Thursday, January 30, 2014

Candies and more, seriously!

The whole nation is following the story of Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee's case.  Even the  latest  Bong Revilla's issue just died naturally  before even Lani Mercado's tears ran down her cheeks.  The two giant channels were both happy of the sky rocket ratings, even surpassed the pilot episode of  two big soap  that started last Monday,  The Legal Wife and The Borrowed Wife.  Truly Pinoy!   They really love Teleserye.  But this one is a true story, even more exciting than soap opera.   I  give no judgement to the accused.  I just want to say a line.  CCTV cameras don't lie.  Now,  I rest my case.

There are other stories to read too other than the above issue.

I make it a habit to read and watch the latest news online and traditional media:  TV,  seldom newspaper, only when I'm riding LRT with  newspaper for free.  This news, Exact Bill Act   made my day.   Kidding. Want I really want to say is, "My goodness!  Seriously, are you serious?

"Barya lang po sa umaga."  I always see this sign inside the jeep. As a law abiding citizen,  I always  make  sure I have coins with me so I have the exact coins to pay to the driver.   I don't pay candy for fare.

Whenever I buy anything at sari sari store and I have no exact money to pay for my  purchase, the store owner always gives  me candy for change,  many times. I  never complained about it.  I understand that there is a coin shortage  because many are saving it in their piggy bank.

When the store owner make it a habit of giving candy for change, that's where you would know they are making it an opportunity to sell a little  more out of this strategy.

And the  news that will protect us from candy, err change,  which surprised me is the Bill of  Change.  What can I say?  This news   made  my mind think a little deeper   this morning.   I will be protected whenever I buy something,  but, of all the many bills that have to be reviewed at this point of time,  why Bill of Change?

"Batas para sa pagsukli."  Bawal na ang candy!

Do we have other law with a little weight to review other than Exact Change Act?  No more candy for change.  Give candies or goodies instead of loose change  and soon you will be penalized.  Seriously.

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  1. Hindi ko masyado sinubaybayan ung real-life teleserye ni Vhong pero from the looks of it, he is the victim.

    So anu yung kay Bong and Lani?


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