Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From Trash to Cash

I  just made a few moolah today!  Hurray!

My friend, Joy,  encouraged me  to put up a garage sale where I can sell my old stuff like what she did to declutter things before moving out to a new house.  I said that I wouldn't generate sales like she did  because I see things like a big trash.   She pushed me to join with her so we can have fun  time together while we get rid of unwanted things in the house.

In the US, garage sale, also known as garbage sale, moving sale, thrift sale, yard sale or whatever they may call it, is popular  and they make it as their regular way to clean up  their mess  at the same time to earn extra every season. 

So today, I joined her into this unique event with the venue   right into their driveway.  Before, I thought their place is not a highly trafficked area with less people, thus, less  customer to buy our old stuff.  I even asked   who would be our potential buyers because they are surrounded with big  townhouses and rich people,  even the town mayor who lives just a stone's throw away from their house.

At 3:30 pm today,  I hired a cab and  headed to her place to transport half of my items so I won't have a hard time setting up the next day.   We actually  did not plan to start  until we realized to use the idle time after our snack.  Surprisingly, half of  my items were sold after an hour.  

Joy naturally excels in sales.  Being a good speaker and yes, a host by profession,  she got all the quality of a real sales person that charmed all the customers,  leaving the garage with  items on their hands.  She interacted using her  psychological  skills, turning potential buyer to actual buyer.  I wonder why she wasted her ability  when she could earn a lot of money in this field.  Every morning when she calls, she would always complain her throat that hurts. Now, I understand.

All my old stuff were already given at a steal price but still  I made money in less than three hours  that is enough to buy a sack of rice, a week grocery supplies and some extras for my allowance.  It was  fulfilling  and I couldn't believe  how I turned my trash into a cold cash.  

I would like to say thank you to Joy and her husband John  for  the following:   Sushi Snack, Bo's Coffee, free garage space, free sales talk and free fun.

Reflection.   I just made a big difference in my life today, turning all the negative thoughts  to productive healthy ones.  It's not easy,  I tell you, but it is possible.

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  1. Im glad you enjoyed your first venture into garage selling. Just like you my neighbors didnt believe me when I convinced them to do the same. But now many are into this. They were inspired. Whats best about doing this is spending time with a friend.


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