Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Finances

While summer just entered and vacation deals are just too tempting to take, I couldn't help but think about where to get an extra budget for these vacation expenses. I already saved money for vacation but it wasn't enough for the planned trip this summer. I drooled into vacation packages being offered online. Although the best deal comes during rainy days or off peak season, where most of the resorts offer up to 80% discount, still the best time to spend is when the sun is just too hot to bear and the sky's too bright to take colorful shots. I really want to get one grand vacation for my children to make their summertime become memorable. With all the activities lined up, my financial resources should be available and clear before official vacation day kicks off. I would also look for structured settlements for easier financial management.

Our first trip would be a Holy Week getaway together with my old friends in our community and next is a celebration for my niece's graduation day. We're also planning to spend a vacation maybe a day or two in the province and have a bonding time with my family.

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  1. magastos nga ang summer heheheheh but thats the only time we can go out with our family and friends coz summer is the longest vacation time plus the weather is perfect!


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