Thursday, January 30, 2014

Candies and more, seriously!

The whole nation is following the story of Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee's case.  Even the  latest  Bong Revilla's issue just died naturally  before even Lani Mercado's tears ran down her cheeks.  The two giant channels were both happy of the sky rocket ratings, even surpassed the pilot episode of  two big soap  that started last Monday,  The Legal Wife and The Borrowed Wife.  Truly Pinoy!   They really love Teleserye.  But this one is a true story, even more exciting than soap opera.   I  give no judgement to the accused.  I just want to say a line.  CCTV cameras don't lie.  Now,  I rest my case.

There are other stories to read too other than the above issue.

I make it a habit to read and watch the latest news online and traditional media:  TV,  seldom newspaper, only when I'm riding LRT with  newspaper for free.  This news, Exact Bill Act   made my day.   Kidding. Want I really want to say is, "My goodness!  Seriously, are you serious?

"Barya lang po sa umaga."  I always see this sign inside the jeep. As a law abiding citizen,  I always  make  sure I have coins with me so I have the exact coins to pay to the driver.   I don't pay candy for fare.

Whenever I buy anything at sari sari store and I have no exact money to pay for my  purchase, the store owner always gives  me candy for change,  many times. I  never complained about it.  I understand that there is a coin shortage  because many are saving it in their piggy bank.

When the store owner make it a habit of giving candy for change, that's where you would know they are making it an opportunity to sell a little  more out of this strategy.

And the  news that will protect us from candy, err change,  which surprised me is the Bill of  Change.  What can I say?  This news   made  my mind think a little deeper   this morning.   I will be protected whenever I buy something,  but, of all the many bills that have to be reviewed at this point of time,  why Bill of Change?

"Batas para sa pagsukli."  Bawal na ang candy!

Do we have other law with a little weight to review other than Exact Change Act?  No more candy for change.  Give candies or goodies instead of loose change  and soon you will be penalized.  Seriously.

My Love Affair with Magazines

Too many books, too many magazines but too little time. I hope I can read all the magazines right now and just relax   with nothing to worry about time.   I like the  housekeeping page  as it  provides helpful  information like  foam padding  tips and  other home improvement.

I  have tons of magazines before but ended my subscription to other publication since  the internet already  provides me everything on hand.  But I still love browsing the real hard magazine copy  when I'm just lazy and want to be in bed with no interruptions of  flooding news feed in my timeline.   What I love most to read is home section next to  cooking.  I find a lot of  tips including where to buy the cheapest furniture and  how how to organize them as well.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Joy of Letting Go

If  there is one thing I learned during yard sale, it is about learning to  let go of  things in life.  We really shouldn't invest  our emotions on material thing. I must admit, I had a hard time selling today  of  those old items but  it became easy for me thinking deeper not to  keep all these  in  my  life  while  somebody  else  might be needing  these on a different purpose. 

When I gave up my  used  bag, I wanted to hold it back but something inside my mind  reminded me how I look my life in a backward view should I keep  it again for nothing.  It doesn't make sense at all.  It is only a material thing.    And that,  I should  not center my happiness  to things that have no life and no purpose anymore.

What gives you comfort?    Let's not keep an attachment to material things as it only shows  how shallow we are finding comfort in  objects.    Let's live a simple life and be content of  what we have  and let go of things  that are no longer needed to make way  for  new things to come in our life.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Message of Love on Valentine's Day

I couldn't believe how time flies away.  It's just so fast!  You see, Valentine's Day is coming very soon.  I am just as excited even if it means spending another Valentine's day alone.  I feel that I am loved too  and to remember me  on Valentines day is enough for me.  Oh, I am becoming so cheesy lately.  For lovers, Valentine is the most awaited,  most anticipated day to express their  love by  giving  gifts  like roses and chocolates.    

Where do you plan to spend your Valentines Day?  Here are some tips  to make it easy for you where to spend this special day other than eat out in a fancy restaurant.  Bring  your loved ones to a musical date, say, a concert or spend time in a music room where you both can sing  your heart out together.  Yeah, with white wine and some cold beer.  Plan a sweet escape  or  have some videoke session  just make sure that the store has  good mic  so you both will enjoy singing with nothing to think about like  broken audio recording.  Isn't that idea so lovely?  I hope this post  helps you out with your Valentine blues.

From Trash to Cash

I  just made a few moolah today!  Hurray!

My friend, Joy,  encouraged me  to put up a garage sale where I can sell my old stuff like what she did to declutter things before moving out to a new house.  I said that I wouldn't generate sales like she did  because I see things like a big trash.   She pushed me to join with her so we can have fun  time together while we get rid of unwanted things in the house.

In the US, garage sale, also known as garbage sale, moving sale, thrift sale, yard sale or whatever they may call it, is popular  and they make it as their regular way to clean up  their mess  at the same time to earn extra every season. 

So today, I joined her into this unique event with the venue   right into their driveway.  Before, I thought their place is not a highly trafficked area with less people, thus, less  customer to buy our old stuff.  I even asked   who would be our potential buyers because they are surrounded with big  townhouses and rich people,  even the town mayor who lives just a stone's throw away from their house.

At 3:30 pm today,  I hired a cab and  headed to her place to transport half of my items so I won't have a hard time setting up the next day.   We actually  did not plan to start  until we realized to use the idle time after our snack.  Surprisingly, half of  my items were sold after an hour.  

Joy naturally excels in sales.  Being a good speaker and yes, a host by profession,  she got all the quality of a real sales person that charmed all the customers,  leaving the garage with  items on their hands.  She interacted using her  psychological  skills, turning potential buyer to actual buyer.  I wonder why she wasted her ability  when she could earn a lot of money in this field.  Every morning when she calls, she would always complain her throat that hurts. Now, I understand.

All my old stuff were already given at a steal price but still  I made money in less than three hours  that is enough to buy a sack of rice, a week grocery supplies and some extras for my allowance.  It was  fulfilling  and I couldn't believe  how I turned my trash into a cold cash.  

I would like to say thank you to Joy and her husband John  for  the following:   Sushi Snack, Bo's Coffee, free garage space, free sales talk and free fun.

Reflection.   I just made a big difference in my life today, turning all the negative thoughts  to productive healthy ones.  It's not easy,  I tell you, but it is possible.

Monday, January 27, 2014

What Goodbye Means

Probably, the saddest word to search in your dictionary is the word "goodbye."  From urban dictionary,  goodbye is the second worst word in human word-list.   Now for the first, I leave that for you to search.   I hate this word  goodbye and who loves it?  But sometimes we just need to get on through this for new hope because goodbye doesn't always mean letting go but  giving enough space for  new hope and unknown future.

I have a heavy intro to my post when all I want to  blog is my garage sale.  It smoothly rhymes anyway.   Yesterday, I sorted my old stuff  which are not really  needed  and only eat big spaces in my  box.  They're just there for years and served  no purpose at all.

And I hate letting go of this brand, CK.  There's always something there to remind me.  Yeah, that's part of a  song. This authentic red CK shirt which I got many years ago, probably around 13 years, was only  used for at least four times while the khaki short pants was already big and worn out.   Now, these ones are now ready for goodbye. 

Already sorted out old shirts, shoes  and pants and these are now packed neatly for a purpose. These are just only a  few in my items and just  keeping be burdened. 

The tiniest camera that I haven't used yet for review which  I think it would only be in a box for many years to come, waiting to accumulate  dust and rust. 

Yesterday, I felt so stressed while  I randomly picked  the old stuff, shoes, old scarf, shirts  and everything inside my drawer,  including  things  that have sentimental value but I rarely  use.  Now,  I have enough space for better ones.    I guess I  should live my life one day at a time from now on. 

I hope these items find a new owner that may be of good use and purpose to them as well.

Now, I'm off for a garage sale leaving enough air for my drawer. Goodbye.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Manila at its coldest

I can't imagine waking up to this temperature, 16.9 Degrees Celsius. It is so far the coldest I've ever experienced here in Manila. While I'm updating this, I can still feel the cold temperature and it is already past 8am in the morning.

And Baguio.. And I suddenly miss our trip last year. Could you imagine how the weather is going on there right now.  It is said that the  temperature up north is recorded to be 8 degrees and even colder in Sagada where vegetables were reported to have frost bite. I can only sigh. If only I can transport myself up north today and somehow experience a winter-like morning with the locals. 

According to PAGASA, the coldest ever recorded was 6.3 degrees on January 18, 1961. This cold weather will continue to experience cooler days until the end of February, when the northeast monsoon or “hanging amihan” ends according to PAGASA. The northeast monsoon or seasonal winds from the northeast is the cold air from China that starts blowing into the country every mid-October. It usually peaks from early January to mid-February.

Source Material:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Balisong, Pride of Batangas

Balisong, the folding pocket knife is Taal's pride.  When you say Batangueno, the word that associates with them is Balisong.  It is actually the symbol of  bravery and courage of Batangueno. I remember  before   whenever I introduced myself  and learned that I am a Batangueno. They would always say, "may Balisong ka ba dyan?"   Not all Batanguenos have folding pocket knife.  

I was looking for a subject to post when I came across this photo.  Thought I can post this and our  conversation but I just have to filter  it  because only a few can relate.  Anyways, the  photo above is Joy of Occasionsofjoy,com  with  Batangas pride, Balisong,   taken last  year  during our  trip  to Taal.

Visit  Balisong, Batangas and choose folding pocket knives of different sizes from cute key chain to the longest one like samurai.

The blogger here  is a  proud  Batangueno.

My Music Find

The only thing that is certain to me is the music that calms me down.  It doesn't necessarily have to  be sentimental or  soft music  that changed my emotion  or  songs of  my generations. A few to add to my list are,  I Just died in Your Arms Tonight  and  I'll See  You in My Dreams by Giant.  The latter  surprisingly caught me  because I am no  fan of either hard rock or  heavy metal genre.  I could  imagine how the instruments  pumped my heart on live concerts or when they  strum other musical device  like  guitar,    or sort of.

Okay,  I'm good in segueing.  I have this main subject  to  plug.  Next in my list to do for my music find probably this week,  is to interview The REO Band. All these boys are great in strumming their guitars with Ralph on the  bass and the rest on lead guitars.   I became aware of this group  when I first saw them on YouTube as they performed live at the biggest dome.  They are extraordinary performers though they need to  work on with  their diction but it can be corrected anyway.  It would be my  first event to cover this year as I declined some  because of the venue and  PR issues that are not totally  related to my niche. 

Did I just say that the band  replied to my email?  Yes they did.  I will just confirm the exact date when to cover and interview them live, hopefully to feature a bit of their story  right here in my site.

Make it simple!

You do create  your own life. You design your life based on how you want to live. If you want  something but  never achieved, you get  frustrated and find yourself miserable in the end.  Make it simple.   Don't make  it complicated.

You make your life  in ways you shouldn't.  You tend to forget what simple life means  because it's the complicated things that makes  you happy.

Life is simple.

It is figuring out that makes it complicated. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hamzah Marbella: Child prodigy, global Filipino artist, nurtured by Promil Pre-School

Try searching “Hamzah Marbella” on Google and chances are you’ll see an article entitled The World’s Youngest Art Prodigies (Artists who got their start when they were still in diapers). In the article, he’s mentioned in the same breath as Kieron Williamson from UK who’s touted to be the next Monet; Akiane Kammarick whose realist religious art began fetching millions when she was just 4 years old; and Wang Yani, the youngest ever artist who had a solo exhibit at the Smithsonian.

What this shows us is that Hamzah – at 12 years old— is already representing Filipino art on the global stage.

Twelve-year-old Hamzah Marbella, Promil Pre-School’s Outstanding Child Artist, shares his gift in painting by creating this beautiful artwork as the inspiration for Promil Pre-School’s first co-created, hand-painted masterpiece.

A gift from within

At an age when most young kids are just beginning to walk and talk, Hamzah was already painting and producing what his father, Renato, described as ‘art forms’. “Two years old siya noon at asa kuna pa lang lagi na niya akong pinapanood magpinta (When he was two years old in his crib, he would always watch me paint),”relays Renato who is also an artist himself. “Humahanap siya ng kung anu-anong mga bagay – tansan, bato, sipit ng damit – maya-maya magiging mga art form na. Makakabuo na siya ng mga hayop, paru-paro, bulaklak, at iba pa (He looks for anything – bottle caps, stones, clothespins – later on they become art forms).”

And from there, the rest became history.

At the age of 5, his artwork ‘Bounty’ was auctioned off for a whopping HK$60,000 (the 3rd highest at the charity auction of the International Care Ministries (ICM) in Hong Kong – a feat considering that his work was auctioned off together with that of National Artists from all over Asia.

Besides being a proud recipient and receiver of more than fifty national and international accolades and awards including Special Citation from the National Commission for Culture, an Outstanding Artist Award and the Arts (NCCA) and a Certificate of Recognition at the UN International Children’s Art Competition, Hamzah is the youngest member of the Artists Association of the Philippines. He has produced approximately 300 artworks, some of which have been featured at the Asian exhibitions and have been appeared at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

It’s a little known fact that Hamzah actually has a photographic memory and that he translates the everyday things he encounters into striking works of art. “Dito sa amin sa Cavite, maraming nagtitinda ng isda – may mga naglalako, yung iba naka-kariton (Here in Cavite, there are a lot of fishes sold on the streets, some in crates),” shares his father in explaining the predominantly pastoral setting in Hamzah’s art. Fisher folk with cats, fish, flowers and Hamzah’s signature image of the sun, prompt art lovers to enter Hamzah’s wonderful visualization of the world. In his own words, Hamzah shares: “sa painting nasasabi ng kamay ko ang hindi nasasabi ng bibig ko (with paintings, my hands are able to say things that my mouth can’t).”

Nourishing the gift

With its long-standing thrust of encouraging Filipino children who have exceptional talent, Promil Pre-School recognized Hamzah as an Outstanding Child Artist in an event held at the Activity Pods 1 and 2 of Bonifacio Highstreet in Taguig. Hamzah will be joining fellow painter CJ de Silva and a select group of exceptionally talented children, all of which are walking testaments not only of Filipino talent, but of the Promil Pre-School heritage in nurturing gifts as well.

During the event, attendees experienced Hamzah’s artistic world firsthand by joining him in painting the biggest children’s collaborative masterpiece. Meanwhile, Wyeth Leadership team painted alongside Hamzah himself, CJ de Silva, Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 2 host Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet Ahmee. This first co-created, hand-painted masterpiece will be displayed in different venues in the metro. First stop will be at the left entrance of Eastwood Mall Open Park in Quezon City, starting November 11 to November 24, 2013. For details on the next venues, visit Promil Pre-School’s Facebook fan page.

“We’re glad that parents continue to take an active role in developing their children’s gifts to excellence. Through Hamzah’s story and his achievements, we hope to inspire and encourage even more Filipino parents to nurture their children’s talents,” says Rhea Villareal, Promil Pre-School Product Manager, Wyeth Nutrition. “We hope that by recognizing Hamzah, we can continue to inspire a new generation to develop their talent and potential towards excellence.”

2013 Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp Grand i-Shiner Yesha Camile, enjoys painting with other kids

When Can I Say Goodnight to Insomnia?

How long can you stand awake at night? How many nights can you stay up with no sleep?  Insomnia is getting my way again and is killing me. I am so tempted to have some coffee today but I skip. I contented myself with calming  tea but if insomnia  persists, I might consider seeing a doctor for some sedatives. It's not the first time I ask a professional help for this illness. I can't stand again for another night of sleepless misery. There are times when I can sleep so deep.  I know I can beat it and I'll be going back to my normal sleep routine but how long can I take this?  When can I finally say goodnight to insomnia?

Be a hugger today!

It's National Hug Day today, January 21, 2014 in the World.

Yeah, I got this info from another website and found this cute. I've been struggling with something lately.   It's an up and down of my emotion but I hope that I pass this through very soon.   Honestly, this battle drained me so much that I couldn't think well and sort things out to go back to my normal life.  Right now, I am so depressed.

When you're down and no one seems to be on your side, you just have to cheer up your self and try to smile even when your world seems to be  so tough. It is proven that a hug is  number one remedy for a person who is having emotional difficulty. When meeting a person, a hug gives a warm welcome. A hug is a physical intimacy like holding hands or one's arms to express affection.

Today is National Hug Day so I am sending my online HUG to you.

Yesterday, I went out with  friends for some hugging.

They say  that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I say, add at least 8 hugs  to heal sickness, diseases, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress.  So I need more deep hugs today, not just eight, to heal me.  Can you give me some hugs, please?

National Hug Day or National Hugging Day is an annual holiday occurring on January 21. The holiday was founded on January 21, 1986 in Caro, Michigan, and has since spread to Canada, England, Australia, Germany and Poland. (source: internet)

Mid-Life Crisis Ahead

I always knew what I wanted in life. I want to have smart kids and be with them as they grow up. I already sorted out what I would be from the moment my children came to my life. I'd be a perfect mom for them, a mom who'd  always be available 24/7.

I started an early career in my life and thought I already have had enough of it. I retired at an early age from the  corporate world. I have no regrets about it, I thought.

I spent my everyday life as a stay at home mom. For over ten years, I kept doing the same thing over and over again. Its a fulfilling job,  I said.

When I turned 40, that's where I started  to ask myself what I would have become should I take another chance and other opportunities in life.  That started my thinking of how would I have enjoyed my life should I take a different  path.   I became uncertain of many things and  started to  think about my future and how to catch up with  time that I really think I've lost.  That made me depressed most of the times and asked myself, "Where is my life going?"

After sorting out things and to help me  understand more of what I am going through,  I asked help from Google and this I found out.   Am  I  having  a midlife crisis? 

Midlife Crisis, Stress and Depression Midlife 

Crisis 'Midlife Crisis' is something that happens to many of us at some point during our lives (usually, at about 40, give or take 20 years). Midlife Crisis is a natural process (first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung) and it is a normal part of 'maturing'. However, Midlife Crisis can sometimes feel very uncomfortable, and cause people to seek psychotherapy or counseling, or to make radical lifestyle changes that can be very damaging and are regretted later. It can help to view Midlife Crisis from the perspective of differing personality types, as this will give you a greater understanding of what is happening. 

 If you are going through midlife crisis, you might experience a wide range of feelings, such as: 

Discontent with life and/or the lifestyle that may have provided happiness for many years 

Boredom with things/people that have hitherto held great interest and dominated your life 

Feeling adventurous and wanting to do something completely different Questioning the meaning of life, and the validity of decisions clearly and easily made years before 

Confusion about who you are, or where your life is going.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

What brings you LUCK?

How superstitious are you?

In this age of  supposed digital, where people's next tourist destination  is Mars and Earth,  superstitions is something to be laughed about.   I could exactly explain myself  why  many of us  still believe in superstition.  A classic example that I will cite here is gambling and why it associates into many of  these beliefs .

I'll go straight. I was told that I would win in a casino for beginner's luck.  I tried and I won about  $100 which is equivalent to $500 today.  But I did not stop there and bet again til I discovered that I lost all the money in that calculated risk which I thought was mine for  said  "beginner's".    Anyways,  I just  tried.  I  did not go back to casino again  for another luck. 

We all want to win.  But some win, some lose in a game. 

At an event  at  Resorts World Manila, we were given tokens to try at casino. Luckily I won $20 which is big enough for me because I did not bet my own money.  I took home that  full amount and never tried again. I was lucky.  I did not give a second try yet I enjoyed my time.

If you're going to casino or any betting game, always remember your purpose. Winning and enjoying.   When you win, anything that you wear,  say  and  do would  mean good  luck  and  you add  to your superstition.

When you lose, anything above  would  mean  different and that means,   bad luck.  You tend to find reasons of  your misfortune.  And you find someone or something to blame of  your luck.

The bottom line here is,  there is really no superstition.  It all  came from nothing and  anything  you set to your mind,  whether you lose or win the game.

I am lucky when I wear red nail polish. Next time I go to Resorts World,  I'd wear the same color again. Red.

I wore black painted nails at Solaire Resort and Casino. Next time,  I'd make sure to  wear black polish.  Now set your own superstition.

It's unlimited.

Simple explanation. We all want to win that's why we believe in superstitions.  Anything you believe will  change or will not change  the outcome of the game.  Winning and losing.

Now, believe in superstition and nothing will lose.  It wouldn't give you any harm.   You enjoy  your time and that's the most  you can get.  Yes, believe!  Just don't get yourself overpowered  believing  in that superstition.

Do I make sense here?  I guess, I just got you confused.  I just keep explaining when I could just say  it in  few words.   Whether you are superstitious or not,  it wouldn't make any difference.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rose Fontanes Wins X Factor Israel

I only watched a few episodes of X-Factor Israel on You Tube, only then when I learned that a 47- year old Filipina caregiver joined the said contest. Rose Fontanes reminded me of Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent. At some point, I know they both have this unbelievably amazing talent.

Congratulations Rose Fontanes for being the Grand Finale Winner of X-Factor Israel in her own rendition of Frank Sinatra's  "My Way."

Smart Parenting Fresh Start

The New Year presents us with a fresh start. Here are some of the articles that you can look forward to in this issue of Smart Parenting:

· On the cover: Delamar Arias (p.46)

o After the tragedy of losing her baby girl Eva, radio DJ Delamar tells Smart Parenting how she manages to stay strong for her family—two-year-old son Cooper and his dad Tyler

· This is The Year of ‘Why Not?’ (p.44)

o 26 things to add to—and strike off—your bucket list for 2014. Time to travel around the Philippines, yes? J

· Building A Kinder, Gentler Family (p. 52)

o Tips on how you can start nurturing kindness in your family for a happier and healthier children

· Be Nicer To Yourself (p.70)

o It’s time to put yourself on top of your priorities, for a change! J

· Slow Down Your Crazy-busy Life (p.74)

o Your stress-reduction handbook—so you can stop and smell the roses.

All that and more in the January-February issue of Smart Parenting.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unlimited Fun at Fun Ranch

I always beg off whenever my friend Joy invites us at Fun Ranch. I always thought that my children wouldn't be interested anymore because they're now grown-ups and  just  sit and  wait for  hours with nothing to do.    Yesterday, she insisted and  I was convinced though when she said to  give the last HURRAH for holidays,  so we went.  We agreed to meet  by  2pm at Tiendesitas and planned to go to Megamall afterwards for our Flawless time and catch the clearance sale at the mall.

What we thought would be a long day for us became shorter because the children had so much fun and we stayed there till the last minute of closing time.

Fun Ranch is the place where my friend Joy celebrated her 40th birthday.  I've been here for quite sometime for events and  birthday parties.

Here are the photos of our last holidays hurrah!

The Bump Car Rides

Should I put another caption here? 

The Carousel Rides with Ninangs


The Pirate Ship

Now, tell me why they're screaming with this very safe Pirate Ship.  I conclude that they really enjoyed  with not so thrilling  ride.

The Tea Cup Rides

They didn't spare even the tea cup rides!?

The Hanging Bridge

And these two young ladies were trying to figure out what made them took this ride which I think is suitable only for young children. 

Are you serious?
But what's more  fun is this ride,  (see below) which  I thought  would only be for photo op.   I was surprised when they started to drive the horse pedal and wandered  with no path to follow around Fun Ranch.

More photo ops with my two lovelies. I wish my older daughter knows at least how to fix her hair during session. Cool!  She said she doesn't need to and just  love the way when her hair messed up with her face. 

With my two kumares waiting for our children till they finish and get tired of all the rides. We had our best unlimited pose including our usual look-up photo but it was such a failure so  I didn't include it  here anymore. 



 The caption says it all.  I wish you were here too..  at Fun Ranch!

Fun Ranch is located at  Frontera Verde, E. Rodriguez Avenue cor. C5, Pasig City.   It's a one stop fun for children and adults too,  and perfect venue for birthday party.  Food, rides,  and everything, all under one venue  for  fun.  The place is safe for children, equipped with CCTVs and the staff were all visible to assist the kids.  The place is perfect indoor active treat for children and moms too.  Thank you Ms. Joy of for this unlimited fun!

Check the website for  more details:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Begging Post

Half-begging,  half protest post.  I am begging  my friend that we watch  "The Reo Brothers Band"  in their live performance.  They perform every Tuesdays at Primos Cuisine and Lounge, Greenfield District! I am posting this  in bold letters so she reads clearly  the message.

Surprise! Open the door!

It is always a hassle when you arrange a  get together and many times the meet ups that you plan for  a long time don't happen at all. Likewise,  it causes you trouble when you're friends come  to visit you by  surprise in cluttered house.   You have no choice but open up your embarrassing  situation and be a host but nothing to worry about  including the  food and drinks that are totally  unprepared. That's what I love most in the first place with surprise visit.  Half kidding.

My friends came over  unannounced last night.  We talked earlier  that day  and agreed  of  not  going to meet because my other friend is kind of sick. Off  I rested  in  my  most  relaxing way.   Surprise!    And  we freaked out a bit.  "Oh it's them!   They're here at  the door knocking!"    They caught me with dirty dishes in the sink and  I was in my usual homey get up,  a typical old shirt and uncombed messy bun hair.  I was just exaggerating   some words here  because we're already used  to living under one roof when  where we're out of town or in my friends house for sleep over  and already discovered each others flaws and clutters. 

It seemed like we never see each  other for a long time. The fact is, we often meet that we almost forget where our  home  is.   

By the way, I only had a little  left over  in the fridge and reheat it with no other  food  to serve.  

Photo caption.  What they thought was a surprise turned the other way around  when I served drinks over recycled jars. We support genuine conservation and we are part of the  advocacy in preserving our  mother earth. I am explaining, in case you don't know.  Haha.  We recycled whatever way we can.    So, let's cheers to that!  I hope I save a lot of penny this year.

My friends surely know how to make me happy.  There is no doubt of this unscripted moment and another spontaneous event in my life.   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VISIT!  

Next time, please announce at least when you're on your way and give me 10 minutes to fix myself. Kidding.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 is over!

I've been in hiatus for  a long time now, since the holidays started. When was my last post? I mean serious post?   Every time I  press my fingers in this electronic  keyboard,  nothing pops into my mind. I think I used this phrase too many times already and  I  need  an  inspiration to the end of this post so I could finish,  publish and spare this one from my draft page.  I am not going to make a resolution again but I have one wish this year 2014.  I hope it favors me. I want to live my  life free without stress and worries.  I don't need much money,  I just want to happy,  just to be happy,  and I think I deserve to be happy.  That's all I want  my  2014  to be.

It was just the three of us for New Year, our usual way of celebrating any occasions. Partying and non stop eating.  I gained a couple of pounds but I don't mind about that extra calories injected in my system.  I can detox anytime anyway.  My table is abundant of fruits and  that is our  traditional way of celebrating New Year.

Today, I woke up late, a little late than usual.   I kept myself busy with thoughts that my whole year will be good and busy too.  I've done my usual home chores up to the last list,  dusting the toxic powder from last night's  fireworks. I just hope it won't be all chores I'd be busy with the whole year of 2014. 

2013  is over now.  Welcome  2014!  Bring it on!

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