Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unlimited Fun at Fun Ranch

I always beg off whenever my friend Joy invites us at Fun Ranch. I always thought that my children wouldn't be interested anymore because they're now grown-ups and  just  sit and  wait for  hours with nothing to do.    Yesterday, she insisted and  I was convinced though when she said to  give the last HURRAH for holidays,  so we went.  We agreed to meet  by  2pm at Tiendesitas and planned to go to Megamall afterwards for our Flawless time and catch the clearance sale at the mall.

What we thought would be a long day for us became shorter because the children had so much fun and we stayed there till the last minute of closing time.

Fun Ranch is the place where my friend Joy celebrated her 40th birthday.  I've been here for quite sometime for events and  birthday parties.

Here are the photos of our last holidays hurrah!

The Bump Car Rides

Should I put another caption here? 

The Carousel Rides with Ninangs


The Pirate Ship

Now, tell me why they're screaming with this very safe Pirate Ship.  I conclude that they really enjoyed  with not so thrilling  ride.

The Tea Cup Rides

They didn't spare even the tea cup rides!?

The Hanging Bridge

And these two young ladies were trying to figure out what made them took this ride which I think is suitable only for young children. 

Are you serious?
But what's more  fun is this ride,  (see below) which  I thought  would only be for photo op.   I was surprised when they started to drive the horse pedal and wandered  with no path to follow around Fun Ranch.

More photo ops with my two lovelies. I wish my older daughter knows at least how to fix her hair during session. Cool!  She said she doesn't need to and just  love the way when her hair messed up with her face. 

With my two kumares waiting for our children till they finish and get tired of all the rides. We had our best unlimited pose including our usual look-up photo but it was such a failure so  I didn't include it  here anymore. 



 The caption says it all.  I wish you were here too..  at Fun Ranch!

Fun Ranch is located at  Frontera Verde, E. Rodriguez Avenue cor. C5, Pasig City.   It's a one stop fun for children and adults too,  and perfect venue for birthday party.  Food, rides,  and everything, all under one venue  for  fun.  The place is safe for children, equipped with CCTVs and the staff were all visible to assist the kids.  The place is perfect indoor active treat for children and moms too.  Thank you Ms. Joy of for this unlimited fun!

Check the website for  more details:


  1. Di naman sila masyadonag enjoy...sila lang nagsara ng funranch...

  2. SO MUCH FUN, indeed! wish we could go there one of these days..

  3. Nice place here...I just remember my younger years riding those horses...

  4. and i remember exciting days when i ride my horse. he's busy lately so i still have to!


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