Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is 80s Music?

80s music probably can be defined as  pop,  rock and roll music, the best dance songs and   love songs that people in love can be cheesy and  make cry with the songs.

Even the millennial babies can hum to 80s music. Why is it so?  They can so relate with the music like Michael Jackson's or Tears for Fears hits.  80s music is probably what defined  pop and rock.     

Two weeks ago, at Solaire Resort and Casino, DJ Tupaz who was 80s most famous DJ  performed  during Naked Eyes and Wang Chung BacktoBack Throwback.   It was a solid nostalgia that the audience applauded the beats of  the music from  his live mixes.  He brought down the house to gold old days,  wondering  if he  used dj equipment at music123  as it sounded like a different  digital instrument  that made waves on the floor.

When you say 80s,  it is the music that associates to this generation other than MTVs colored hair and padded tops fashion, VHS, walkman  and boombox.  

DJ Jon Tupaz while performing at Naked Eyes Concert

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