Friday, December 6, 2013

Naked Eyes right before our eyes last night!

You have to agree with me that   80s  are the best generation of  music.  To 90s and millennial people,  I am sorry folks, the blogger here is  80's music enthusiast.

After  Flawless intimate dinner event  with celebrity Maxene Magalona yesterday,  we rushed to   Solaire Resort and Casino to watch Naked Eyes Throwback2Back concert with Wang Chung.  The main act started past 10pm already though the front act hit the house with 80s song past 9pm.

Just at the time we arrived, an audio-video flashed in the big screen that Wang Chung that he couldn't  perform due to health reasons, instead, two local bands performed   all  Wang Chung hits and other 80s music.   I was actually  more than  impressed and admired  the local bands.  DJ Jon Tupaz in his mastered skill, his live mixes,  while Alamid and Kudos Loves 80s in their 80s cover.

Here's the embed Youtube of last night's Throwback  at Solaire.

Always Something There to Remind me is now my official theme song  for life.:)

Here are the photos of last night's concert.

My friend right there in front of Naked Eyes taking videos.

These are  the coolest  80s people where I belong  while my friend self claimed she belongs to Katy's generation.

It was a night of fun!  80s I so so love!

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