Sunday, January 19, 2014

What brings you LUCK?

How superstitious are you?

In this age of  supposed digital, where people's next tourist destination  is Mars and Earth,  superstitions is something to be laughed about.   I could exactly explain myself  why  many of us  still believe in superstition.  A classic example that I will cite here is gambling and why it associates into many of  these beliefs .

I'll go straight. I was told that I would win in a casino for beginner's luck.  I tried and I won about  $100 which is equivalent to $500 today.  But I did not stop there and bet again til I discovered that I lost all the money in that calculated risk which I thought was mine for  said  "beginner's".    Anyways,  I just  tried.  I  did not go back to casino again  for another luck. 

We all want to win.  But some win, some lose in a game. 

At an event  at  Resorts World Manila, we were given tokens to try at casino. Luckily I won $20 which is big enough for me because I did not bet my own money.  I took home that  full amount and never tried again. I was lucky.  I did not give a second try yet I enjoyed my time.

If you're going to casino or any betting game, always remember your purpose. Winning and enjoying.   When you win, anything that you wear,  say  and  do would  mean good  luck  and  you add  to your superstition.

When you lose, anything above  would  mean  different and that means,   bad luck.  You tend to find reasons of  your misfortune.  And you find someone or something to blame of  your luck.

The bottom line here is,  there is really no superstition.  It all  came from nothing and  anything  you set to your mind,  whether you lose or win the game.

I am lucky when I wear red nail polish. Next time I go to Resorts World,  I'd wear the same color again. Red.

I wore black painted nails at Solaire Resort and Casino. Next time,  I'd make sure to  wear black polish.  Now set your own superstition.

It's unlimited.

Simple explanation. We all want to win that's why we believe in superstitions.  Anything you believe will  change or will not change  the outcome of the game.  Winning and losing.

Now, believe in superstition and nothing will lose.  It wouldn't give you any harm.   You enjoy  your time and that's the most  you can get.  Yes, believe!  Just don't get yourself overpowered  believing  in that superstition.

Do I make sense here?  I guess, I just got you confused.  I just keep explaining when I could just say  it in  few words.   Whether you are superstitious or not,  it wouldn't make any difference.

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