Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mid-Life Crisis Ahead

I always knew what I wanted in life. I want to have smart kids and be with them as they grow up. I already sorted out what I would be from the moment my children came to my life. I'd be a perfect mom for them, a mom who'd  always be available 24/7.

I started an early career in my life and thought I already have had enough of it. I retired at an early age from the  corporate world. I have no regrets about it, I thought.

I spent my everyday life as a stay at home mom. For over ten years, I kept doing the same thing over and over again. Its a fulfilling job,  I said.

When I turned 40, that's where I started  to ask myself what I would have become should I take another chance and other opportunities in life.  That started my thinking of how would I have enjoyed my life should I take a different  path.   I became uncertain of many things and  started to  think about my future and how to catch up with  time that I really think I've lost.  That made me depressed most of the times and asked myself, "Where is my life going?"

After sorting out things and to help me  understand more of what I am going through,  I asked help from Google and this I found out.   Am  I  having  a midlife crisis? 

Midlife Crisis, Stress and Depression Midlife 

Crisis 'Midlife Crisis' is something that happens to many of us at some point during our lives (usually, at about 40, give or take 20 years). Midlife Crisis is a natural process (first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung) and it is a normal part of 'maturing'. However, Midlife Crisis can sometimes feel very uncomfortable, and cause people to seek psychotherapy or counseling, or to make radical lifestyle changes that can be very damaging and are regretted later. It can help to view Midlife Crisis from the perspective of differing personality types, as this will give you a greater understanding of what is happening. 

 If you are going through midlife crisis, you might experience a wide range of feelings, such as: 

Discontent with life and/or the lifestyle that may have provided happiness for many years 

Boredom with things/people that have hitherto held great interest and dominated your life 

Feeling adventurous and wanting to do something completely different Questioning the meaning of life, and the validity of decisions clearly and easily made years before 

Confusion about who you are, or where your life is going.

source: http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk

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  1. at least we know we're having mid-life crisis.although this phase is difficult, it's such a great relief going through this cycle with you. it's not easy but i'm actually having fun when we laugh at crazy stuff, when we meet for wala lang moment and when we're giddy about taking a bath, wearing undergarments, putting a bit of make-up for an event. more than anything else, i'm glad we became closer at a time when i needed someone the most.


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