Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Music Find

The only thing that is certain to me is the music that calms me down.  It doesn't necessarily have to  be sentimental or  soft music  that changed my emotion  or  songs of  my generations. A few to add to my list are,  I Just died in Your Arms Tonight  and  I'll See  You in My Dreams by Giant.  The latter  surprisingly caught me  because I am no  fan of either hard rock or  heavy metal genre.  I could  imagine how the instruments  pumped my heart on live concerts or when they  strum other musical device  like  guitar,    or sort of.

Okay,  I'm good in segueing.  I have this main subject  to  plug.  Next in my list to do for my music find probably this week,  is to interview The REO Band. All these boys are great in strumming their guitars with Ralph on the  bass and the rest on lead guitars.   I became aware of this group  when I first saw them on YouTube as they performed live at the biggest dome.  They are extraordinary performers though they need to  work on with  their diction but it can be corrected anyway.  It would be my  first event to cover this year as I declined some  because of the venue and  PR issues that are not totally  related to my niche. 

Did I just say that the band  replied to my email?  Yes they did.  I will just confirm the exact date when to cover and interview them live, hopefully to feature a bit of their story  right here in my site.

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