Sunday, January 26, 2014

Manila at its coldest

I can't imagine waking up to this temperature, 16.9 Degrees Celsius. It is so far the coldest I've ever experienced here in Manila. While I'm updating this, I can still feel the cold temperature and it is already past 8am in the morning.

And Baguio.. And I suddenly miss our trip last year. Could you imagine how the weather is going on there right now.  It is said that the  temperature up north is recorded to be 8 degrees and even colder in Sagada where vegetables were reported to have frost bite. I can only sigh. If only I can transport myself up north today and somehow experience a winter-like morning with the locals. 

According to PAGASA, the coldest ever recorded was 6.3 degrees on January 18, 1961. This cold weather will continue to experience cooler days until the end of February, when the northeast monsoon or “hanging amihan” ends according to PAGASA. The northeast monsoon or seasonal winds from the northeast is the cold air from China that starts blowing into the country every mid-October. It usually peaks from early January to mid-February.

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  1. We're actually thinking the same. If only funds used to be the same...would love to wear my thickest clothes. I miss Baguio!


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