Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Balisong, Pride of Batangas

Balisong, the folding pocket knife is Taal's pride.  When you say Batangueno, the word that associates with them is Balisong.  It is actually the symbol of  bravery and courage of Batangueno. I remember  before   whenever I introduced myself  and learned that I am a Batangueno. They would always say, "may Balisong ka ba dyan?"   Not all Batanguenos have folding pocket knife.  

I was looking for a subject to post when I came across this photo.  Thought I can post this and our  conversation but I just have to filter  it  because only a few can relate.  Anyways, the  photo above is Joy of Occasionsofjoy,com  with  Batangas pride, Balisong,   taken last  year  during our  trip  to Taal.

Visit  Balisong, Batangas and choose folding pocket knives of different sizes from cute key chain to the longest one like samurai.

The blogger here  is a  proud  Batangueno.

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