Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Smart Parenting Fresh Start

The New Year presents us with a fresh start. Here are some of the articles that you can look forward to in this issue of Smart Parenting:

· On the cover: Delamar Arias (p.46)

o After the tragedy of losing her baby girl Eva, radio DJ Delamar tells Smart Parenting how she manages to stay strong for her family—two-year-old son Cooper and his dad Tyler

· This is The Year of ‘Why Not?’ (p.44)

o 26 things to add to—and strike off—your bucket list for 2014. Time to travel around the Philippines, yes? J

· Building A Kinder, Gentler Family (p. 52)

o Tips on how you can start nurturing kindness in your family for a happier and healthier children

· Be Nicer To Yourself (p.70)

o It’s time to put yourself on top of your priorities, for a change! J

· Slow Down Your Crazy-busy Life (p.74)

o Your stress-reduction handbook—so you can stop and smell the roses.

All that and more in the January-February issue of Smart Parenting.

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