Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

Our Baguio trip happened on the first week of January.  Although I've been to Baguio about ten or more times, it was only in this trip  that  we visited the less explored spots in the summer capital of the country.

I  went to see an ophthalmologist for my eye check up  last January.  I thought there's a serious problem with  my eyes. The doctor found out that  an eyelash grew towards my  cornea.  I paid a thousand bucks for  that visit.  It was such a big amount for a one-second procedure  but I regret nothing   because  it's still  the best thing to do when you're eyes is at stake.

I reviewed sites and  products and posted my feedback as a secret customer.  I couldn't  mention the sites because my sponsor forbade me to do so.  I was allowed, except  that I should not include the store,  product and details.  It was such a great, fun and and well compensated assignment.

Bloopers.  I accidentally spilled my boiling coffee and hit myself that caused terrible burn and blisters in my body..  I almost drowned myself when I drank a lot of water when I jumped to about a 8-meter deep sea  without snorkel gear..   Twice happened,  my shoe sole failed my outfit.  My black wedge sandals that  I wore during Mercato event in Pampanga completely separated to its sole so I just  threw it off  and another one  incident during  Shinagawa  event.  Why did I fail to blog it?  Should I also include our look-up photos in my bloopers? 

My two daughters both graduated from their respective school level,  thus March was a busy  month for us. Graduation and enrollment  were such a  back to back pressure for me.

Places we visited during Summer.  Island hopped  to Anawangin and Capones,  Adventure at  Dive and Trek,  Explored Taal,  Explored Bolinao  and   Cliff Dived in Pangasinan. I should  mention that unforgettable but successful execution of my cliff  diving.  Hurray!  I would like to thank the Mendiolables for pushing me to do this  adventure.

I accidentally deleted and reformatted my daughters netbook.  Result: I bought two boxes of  JCO as a bribe. 

I guested on TV for a Poptalk  food review episode.

I spent a lot of time with family and  friends and found another quick getaway near Manila.  More  spontaneous weekend happened this year.

Watch Naked Eyes,  an 80s concert that I will never forget  and the fun we had that night.

Sad Story.  My paternal grandma passed away last January.

Tragic events.  Typhoon Yolanda. Bohol Earthquake, Zamboanga war.

As the year ended, I mean about to end, a lot of surprises came.  I thank God for all the blessings that 2013  showered me.  When a blogger posted on her timeline "what do you want your 2014 be"?    I commented a single word..  HAPPY!

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