Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

Our Baguio trip happened on the first week of January.  Although I've been to Baguio about ten or more times, it was only in this trip  that  we visited the less explored spots in the summer capital of the country.

I  went to see an ophthalmologist for my eye check up  last January.  I thought there's a serious problem with  my eyes. The doctor found out that  an eyelash grew towards my  cornea.  I paid a thousand bucks for  that visit.  It was such a big amount for a one-second procedure  but I regret nothing   because  it's still  the best thing to do when you're eyes is at stake.

I reviewed sites and  products and posted my feedback as a secret customer.  I couldn't  mention the sites because my sponsor forbade me to do so.  I was allowed, except  that I should not include the store,  product and details.  It was such a great, fun and and well compensated assignment.

Bloopers.  I accidentally spilled my boiling coffee and hit myself that caused terrible burn and blisters in my body..  I almost drowned myself when I drank a lot of water when I jumped to about a 8-meter deep sea  without snorkel gear..   Twice happened,  my shoe sole failed my outfit.  My black wedge sandals that  I wore during Mercato event in Pampanga completely separated to its sole so I just  threw it off  and another one  incident during  Shinagawa  event.  Why did I fail to blog it?  Should I also include our look-up photos in my bloopers? 

My two daughters both graduated from their respective school level,  thus March was a busy  month for us. Graduation and enrollment  were such a  back to back pressure for me.

Places we visited during Summer.  Island hopped  to Anawangin and Capones,  Adventure at  Dive and Trek,  Explored Taal,  Explored Bolinao  and   Cliff Dived in Pangasinan. I should  mention that unforgettable but successful execution of my cliff  diving.  Hurray!  I would like to thank the Mendiolables for pushing me to do this  adventure.

I accidentally deleted and reformatted my daughters netbook.  Result: I bought two boxes of  JCO as a bribe. 

I guested on TV for a Poptalk  food review episode.

I spent a lot of time with family and  friends and found another quick getaway near Manila.  More  spontaneous weekend happened this year.

Watch Naked Eyes,  an 80s concert that I will never forget  and the fun we had that night.

Sad Story.  My paternal grandma passed away last January.

Tragic events.  Typhoon Yolanda. Bohol Earthquake, Zamboanga war.

As the year ended, I mean about to end, a lot of surprises came.  I thank God for all the blessings that 2013  showered me.  When a blogger posted on her timeline "what do you want your 2014 be"?    I commented a single word..  HAPPY!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adik Sa 'Yo (Addicted To You) by RiverMaya

When words are interpreted differently, they produce a different meaning.  A song with good lyrics  and pure intention can be meaningless when your heart is not listening to it.

Adik Sa 'Yo by Rivermaya, when sang by another artist like Daniel Padilla on its cover, loses its meaning which is intended only for their generation. So I say sorry to Padilla. I am not a fan.   I really couldn't take this song when interpreted by another artist other than Bamboo then of  Rivermaya.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Proposal, Why Not?

The traditional way of spending Christmas  is by sharing and gift giving but to romantically inclined people, this is the best time to give a unique present by giving a  proposal.   Have you seen a movie where a man popped the question  like "will you marry me" while he unwraps the small ring box on Christmas eve?  Isn't that sweet and romantic?

Some people may think that a proposal should be done in a separate event and not during  holidays, valentines or  birthdays.  But  in my own point of view,  it is a grand celebration and will be remembered because of  that special occasion on  the time you propose.

There are a lot ways  how to give your loved ones with this kind of gift. It will be a complete surprise if you plan it well  like announcing when you're both surrounded by friends and  family.  Always be unique when creating an engagement proposal. Don't make it  like the same scene in the movie that you watch a thousand times.  If you think you  are creative by making prank ways to  surprise her,  don't.  At many times it succeed,  but at times it failed too.   It  might end up with the girl  to walk out or  worst won't show up for the rest of her life.

Engagement, even if  done on  holidays can be  also special. You can make it during another occasion just don't  make it as holiday gift  because it will only make the girl thinks that the man wants to make it a two-in-one event  that sounded  like another economical way  to celebrate.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Devastation of Typhoon Haiyan still haunts children

Children need support, education to overcome trauma, build resilience

MANILA, 17 December 2013 – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, after a four day visit to the Philippines, said that he was deeply impressed by the spirit of the people and the communities working with the government, United Nations and other partners to rebuild their lives and futures.

The massive typhoon disrupted the lives of nearly six million children and destroyed the homes of 1.4 million children and their families.

“While I had followed the reports of progress closely from UNICEF’s New York Headquarters, no statistics can adequately capture the physical and human challenges that remain,” said Lake. “I came here not only to see the progress first-hand, but also to thank our UNICEF staff who have been here from the start and will continue to support the rebuilding effort for the long term.”

UNICEF has mobilized experts from all over the world to support the relief effort, increasing the staff on the ground to over 100 people to coordinate a plan for recovery to strengthen services for children. This will include working with the government and partners in supporting back-to-learning efforts; strengthening the child protection system, working on reestablishing and rehabilitating water systems and the cold chain for delivery of safe vaccines and providing services to children threatened by malnutrition.

The children’s agency helped restore water to the city of Tacloban eight days after the Typhoon struck, and aims to assist in restoring safe water to more than 60 communities.

The Philippine government re-opened schools in the area on December 2, and principals and educators were already working to help children resume learning even in the absence of books and classrooms. All over the islands, communities are working together to clean schools; 193 classroom-sized tents have been erected for close to 20,000 students, and over 50,000 children are benefitting from UNICEF school supplies.


UNICEF is providing child-friendly tents for children and mother-baby tents staffed with trained volunteers are there to help children process the pain of their experiences. UNICEF is also working closely with teachers and administrators to support the challenges of working with children who have suffered great loss.

The children’s agency has trained 44 police and social workers throughout the affected areas to identify children who have been separated from their families and may be in need of special care.

“None of this could have been done without the support UNICEF has received for the Philippines from around the world, especially from individuals and private sector partners through our national committees,” said Lake.

Lake met and spoke with children, teachers and parents at numerous schools, learning spaces, child-friendly tents and vaccination sites in Leyte and Eastern Samar on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Reo Brothers

You know I'm a big fan when I blog about a band, an artist or celebrity.  So here's another video that I  kept playing  since the day  I watched them on TV during ABS-CBN Solidarity Concert  "Kwento ng Pasko."

They are from Tacloban and just moved here in Manila after the super typhoon hit their town. Now I'm having LSS again. They perform cover versions of  Beatles, BeeGees, Letterman and more of 60s and 70s hits.

Here's the video of the Reo Brothers courtesy of ABS CBN Online.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Lifestyle Event at BergHOFF Kitchen

Philip Lifestyle Guy  invited us for  his  website,  soft launch two weeks ago.  It was only  last December 13  that we finally attended  with  the second batch of  bloggers  for  Eat Your Heart Out  event at  BergHOFF  Kitchen.

The venue which was held at BergHOFF Kitchen at Friday night  needs  an extra effort because it coincides  traffic with shoppers  in the busy malls of  Makati.  Did I mention  it's Christmas time in the city?  We luckily made it  but a  bit  late where the event already has started and  Flavors on Fire Chef Michelle Adrillana was already on her cooking demo using  BergHOFF products.


Chef  Adrillana asked from the group of bloggers and  attendees  who wanted to try  to  flambe.  My friend  Joy quickly volunteered herself to assist the chef. 



Chef Adrillana shared some tips to flambe and  when flambeing,  you can use the not so expensive alcoholic drink as it also brings the same kind of  aroma and flavor.  Easy and healthy  ways of cooking are guaranteed with BergHOFF products.

Philip Lifestyle Guy assisted the chef while cooking the pasta for us.

Tadaaaa!  What a lovely presentation with gumamela  with some herbs on the side. When I was a kid, we played with this flower and tasted the sticky juice from it with a little sweetness.

We tasted the pasta  and it  was loaded with  yummy goodness!   With this awesome presentation,  my eyes and tummy  would just want to say  full and  just prefer not to touch the food.


BergHOFF was founded by the Vanthoor Family and established in Belgium in 1964. It became the first factory-direct cookware company in the world, manufacturing high-quality products and selling them directly from the company's own stores, along with manufacturing cookware for other companies as well.  They  operate worldwide in 70 countries and have headquarters in Belgium and in the United States. BergHOFF  Inc. Philippines began in 2009, and has continued to grow since then.

BergHOFF received different awards and accolades, The International Red Dot Design Award,  Henry Van de Velde Awards,  Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design Award,  Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany,  Tree Canada's Eterne Award to name a few.

Vice President & Country Manager, Nathaniel Sagun, gave a brief information of the BergHOFF products. 

BergHOFF and the The fundamental Kitchen's cookware lines are specifically designed for use on induction cooking systems. As a result, it is highly resistant to warping and it remains flat before during and after cooking.

BergHOFF/TFK cooking are future-proof and compatible with many cooking systems, both conventional and innovative from the standard gas stove, induction stoves, halogen, up to vitro ceramic stoves. We've designed these products to last, and that's why they come with lifetime warranty.

BergHOFF does everything in-house-research,design, manufacturing and marketing, all the way up until cookware gets into the hands of our customers. They also make use of patented technologies ensuring that no other cookware in the world can do what our cookware can do.

Other cookware can certainly be induction-ready but BergHOFF's cookware are different in that we specifically designed them to be used with induction cooking systems (along with other, more conventional cooking methods of course).

You can visit their  showroom the Frabella Building on Rada Street, in Legaspi Village,   Makati City. 

Interested folks get in touch directly with their  official showrooms in their respective country of residence.  Otherwise, they cannot guarantee quality, warranty coverage and most importantly proper service to our customers.

To know more about BergHOFF, check the website below.

Catch the   main event of   Eat Your Heart Out with Chef Michelle Adrillana  this February 16, 2014 at the Rockwell Tent. Eat Your Heart Out is  a food and lifestyle event that will feature the chefs of the new generation with the special participation of the country's celebrated master chefs as well.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is 80s Music?

80s music probably can be defined as  pop,  rock and roll music, the best dance songs and   love songs that people in love can be cheesy and  make cry with the songs.

Even the millennial babies can hum to 80s music. Why is it so?  They can so relate with the music like Michael Jackson's or Tears for Fears hits.  80s music is probably what defined  pop and rock.     

Two weeks ago, at Solaire Resort and Casino, DJ Tupaz who was 80s most famous DJ  performed  during Naked Eyes and Wang Chung BacktoBack Throwback.   It was a solid nostalgia that the audience applauded the beats of  the music from  his live mixes.  He brought down the house to gold old days,  wondering  if he  used dj equipment at music123  as it sounded like a different  digital instrument  that made waves on the floor.

When you say 80s,  it is the music that associates to this generation other than MTVs colored hair and padded tops fashion, VHS, walkman  and boombox.  

DJ Jon Tupaz while performing at Naked Eyes Concert

A taste of Flavors on Fire at Eat Your Heart Out!

According to urban dictionary, "eat your heart out" means,   a declaration, often exaggerated, joking and boastful, of being better than another person, the aforementioned often being a celebrity or historical figure while  as idomatic expression, it  means that you or someone you know can do something better than a person who is famous for doing that thing.  

Yesterday, it was an awesome dinner at Berghoff Kitchen with Flavors on Fire Chef Michelle Adrillana and Lifestyle Guy Philip Abadicio.   An "Eat Your Heart Out" is an  event that will feature the chef of new generation. Awesome food was served  where we tasted Chef Michelle Adrillana's  flavors on fire.  Capped the night with awesome friends and bloggers. Photo below:  With celebrity Chef Michelle Adrillana

This is just a snippet of the event so please stay tuned for more details of Eat Your Heart Out, Flavors on Fire, Philip  Lifestyle Guy and Berghoff.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homemade Musical Instrument

The contribution of music to our daily lives is  immeasurable.  It brings us together and  the saying that  it is the language of our heart and soul is true.   The way I understand it, there is nothing to replace music in our lives. Without music, our lives will be  less interesting.

What if you are to create your own music with your own improvised instrument, what would pick?   We can produce music by leaves, fruits, cans, spoon  or anything around us. Regardless  of what  instrument you create,  the music it will  produce  is still a beautiful  sound  to your ear.

This is the handmade musical instrument  that my younger daughter  is required to do in her music  class.  We  thought of making a drum but the teacher warned not to do it anymore because it is easy  with only a can and a fabric to use. Something different came up with her  mind, the maraca.   Students will be graded according to creativity, completion time and uniqueness.   I just realized that doing this task helps her creativity juice flows,   utilize what is there in the  trash and save money.   It takes only a little  step to finish it.  We can also  order an instrument if  it is required, at least to add  a unique sound  to her instrument.   It sounds good using only plastic bottles, pebbles  and other materials  to decorate maraca.  Pebbles were not use in this project  because it sounds like a  broken tin can  so we replaced  it with  small beads.

This is the musical instrument that my daughter did with my little help.  It may not be the bestest  but certainly the effort in making it paid off.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Different Stories of Yolanda, heartbreaking, inspiring and irritating

It always breaks my heart to read a story such as this,  Mom puts up bounty for missing daughter in Tacloban.  I followed other stories of  Yolanda, those missing their  parents, sisters and brothers and relatives.  A fellow blogger and co-member of  Filipino Bloggers Worldwide was also a victim of  Yolanda.  It was  really sad for  blogging community as death was confirmed on the list of Tacloban casualties.  Her last blog before Yolanda took her life away  was,  "Grant Us Special Protection Lord."   While reading her blog, I cried and was deeply saddened. 

But  there is also an inspiring story like  Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho's feature last week, "Love in Time of Yolanda."  A few minutes feature on TV  wasn't enough for me so I followed the story online. I read the whole story on the website.  It was heartwarming.  I cried, so hard that I could feel the love in their story.   Grace was seriously injured during the super typhoon.  Houssam Hammoudi, the fiance  from Canada rushed to see her in Ormoc.   Hammoudi found her beloved one in the hospital lying in bad condition.  He immediately transferred Grace to a private hospital for surgery.  This man find his way to save Grace right on the brink of  disaster.   With only limited option, this man pleaded for help through  blog:  Operation Saving Grace.  In his blog,  Houssam then asked for help. “PLEASE HELP!   If anyone I know gave $10, I can save her.  I only have $1,800 left and that is not enough.”   

The irritating story of  Yolanda is the drama in the senate.  This story also made me cry.  It  totally  left me crying out  of  anger.  During Yolanda, these politicians were quiet, at least  a week of Yolanda.   Just barely  two weeks and a few days,  while the survivors haven't recovered yet,  these two senators came out  and started their own drama, a debate, a trash..  So much of dirty and corrupt politics.  Where were these corrupt politicians during the super typhoon?  I hope  they were all having a vacation in Leyte when  it  happened and drowned themselves with  their conscience in  storm surge.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Matteo and Xian pay tribute to their ‘Star Moms’

Two of local showbiz’s most popular leading men are “Mama’s boys.” And guess what? They’re being loud and proud about it. Matteo Guidicelli and Xian Lim are both vocal about the love and respect they have for their mothers; after all, they are the keys to the success that the two of them are enjoying today.

Xian’s shining light

For Xian Lim, his mother Mary Ann will always be his shining light.

“A mom’s role is always important.” says Xian. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn't for her kasi she was always there.”

Xian fondly recalls that as a kid, he liked to pretend that he was, of all things, a carpenter. “As a kid, mahilig akong magpretend na karpintero ako tapos may hawak ako na hammer then I will make things out of it. Basta anything I can get my hands on, sisirain ko and I'll try to make something out of it. Other hobbies are drawing and playing the piano.”

His mom though would always be encouraging and supportive. “Any activity I like, she would always consider. She would always tell me—“go for it, palaging go for it. You wouldn't know until you try it.””

Xian also saw how important it was to have a supportive environment to develop a child’s talent when he hosted the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp. “The show helped children be closer to their parents; Plus the fact that there were provided workshops and mentors for the kids’ specific talents. More than the training, yung extra kasi dun is yung bonding nila, they worked together.”

Matteo’s number one fan

Looking at Matteo today, no one would ever think that he was once a shy kid. He says that his mom Glenna was a big part of why he now has the confidence to perform not only in front of a crowd; but with the entire country watching him. “I was very shy when I was kid – I didn’t want to sing, dance or act. I remember when I was about 12 or 13, I had to ask for the lights to be turned off before my relatives can convince me to perform,” shares Matteo.

“It all changed when I was in my senior year and I started to have an interest in performing and there, I really saw how supportive my mom was. When I was starting to take voice lessons, my mom would stay at the back to take practice videos… she would always say a lot of positive things and this built a lot of confidence in me. She also prayed a lot for me, which is of course, the most important thing.”

Matteo says that not only the show; but their parents are really responsible for this change. “I remember how my mom used to tell me ‘Matteo stop being negative-- you always have to look at the bright side’ and he saw how the same is true when he hosted Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp together with Xian. “It’s nice to see how the i-Shiners have grown… the winners gained so much more confidence. You can really see their improvement as performers and as people.”

About Wyeth
Nutrition Wyeth Nutrition, formerly Pfizer Nutrition, is part of Nestlé S.A. Wyeth Nutrition develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically-designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. As pioneers in infant nutritional science, our mission is to provide the best nutritional support for future healthy outcomes. For nearly a century, Wyeth Nutrition has leveraged clinical rigor, scientific research, world class manufacturing and product safety standards to drive scientifically-sound solutions that offer parents confidence, help nourish children and support their healthy futures.


Should I blog this?  That I am such a bummer?   Am I the last person on earth to update to OS7?  or is there already a newer version?   I am such a loser.  Months ago, Apple announced its new OS version and  my  timeline were flooded of my friends' photos of  their updated version.    Every time a message pops,  I  always ignore it knowing it wouldn't make any difference using the old one. And whenever I try,  battery seemed to be uncooperative and always in low bat status.  And I forget!

So today,  I did something worth to make my life and online life easier.  How could I wait such a long period of time to click that button "update".   Such a bummer!

Sometimes, I just want to blog such as this to remind myself  to never procrastinate.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Flawless celebrates 12th Anniversary

Flawless invites everyone to celebrate with them on their 12th anniversary taking advantage of their month long promos and other treats.

At Cravings, Shangrila last Thursday night,  Flawless had an intimate dinner with lifestyle and fashion bloggers together with celebrity Flawless endorser, Maxene Magalona.   Flawless announced its wonderful treats to cook up  for its anniversary celebration.

From the weekly discounts that made it possible for college girls to experience Nano Power Peel for the first time to the beauty bundles that allowed both young moms and office girls to save up to 40% on their whitening products and treatments, Filipinos—for the past 11 years—have considered December as the perfect time to take advantage of the biggest beauty offerings by none other than the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services—Flawless.

On its 12th year, Flawless celebrates the unique empowerment having flawlessly beautiful skin endows everyone by playing the role of fairy godmother and giving everyone easier access to medical-based aesthetic solutions.

From December 1 to 31, the company is giving out 50% more products and services, all in the name of satisfying the skincare needs of beauty and wellness aficionados all over the country. The mechanics for the promo are simple and straightforward. For every eight sessions purchased, a client gets another four sessions of the same treatment for free. All sessions are valid all 2014 long and are transferable given that terms and conditions are met.

 “We know that you want to have a fairytale like Cinderella’s and we’re giving it to you minus the tight deadline,” shares Rubby Sy, Flawless’ CEO. “That’s the best thing about this year’s celebration. Unlike Cinderella whose fairytale ends at 12, our clients’ fairytale begins at the stroke of midnight of the 12th month of the year, and will last for the entire 12 months of next year.”

Additionally, Flawless is also offering top-to-toe makeovers to everyone who can successfully refer 12 new clients or finish its National Flawless Month stamp card by acquiring 12 stamps on or before January 15, 2014.

A favorite venue for beauty treats, especially among showbiz icons, Flawless is a brand that has built a reputation as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services. Relaxing facial cleaning treatments and medical skin peeling are among its flagship treatments.

with my flawless friend - a  Flawless aficionado,  a mom at 40

To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit or like You may also follow or visit Flawless’ online shop,

Friday, December 6, 2013

Embracing Natural Hair

It's been almost two years  since I had my last hair rebond.  It took me a lot of time  to discover  that the only solution to my hair lies on my own hands.    I love my hair  the way it is now.  Just natural.  In three easy ways,  I achieved a natural look.

Here's how.

1. Towel  dry  your hair after shower.
2. Run  your fingers through your  hair.
3. Put some hair mousse, gel or hair cream.

That's it! No comb, electric curl,  iron  and blower needed.  I just made my life easier now with nothing to worry at all. I worried a lot before having excessive hair fall and dry hair.  I can't afford putting my scalp back in the hands of  hairstylist again as it would mean trouble. 

How could I spend a lot of time fixing my hair  when I attend to  an event  when I could just use my finger to fix it.  I sounded like I am selling much of  myself.  I wish I am endorsing a product so I'd be compensated here.  :)

But wait. I might change my mind in the next few days for my hairstyle depends on my mood.  I might have it cut bob short,  candy colored and  rebonded.

My  2nd selfie for the day.  So it's true that life begins at 40-something so I guess I should take selfie more often now.

Naked Eyes right before our eyes last night!

You have to agree with me that   80s  are the best generation of  music.  To 90s and millennial people,  I am sorry folks, the blogger here is  80's music enthusiast.

After  Flawless intimate dinner event  with celebrity Maxene Magalona yesterday,  we rushed to   Solaire Resort and Casino to watch Naked Eyes Throwback2Back concert with Wang Chung.  The main act started past 10pm already though the front act hit the house with 80s song past 9pm.

Just at the time we arrived, an audio-video flashed in the big screen that Wang Chung that he couldn't  perform due to health reasons, instead, two local bands performed   all  Wang Chung hits and other 80s music.   I was actually  more than  impressed and admired  the local bands.  DJ Jon Tupaz in his mastered skill, his live mixes,  while Alamid and Kudos Loves 80s in their 80s cover.

Here's the embed Youtube of last night's Throwback  at Solaire.

Always Something There to Remind me is now my official theme song  for life.:)

Here are the photos of last night's concert.

My friend right there in front of Naked Eyes taking videos.

These are  the coolest  80s people where I belong  while my friend self claimed she belongs to Katy's generation.

It was a night of fun!  80s I so so love!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The force of life

“The pure force of life are in communication with each other, independently of us, and then we cannot hide who we are.” - Paulo Coelho

My network provider called  and emailed me  if I want to grab the opportunity of  upgrading  my unit to iPhone5S.   I immediately declined the offer.  Why?   I don't keep things that I don't use.  They detailed the features with  only a small amount to  apply on top of my regular monthly phone line bill.  The offer was so enticing to refuse. Tempting right? Thanks, but  no, thanks!   With ways of communications   like Facetime, Viber, Skype and all,  when the main purpose of communication and that is to connect lives  that doesn't seem to live up by now,  getting one would be of no use, only a waste of  time and money.

The above quote apply.  I live with Paulo Coelho's  rule in life.

image source:

Baby & Family Talks

Here's the schedule of program for the 3-day Baby and Family Expo happening on  December 6, 7, and 8.

Please zoom-in  the image for better view.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Get here!

I was searching online for famous singers of 1950s but that searching ended me to Oleta Adams and that also  leads me to her song "Get Here."  That stuck in my head and seems that I can't stop singing and humming the tune.  I am so in  LSS with the song  that  I can't help but press the replay button over and over again. And to break the monotony of my blog, here pasting the lyrics and  embed You Tube of  "Get Here"  from her 1990 album's  Circle of One. Among the songs of Adams are; I Just Had to Hear Your Voice,  Everything Must Change, Rhythm of Life, Many Rivers to Cross, We Will Meet Again and Baby,  I'll Come When You Call. 

Oleta Angela Adams was born on May 4, 1953 (age 60) at  Seattle, Washington, United States.   Adams was  the daughter of a preacher and was raised listening to gospel music. In her youth her family moved to Yakima, Washington, which is sometimes shown as her place of birth. Like many African American female singers, she got her musical start in the black church. Before gaining her opportunity to perform, Adams faced a great deal of rejection. In the 1970s, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she recorded a demo tape. However, many music executives were exclusively interested in disco music rather than Adams' preferred style. With the advice of her singing coach, Lee Farrell, Adams moved to Kansas City where she did a variety of local gigs. Adams started her career in the early 1980s with two self-financed albums which had limited success.

Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Da Vinci, The Genius Exhibit

We were privileged to have the opportunity to get a closer look of  Da Vinci's  greatness at the Mind Museum last Friday night.   The exhibit ran from September 1 to November 30 but we almost  miss  this one  great chance to see the exhibit in Manila.   I was in total awe upon touring and discovered more of Da Vinci's  greatness.  I called the office prior to our visit to book 4 tickets for us and asked the staff  about details and  hours we might stay inside the museum.   I'd  say that the  two hours trip would not be enough if one would read all the details corresponding to the  exhibit.  My two daughters were more than inspired to write down a comprehensive report as they always do for their everyday school journal.

The exhibit  offers comprehensive analysis and interaction with the Renaissance legend's works.



Leonardo Da Vinci is arguably the greatest genius of all time. He was an inventor, scientist, artist, musician and architect who was consummate in his passion and his achievements. He is a most powerful example of what the human mind is capable of – vision, imagination, precision, artistry, and the combination of all these- expressed to the fullest in such elegance and poignancy.

"There are three classes of people; Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see." - Leonardo Da Vinci on his Civil Machines work

Da Vinci – The Genius has over 200 pieces of his works from paintings, war machines, flying machines, and his notebooks to leave you breathless & inspired at what one human being can do with the power of his mind. The exhibition was developed by Grande Exhibitions Australia, under the kind auspices of the Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze and Citta Di Venezia, who worked with da Vinci experts from Italy and France.

Da Vinci – The Genius at The Mind Museum  is the world’s most comprehensive travelling exhibition on Leonardo, and the ONE and ONLY Da Vinci exhibition in Manila this year.

Thank you, Paul!

Many of  us couldn't get over with the sudden death of "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker.  For Filipinos, it was more heartbreaking because the accident happened  while he was attending a  charitable show to raise funds for the victims of  typhoon "Yolanda."

I remember that Sunday morning when me and friends first heard the news. I thought it was again another hoax like that of many other celebrities.   When I got home, I searched for other article related to the accident and finally confirmed when I heard it straight from CNN news correspondent. I was  shocked and couldn't believe it.

Before the benefit car show, Walker and ROWW (Reach Out World Wide) friends sent medical team to help victims of Yolanda. It was also known that ROWW  sent aid to Cagayan de oro two years ago when the province was hit by tropical storm "Sendong."

Here's a video of Walker along with the cast of "Fast & Furious appealing for aid to the Philippines last November 22, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don't Drink and Blog!

Just like the latest report about  Anne Curtis'  involvement to an embarrassing incident,  I,  learned my  lesson too.  I know I went  a little  beyond my online task  last weekend  as I posted a lot of unnecessary updates  and  posted  a junk article with a spirit of  alcohol on my head.   Unlike Anne,  mine was moderated  and I  was very much aware of  myself.
Added two more bottles,   it would be another story.  a story  that is something  hard to digest.    Thanks to my ever high control in drinking alcoholic drink.  If not, I would have blogged  things I shouldn't  and is forbidden to blog.  I know I can come up with a better idea when drunk. I just don't know if  it would be good for my readers too.

It is not right to say,  it's my blog and I can blog what I want. When you're under the spirit of alcohol, you can blog anything you want.  And this is what I am so careful about because once I click  publish,  Google will be there to save my cache before I could even delete it. 

I haven't done blogging and drinking at the same time.  But next time I drink, I will stay away online so as not to echo the same words like  a bitch diva with my winning script.

Take it from me Anne.  DRINK MODERATELY!

Always something there to remind me

This post reminds me of something very special  other than the event itself.  It has been  four  years  and ten months, or should I say  nearing close to my 5 five years now..  of blogging.   It  just reminds me  of a  bittersweet day,  something I  will  never forget.

Monday, December 2, 2013

BABY& FAMILY EXPO 2013 and GOLDILOCKS bond 10,000 Families

Three-day fun-filled activity for the whole family, covering the stages of family growth from pregnancy to early childhood with educational seminars from known personalities.)

No birthday celebration seems complete without a cake. The perfect birthday cake is the one that makes them happy - tasty decorated cake with a candle stuck in the middle. Every birthday celebration is an event to celebrate a milestone in your child’s life. Providing the perfect birthday cakes is a source of stress for some parents but with Goldilocks through the Baby & Family Expo Philippines 2013 on December 06-08, 2013 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, parents will now discover how to make their child’s birthday a memorable one.

In every Filipino family, celebrations like birthday, anniversary or graduation are best celebrated with a cake. Recently, Goldilocks introduced an addition to their bakeshop products - 'Decorate your Cake.' During the Family Olympics, happening on the second and third day of the Baby & Family Expo, young children ages 5-8 years old will unleash their creativity skills in the Decorate your Cake challenge. Together with their mother or father, each child willdecorate their dream cupcake using a DYC (decorate your cake) package materials.

Kids enjoying decorating their cake.

Thousands of families are expected to join this three-day event, wherein the country's top bakeshop will also offer an exclusive 10% booking discount to Baby Expo visitors.

Organized by MediaCom Solutions Inc. and co-presented by Cordlife, the country’s premier biggest family event of the year to family development and child care dubbed as “Welcoming Life, Love and Care” will cover the stages of family growth from pregnancy, maternity, newborns, toddlers and early childhood. The event will also feature educational talks and seminars, fun-filled activities and exclusive discounts from over 200 exhibitors.

Gear up your preparations by registering for free at the Baby& Family Expo Philippines 2013 website For queries and updates, you can call +632.843.2174, email and join the community at and

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Remote Blogging

I'm blogging at the lobby of  the hotel with my workmate, Joy,  who is taking Blogapalooza contest to another level.  This is an extra challenge for me working out of my comfort zone, my desktop, having a connection I really couldn't figure out if it's slow or yeah, super slow.  What I actually wanted to blog an hour ago just flew out of my mind and I lose the momentum before I could blog it.  So this is actually a nonsense post but I wanted to congratulate myself  if this shows in my homepage.  I am blogging via mobile and about to click publish.  Did you just read this post to the end? Thank you. I am actually surprise how I did it! Goodnight folks.

Oh BTW it's past 2 in the morning and what I am about to publish reflects what's on my mind at wee hours of the morning.

Happy 150th Bonifacio day! :)


So it's already 3:28am and it took me 1 and 1/2 hour to finally copy this photo using the owner's laptop. Oh boy, you have no idea what I've been through to finally paste this using her laptop. This is what happens when you use somebody else's gadget.

Forgive me for my not so good editing, with on screen keyboard on the photo.  I am so dumbed!  LOL Pwede mag explain? It actually has 2 on screen  and it keep popping up. and I am so tired, and so be it.

For the record, this is so far the longest time I spent in blogging with only about a hundred word but is the hardest in  my blogging career.

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