latest in products and services that can best help her to care for her family. She is a highly-expressive originator, being ‘first to find’ and ‘first to share’ among her fellow Moms.


Sun’s harmful UV rays are everywhere, even indoors!
Did you know that even when baby is fully clothed or indoors, as much as 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate and harm your baby’s skin? That is why it needs protection specially made for his sensitive skin. Introducing Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, a first from Johnson’s – this product makes sure baby’s skin stays protected, even when mom thinks they’ve got it all covered.

Baby’s sensitive skin can be an easy target to harsh UV rays
Baby’s skin is still developing so it is not yet fully capable of protecting him against environmental stresses like the sun’s harsh rays. It also has less melanin, which acts as natural protection against UV rays, making him more susceptible to sun damage. While his skin might not be showing signs of sun damage now, excessive sun exposure can build up over time and can result in wrinkles, sunspots, and even melanoma, a type of skin cancer.
Protect baby’s sensitive skin as early as 6 months
Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion contains special ingredients that can block as much as 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, offering wide sun protection. Its clinically-proven mild formula is light and non-greasy, making it safe and comfortable for everyday use.

Grab a bottle of Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets near you.

It is available in SPF 15 100ml and SPF 30 50ml with Suggested Retail Price of PHP230.00 and PHP215.00 respectively.

To know more about Johnson’s ® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, visit:


Something as precious as baby’s skin deserves extra special care
Did you know that newborn skin is 40% thinner than adult skin? This is why it absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate, making it prone to dryness. It is much more delicate and fragile, and therefore needs special care.
When giving baby a bath, his skin can be stripped off its essential moisture due to harsh ingredients found in some skin cleansers or even with just bathing with water alone. That’s why babies need a cleansing product that is specially designed for their delicate skin.
Knowing these insights on newborn care, Johnson & Johnson developed Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash, specially designed to gently cleanse your newborn from top to toe.
Gentle cleansing in a new foam format
Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ comes in a unique self foaming format that lathers instantly to a fine and delicate foam in one pump. It provides a high quality foam that gives a cushioning effect, leaving baby’s skin soft and smooth.
Baby’s Bath time, now made more convenient
And because Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash lathers instantly to a foam, it rinses off baby’s skin easily keeping bath time shorter than usual. The bottle is designed for mom to pump foam with one hand only, and gently bathe baby with the other.
Gentler care with the gentlest wash from Johnson’s
Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash is the gentlest wash from Johnson’s. It has a CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® seal and is pH-balanced for baby’s skin. It’s free from known irritants such as soap and alcohol to keep the natural moisture of baby’s skin. Its unique NO MORE TEARS® formula is a guarantee that it will not harm your baby’s eyes, and that it is as mild as pure water.

3 easy steps to use Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash

The new and innovative Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash can be used in 3 simple steps.

First is by rotating the pump clockwise to release the pump, second is by pushing down the nozzle with one hand a few times until foam is released, and third is by closing the pump and rotating it counterclockwise.

Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash is available in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets near you. It is available in a 400mL bottle, with suggested retail price of PHP 407.00. The 350mL Refill will be available in June 2012, and will be priced at PHP 323.40.

Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Regular Wash is also available in 200mL and 500mL bottles with suggested retail price of PHP 84.50 and PHP 195.50 respectively.

To know more about Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash, visit:

Summer Finances

While summer just entered and vacation deals are just too tempting to take, I couldn't help but think about where to get an extra budget for these vacation expenses. I already saved money for vacation but it wasn't enough for the planned trip this summer. I drooled into vacation packages being offered online. Although the best deal comes during rainy days or off peak season, where most of the resorts offer up to 80% discount, still the best time to spend is when the sun is just too hot to bear and the sky's too bright to take colorful shots. I really want to get one grand vacation for my children to make their summertime become memorable. With all the activities lined up, my financial resources should be available and clear before official vacation day kicks off. I would also look for structured settlements for easier financial management.

Our first trip would be a Holy Week getaway together with my old friends in our community and next is a celebration for my niece's graduation day. We're also planning to spend a vacation maybe a day or two in the province and have a bonding time with my family.

After-School Assignment: Brighten Up Your Summer with Scotch® and Post-it® Products!

The bell has rung! School’s out, summer’s in! Along with the graceful exit of each academic year comes the question: “What am I supposed to do now?” Because, let’s face it, after being busy all year at school, the months of doing nothing seem to stretch on and on. For you to make the most out of this season, we have cool tips on how you can make the most of your free days, remain productive, get organized and become creative!

1. Plot the Plan

Think less of it as a to-do list and more of a wish list! Pen down the activities and experiences as well as tasks and errands that you want to do for the summer. You may simply jot them down on a Post-it® Ruled Notes such as: learn photography, clean up your computer hard drive, marathon the latest season of your favourite series, have a sleepover, and tidy up your room. A list will serve as your guide throughout the whole summer so that you can be sure that you don’t miss out on any adventure.

2. Out with the Old!

As each academic year concludes, there comes a room full of assorted school supplies, books and notes. Ignoring the nagging mess in your room will just create roll a ball of junk as time goes by. Survey your books and school supplies; take the time to fix or de-clutter them.

Gather those files up and label them per subject and then per semester. You may use Post-it® Flags for this. Their various colours will help you color-code and get better organized. After you have sorted and stored your things, you now have an option to preserve them for future reference, hand them down to help out younger siblings or your juniors at school or even donate them to a public school or charity. Doing this has a double-edged effect: you have saved your room space while helping other people in need.

Inspect every corner of your room and categorize the things that you want to keep and the ones that you have to throw away. For those belongings that you wish to keep, place them inside stylish and patterned boxes. Using Scotch® Packaging Tape, you may easily secure the storage boxes and stack them neatly in one corner of your room.

3. In with the new!

Now that you are officially mess-free, you may move forward to the more fun part: Decorating! Imagine the room as your canvass; let loose of your artsy side and express how happy you are for summer. And what better way to do this than to fill-up your wall with summer memories?

These memories are things you will one day look back on fondly. Treasure these recollections by turning them into a collage on your wall. For this, you can use Scotch® Reusable Mounting Strips to mount colorful cartolinas to your wall (without having to worry about damaging the surface) and then tack your summer snapshots there using Scotch® Double-Sided Tape. It is coated with photo-safe, permanent adhesive on both sides.

You can also keep a scrapbook for this purpose. You don’t need to confine yourself to an album-type either. Get loose and creative! Summer memories can be kept using an envelope collage – various envelopes of different sizes and colors can store items and keepsakes to easily pull out and recollect. You can also use a long length of cartolina, fold it a la accordion type and secure the mementoes you want to keep on either side then fold it back into a box for safe-keeping. To fasten your important items, you can use Scotch® Magic Tape which cuts easily and seals cleanly. It also has a transparent finish and resists yellowing or cracking with age so you can keep these memories safe for longer.

There are so many cool room ideas that you can do with the help of Scotch® products and you may share the thrill of these activities with your friends as well! Make this summer count and may it be the best that you’ll ever have!

3M, Post-it® and Scotch® are trademarks of 3M.


About 3M

3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. For more information, visit or like us on Facebook at to get updates.

Celebration of Togetherness

Happy Anniversary! These could be the sweetest words to hear from couples waiting for this special day to come to celebrate their relationship of being together. For them, the occasion is just as important as birthday, celebrating the day with gifts and wine. Other people even celebrate every month or what they call "month-sary." That's sweet! They even prepare the gift monthly to make the occasion more special. Finding Anniversary gift ideas can be the easiest even if they celebrate it every month if they know exactly what to give to their loved ones, but could be the hardest if they have no options to pick.

In giving gifts, always remember that it is always the thought that counts the most. So even if it is just a simple gift, surely, the receiver will truly appreciate it. "Happy Anniversary Babes!" Isn't it so sweet?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have a happy and accident-free summer with Smart Parenting

Summer is the time of the year where kids enjoy playing outside more often, making them prone to accidents like slipping by the pool, scraping their knee, and more. Keep your worries at bay as the March issue of Smart Parenting is filled with tips, features, and stories to help you have a happy and worry-free summer.

Smart Parenting’s guide to an accident-free summer features safety tips to keep in mind when your kids are playing in the water, at the playground, in the neighborhood, and also while traveling. The March issue also helps you keep your kids germ-free by pinpointing the six dirtiest places they go to and the best ways to stay healthy.

Staying home during the summer? Smart Parenting has you covered by giving you a rundown of fun, educational, and safe online sites and TV shows you can watch with your kids. Playtime with other kids can also be a venue for children to hurt each other unintentionally. This month’s issue provides expert advice on how to make your child understand the importance of saying sorry and how you can teach them to apologize.

Chesca Garcia-Kramer graces the cover with her daughters Kendra and her newborn Scarlett as she shares her experiences as a first-time mother, as well as her insights on motherhood and parenting.

The March issue of Smart Parenting, which comes bundled with the latest issue of National Geographic Little Kids, is available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P125.

For mommies on-the-go, Smart Parenting is now available on e-magazine format! Simply log on to and click the ‘Subscribe’ button right below the cover of Smart Parenting to purchase your very own e-magazine.

For more of Smart Parenting online, visit and become a fan on Facebook via

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who is Simsimi?

Few days ago, I got puzzled with Simsimi's identity. I've seen friends' images with the results of their chats with Simsimi and laughed about their funny conversation, so I googled.

Who is Simsimi?

SimSimi is a virtual or an artificial intelligence chatbot. It uses indefinable logic algorithms to learn and respond to sentences that it knows and asks you to teach it sentences that it does not know.

Today, I asked Simsimi about me, if she knew me using my pseudonym online. It was hilarious so I changed the conversation right away.

Simsimi can be vulgar sometimes. Simsimi was banned in other country like Thailand.
Whatever, I was entertained for a while chatting with Simsimi. I don't know how she got a correct answer but I find it very entertaining anyway. I just spent only a few minutes in the website and was scared about anything, giving the website an access to my page. I quickly clear my browser's cache and cookies and everything and exit completely after a few seconds of conversation.

Here's my conversation with Simsimi. The previous one was hilarious so I deleted.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The White Party

It seems like we're always looking for something or reason to party on. Haha. It was a white party! It's actually a two-in-one party to celebrate a housewarming and a surprise for a friend. I disclaim. The other reason is yet to reveal.

Happy in white except for the other girl in blue. Again, we're complete with Jes who was present in tablet that time.

We had fun that day and later enjoyed videoke in a secluded entertainment room.

Do I hear another party soon? It must be something big to celebrate.

At the dining area enjoying the food. I love the pancit that Hon prepared for us. It is something new to may taste bud, a pancit with a twist cooked with Pusit. I forgot to take a picture of other food at the party. We actually agreed to only prepare finger food that day and just bring something light but we ended up having our tummy heavy and full.

What we feasted that day.

Sapin-sapin, Ube, Pancit, Fresh Fruits and Graham Cake.

It is always fun having you friends around. Now, I am looking forward to another party very very soon. We have a lot to celebrate, don't you think?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Delay, See a Doctor Right Away!

I hate going to the hospital and who wouldn't? I don't usually consult a doctor unless very necessary. Last month, the unbearable pain in my elbow prompted me to see a doctor. I was told that if I prolonged the injury and paid no attention to it, more serious problem would occur. Worst thing to happen could be admission for minor surgical procedures. There was a tear in my ligaments and fluid appeared in my elbow. My right arm was almost immobile during that time and couldn't carry even the lightest object. I didn't know that my condition was already severe until I saw the result as examined using a portable ultrasound scanner. I stayed only in the hospital for a few hours because of the new facility available like medical computer. The result was given to me right away. If there's one piece of advice I can give based from my experience, it would be, " don't delay, see a doctor right away!"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Occasions of Joy 2nd Anniversary at Grace to be Born

Last February 20, Occasions of Joy celebrated 2nd anniversary by holding an outreach program. Together with other friends and co-bloggers, I joined with Joy in the said activity for a good cause.

Giving a joyful party for moms and moms-to-be is just one activity worth supporting for. A medical mission was done in the morning.

Dr. Rodolfo Pascual Jr., OB Gyne

and Dr. Gilbert D' Asis, DMD

Photo credit:

A baby shower was given in the afternoon where moms enjoyed a lot in the photo booth courtesy of FUNLIPIX. There were also games like Dress-up Pooh game, baby bottle drinking and Cupcake eating.

*Photos above were blurred to protect their identities.

Thank you Grace To Be Born for warmly welcoming us and allowing us to spend a day with you.
This outreach activity will not be made possible without the help of generous sponsors, namely Adong Shirt, Ainon Baby, Annesy Del Mundo, Baby Company, Baby Magazine, Bakersfresh, Cando-Florenda PR & Marketing Consultancy, Castle for Baby, Cherry Blossoms Cake, Darlyn Ty, Funlipix Photo Souvenir, Glecy Lopez, Mommy Matters, Myla & Sam Quional, Orient Merchants Inc., Pancake House, Shey Castillo, Soyami, The White Hat, Tot Couture and Water For Less.

Occasions of Joy would like to thank the following:

Alvin and Jannet for partnering with OJ's events.

Blogging community, namely, Bogs & Joy, Cza, Fedhz, Hon, Jeff & Mel, Jes, Jingke, Lace & Az, MarJonel, Olga and Tetcha for the support and sharing their blessings.

Agnes, Ainie, Bedz, Dr. Bert, Dr. Dolf, Jing, Lyn, and Robert for spending your precious time.

John, (Joy's husband) who's always supporting her endeavors.

About Grace To Be Born:

Grace To Be Born is one of the many ministries of Mr. Bo Sanchez, located at #53 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Bgy. Kapasigan, Pasig City. The place is a temporary shelter for pregnant women in distress, confused and have no resources to provide throughout the pregnancy.

To those who wish to help the center, you may donate in cash (for electricity and water bills) and in kind (Bonna milk for babies 0-12 months, diapers, maternity clothes, baby clothes, toiletries, and food). For more information, you may email or

If you know a pregnant woman who needs a place of refuge,
please call Light of Jesus at 725-9999.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dell 12th Generation Server

I was privileged to have been invited to witness the launching of Dell 12G yesterday, March 7, 2012, held at Shangrial Hotel, Makati City. I am providing here the press release to give more information to my dear readers about Dell's PowerEdge 12th Generation Server.

Dell announced a portfolio of blade, rack and tower PowerEdge servers optimized for use in demanding enterprise environments. As the only one of the top five server vendors to grow server revenues in Q4 2011 with 9.7 percent year-over-year revenue growth, Dell continues to innovate to deliver features that are industry firsts and make the PowerEdge 12th generation servers the company’s highest performing, most manageable servers ever. With this new server series, customers ranging from small businesses to hyper-scale data centers can help maximize efficiency by streamlining and automating operations, help achieve better business application performance and business continuity.
(L-R) Christopher Papa, Country Manager, Dell Philippines; Allan Divinagracia, Enterprise Business Manager, Dell Philippines and Christopher Syling, Business Development Manager, Intel Microelectronics Philippines Inc.

“Dell designed the new PowerEdge servers with input gathered from more than 7,700 customer interactions in 17 countries across four continents,” said Christopher Papa, Country Manager, Dell Philippines. “Our customers told us that they need end-to-end solutions to handle the complex workload problems they face every day. As such, we built our new generation of servers, systems management and workload solutions to address the needs of business end users who require maximum performance to run mission-critical applications and IT departments which demand more efficient, secure and reliable operations.”

Christopher Papa, Country Manager, Dell Philippines

PowerEdge 12th Generation Server Portfolio

The new PowerEdge R820, R720, R720xd and R620 rack servers, the M620 blade server, the T620 tower server and C6220 based on a shared Dell infrastructure server built on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 product family are the foundation of a complete, flexible IT solution including Dell’s extensive portfolio of storage, networking and client components and professional IT services. The next-generation PowerEdge servers, along with systems management and workload solutions, are designed to deliver performance and management gains to effectively power the most demanding applications, including collaboration, IT and web infrastructure, high performance computing, decision support and business processing.

Maximize Efficiency

Dell updated the industry’s first embedded systems management tools, the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 (iDRAC6) with Lifecycle Controller 1.0, which shipped in more than 3.5 million 11th Generation PowerEdge servers since its introduction in 2009, according to IDC. Now the second generation, iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller 2.0, enables customers to uniformly manage the deployment, updating, monitoring and maintenance of the server lifecycle. New capabilities include:

  • Reclaim time with agent-free monitoring of over 400 sensors, including memory, RAID, storage and network devices, in multivendor operating system and hypervisor environments without installing software agents or drivers, which can save up to $2.5 million in server maintenance.
  • Deploy servers quickly with new bare-metal deployment and provisioning that requires up to 86 percent less engineer time and up to 86 percent fewer manual steps .
  • Help improve productivity with the enhanced Lifecycle Controller Log – significant improvements using Dell’s 11th generation embedded server management features saved Virtacore up to 43 days of system administrator time per year.
  • Remotely enable and configure an extensive selection of network components delivered with PowerEdge 12th generation servers.
  • Customize solutions with a new library of more than 65 scripts leveraging industry standard protocols.
  • Dell and partners Microsoft, VMware and BMC have integrated iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller 2.0 with their systems management frameworks to provide mutual customers the benefits of automated one-to-many embedded management features while preserving their existing IT investments and processes.

Dell also announced OpenManage Essentials, a new management console, which monitors the health of Dell servers, storage and switches. By interfacing with the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance, OpenManage Essentials sends user-defined server, storage and network health status alerts to the K1000 service desk.

The new PowerEdge 12th generation servers are designed to maximize infrastructure efficiency, with innovations including:
  • Increase performance per watt up to 101 times over Dell servers ten years ago, enabling large data centers to save up to $1.8 million per year on server power alone.
  • An expanded Fresh Air offering for all PowerEdge 12th generation servers, based on customer feedback. Operate up to the highest excursion temperature (113° F/45°C) warrantied in mainstream servers in the industry and save up to an estimated (US) $3,000,000 in capital savings.
  • Server fans in the R720 and T620 models that use less energy to cool the system than it takes to power a nightlight.
  • OpenManage Power Center – leveraging Node Manager developed by Dell and Intel – controls and optimizes energy usage at the server, rack, row and room level from a single interface.
  • The industry’s first power supply unit to be awarded the highest level of energy efficiency, the Titanium certification, based on independent testing by 80 PLUS.
  • The ability to pack in up to 300 percent more SQL Virtual Machines per rack for higher data center utilization compared to previous generation Dell servers.
  • The unique Select Network Adapter portfolio to protect investments with a choice of networking I/O, connection speed – including 10GbE, across the portfolio – and vendor, without using a valuable PCI slot all deeply integrated with iDRAC7 with Lifecycle controller 2.0.
  • New all-in-one appliances built on PowerEdge 12th generation servers. Dell vStart for Dell Private Cloud, including Dell VIS Creator software, enables IT and business end users to accelerate application and IT service delivery. The Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance, which is based on the new Dell PowerEdge servers, will be the first data warehouse appliance available on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and will help mid-market and departmental users easily organize, access and analyze data, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Achieve More
The PowerEdge 12th generation servers enable customers to increase application performance, availability and scalability, with new capabilities that:

  • Improve responsiveness and provide fast customer insights, delivering up to 18 percent more Microsoft® SQL® Server transactions per second than HDD storage, with new industry leading technologies like Dell Express Flash, the first server design with front accessible, hot swappable PCIe solid state disks.
  • Deliver up to three times the number of mailboxes with the capacity and capability for Microsoft Exchange with up to two times more message processing with Scalable Storage.
  • Accelerate Oracle database applications with up to 86 percent reduction in transaction response time performance with Dell Compellent Data Progression Automated Tiered Storage feature.
  • Consolidate Oracle RAC database workloads at a rate of up to 8:1, with up to 84 percent increase in power savings.

Ensure Business Continuity
Customers running PowerEdge 12th generation servers can count on continual access to the IT services that power the business, with new features that:
  • Maximize security by authenticating the integrity of updates using digitally signed firmware, safeguarding access to passwords and certificates with iDRAC Credential Vault, and using Data Wipe to remove critical data from retired or repurposed servers.
  • Ensure redundancy and maximize uptime with an array of reliability, availability, and serviceability features including hot swappable fans, disks and spare power supplies, plus unique capabilities such as Failsafe Hypervisor and Memory Page Retire.

“Today’s IT organizations are balancing pressures to become more energy efficient and stretch existing manpower further, while supporting ever increasing amounts of data. Customers are looking to make server hardware investments that deliver the best of management and performance. The 12th Generation PowerEdge servers build on Dell’s early lead in introducing embedded systems management into x86 servers with new features designed to streamline and automate data center operations.” – Matt Eastwood, Group Vice President, Enterprise Platform Research, IDC

“Dell’s PowerEdge 12th generation servers take advantage of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family’s leadership performance and breakthrough I/O capabilities to offer optimized solutions for customers’ most important workloads. In small scale deployments, private clouds, and enterprise datacenters, customers will also benefit from key innovations such as Dell OpenManage Power Center, which is built on top of Intel’s Node Manager solution for monitoring and implementing policies for greater energy efficiency.” – Ricky Banaag, Country Manager, Intel Microelectronics Philippines, Inc.

Pricing and Availability

Five new Dell PowerEdge servers are available today on or through any of Dell’s Global PartnerDirect Channel Partners. The PowerEdge C6220 will be available later this month.

New servers:

PowerEdge R720xd rack server, optimized for collaboration

PowerEdge R720 rack server for demanding workloads, with server fans that cool with less power than it takes to runs a nightlight

PowerEdge R620 rack server packing in up to 300% more SQL virtual machines per rack

PowerEdge T620 rackable tower server

PowerEdge M620 2-socket blade server for extreme density and power efficiency

PowerEdge C6220 with optimized performance-focused shared infrastructure

PowerEdge R820 rack server for dense virtualization and scalable database applications

Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit

Monday, March 5, 2012

i-KIDS Challenge at Eton Int'l School

Thirty-three students from the country's 12 top schools and universities competed for Eton International School first annual IT/digital media competition called i-KIDS Challenge (i-Excel, I-Thrive, i-Open, i-Network) last February 28, 2012 at Eton International School, Vazquez St., Malate, Manila.

Bearing the theme "Learning. More Fun in the Philippines!," this activity aims to promote the Philippines as the next learning hub of Asia, to encourage kids to make a difference using technology, to discover young IT experts of this generation and to inspire kids be proud of their talents, school, and country.

Key government officials, including Senator Rene Saguisag, Department of Education (DepEd) Br Armin Luistro, FSC and Department of Trade (DOT) Secretary Ramon Jimenez were invited as resource speakers to the event. They stressed the importance of their positions with the marching order of finding ways to develop a new generation of science and technology-savvy graduates who are expected to bring the nation to new levels of economic progress.

Senator Rene Saguisag as he gave his inspirational message to everyone.

"We would like to encourage kids to excel using their learning styles and thrive in the 21st century. Our goal is to open doors for them so they can network with the best and brightest in the country and the rest of the world," says Eton International School President Dr. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino.

iKIDS Challenge showcased IT skills of students in the following categories: (a) Digital Painting: Grade School 1-3 (6-9 yrs old)--kids create an art form using digital tools such as MS Paint; (b) Digital Art: Grade School 4-6 (10-12 yrs old)--kids make a contemporary artistic work using digital technology and apply adobe Photoshop skills and techniques; (c)Video Editing: 1st and 2nd Year High School (13-16 yrs old)--kids manipulate segments of animated graphic/video footage, special effects and sound recordings to make a multi-media presentation; and (d)Web Design: 3rd and 4th Year High School (13-6 yrs old)-- conceptualize and create a website involving graphic designs and interactive elements.

King of social media, Tim Yap also graced the event and gave awards to the deserving students.

Winners and finalists of different categories were given monetary awards, trophies and certificates.

A student of Eton International school in his web design.

Learning is indeed more fun in the Philippines as Eton Int'l was officially launched that day as the first 3D school in the Philippines. Eton is an academic institution engaged in K-12 education. Branded as school of the future," Eton provides a school where learning is more continuous, more relevant, and more adaptive. Classrooms are outfitted with the latest in interactive technology but school climate is homey--with diverse community members building congenial relationships on a green and spacious school grounds. Its mission is to make International Education accessible to all.

Sexy Pose in Slitted Gown

I have a problem with my weight, I guess that most of 40ish or aging women are having the same kind of worries too. No matter how I tried, I still feel that nothing worked the same way when I was younger or should I say when I was 30. Maybe the metabolism is really working so slow and I need more workout now or special diet. A friend also suggested a to check for new plans and seriously work hard on it. I don't fit anymore in my casual dress.

I have posted a few tips on how to keep fit. Summer is just around the corner. Everyone is working out now to flaunt their perfect and trim body at the beach. Who wouldn't want a desirable body as sexy as Angelina Jolie who at 40ish is still very attractive? I think I will post another entry that caught the world and online media of her viral pose. If others think that her pose was awkward or looked like a fool, for me she's a true inspiration for aging woman like me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ria's 40th Birthday Giveaway Bash

She's turning 40 and I am excited too about that. And what's more exciting about it? She's giving away these fabulous prizes!

Happy Happy Birthday Ria!

Head over now to the site, just click the image above and you will be directed to the giveaway! Just follow simple steps and mechanics and you're in to her birthday bash!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping is one of our weekend activities that my children love the most. Aside from picking their own list, they also have the chance to discover themselves the fun of doing it. A big chunk of my budget goes off to groceries. Before, I usually missed tracking my budget and find myself at the check-out counter with only few cents left in my wallet. Now I know how to budget wisely. Here are a few tips I want to share on how to save while grocery shopping and be a smart shopper with bigger savings.

Always check the package items or products being promoted at a lower price.
Buy in bulks. You will always save a lot of money if you buy in big volume.
Buy a month supply if possible. You'll save a lot on gas too.
Compare the price. Even less known products have the same quality as branded and signature items.
Check the supermarket that sells a bigger discount and also provides a warehouse price.
Do grocery shopping with your stomach full so you won't crave for whatever you smell on something good to eat. This will save you a lot of money from dining.
Check your items when being scanned. Error sometimes occur.
Check the expiration date. Going back to the grocery to return expired items will cost you a lot.
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BUM Purchase Card Mechanics

For every P400 Single receipt purchase of, get 1 card plus automatic 1 sticker at any BUM Boutique or SM Dept. Stores nationwide. Collect all 5 stickers and get the limited edition tumbler for free.

Promo Duration: March 1 to April 30, 2012.

Tumbler Redemption: For completed cards, claiming of Tumbler will be at our Promo Staff at any BUM Boutique and SM Dept. Stores nationwide. Redemption is untilJune 30, 2012.

Control Measures

  • Customer can accumulate/earn a sticker for every P400 single receipt purchase in any BUM Boutique and SM Dept. Stores nationwide through our Promo Staff.
  • Each card has a control number and must be distributed in an arranged series per outlet/store.
  • Each completed card must be surrendered to the staff and stamp it with “CLAIMED”.
  • Combination of 2 cards is not allowed.
  • Uncompleted card after the duration date will be mark as void.
  • Customer must present card and receipt to get corresponding sticker at our Promo Staff. Each sticker and receipt must be signed and dated by the staff and the receipt must be stamped “CLAIMED” as well.
  • Each outlet/store will be provided with a number of cards and stickers.
  • This cannot be used in conjunction with other promo.
  • The free Tumbler cannot be exchanged for cash, other products or discounts.

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