Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don't Drink and Blog!

Just like the latest report about  Anne Curtis'  involvement to an embarrassing incident,  I,  learned my  lesson too.  I know I went  a little  beyond my online task  last weekend  as I posted a lot of unnecessary updates  and  posted  a junk article with a spirit of  alcohol on my head.   Unlike Anne,  mine was moderated  and I  was very much aware of  myself.
Added two more bottles,   it would be another story.  a story  that is something  hard to digest.    Thanks to my ever high control in drinking alcoholic drink.  If not, I would have blogged  things I shouldn't  and is forbidden to blog.  I know I can come up with a better idea when drunk. I just don't know if  it would be good for my readers too.

It is not right to say,  it's my blog and I can blog what I want. When you're under the spirit of alcohol, you can blog anything you want.  And this is what I am so careful about because once I click  publish,  Google will be there to save my cache before I could even delete it. 

I haven't done blogging and drinking at the same time.  But next time I drink, I will stay away online so as not to echo the same words like  a bitch diva with my winning script.

Take it from me Anne.  DRINK MODERATELY!

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