Monday, March 5, 2012

Sexy Pose in Slitted Gown

I have a problem with my weight, I guess that most of 40ish or aging women are having the same kind of worries too. No matter how I tried, I still feel that nothing worked the same way when I was younger or should I say when I was 30. Maybe the metabolism is really working so slow and I need more workout now or special diet. A friend also suggested a to check for new plans and seriously work hard on it. I don't fit anymore in my casual dress.

I have posted a few tips on how to keep fit. Summer is just around the corner. Everyone is working out now to flaunt their perfect and trim body at the beach. Who wouldn't want a desirable body as sexy as Angelina Jolie who at 40ish is still very attractive? I think I will post another entry that caught the world and online media of her viral pose. If others think that her pose was awkward or looked like a fool, for me she's a true inspiration for aging woman like me.

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