Friday, December 6, 2013

Embracing Natural Hair

It's been almost two years  since I had my last hair rebond.  It took me a lot of time  to discover  that the only solution to my hair lies on my own hands.    I love my hair  the way it is now.  Just natural.  In three easy ways,  I achieved a natural look.

Here's how.

1. Towel  dry  your hair after shower.
2. Run  your fingers through your  hair.
3. Put some hair mousse, gel or hair cream.

That's it! No comb, electric curl,  iron  and blower needed.  I just made my life easier now with nothing to worry at all. I worried a lot before having excessive hair fall and dry hair.  I can't afford putting my scalp back in the hands of  hairstylist again as it would mean trouble. 

How could I spend a lot of time fixing my hair  when I attend to  an event  when I could just use my finger to fix it.  I sounded like I am selling much of  myself.  I wish I am endorsing a product so I'd be compensated here.  :)

But wait. I might change my mind in the next few days for my hairstyle depends on my mood.  I might have it cut bob short,  candy colored and  rebonded.

My  2nd selfie for the day.  So it's true that life begins at 40-something so I guess I should take selfie more often now.


  1. your hair is juct fine! its beautiful, your beautiful! ;) and 40? are you already 40? oopps...didn't notice! I thought you're 30 ;D

  2. Hi Jes. You just have no idea no idea how much I appreciate this lovely comment and how I miss reading such from a busy mom like you. Truly, really miss you a lot ma friend!

  3. nice. i like those wavyish hair of ours.

  4. lets have our hair bob. bagay din yun. and ave it colored.


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