Sunday, December 8, 2013


Should I blog this?  That I am such a bummer?   Am I the last person on earth to update to OS7?  or is there already a newer version?   I am such a loser.  Months ago, Apple announced its new OS version and  my  timeline were flooded of my friends' photos of  their updated version.    Every time a message pops,  I  always ignore it knowing it wouldn't make any difference using the old one. And whenever I try,  battery seemed to be uncooperative and always in low bat status.  And I forget!

So today,  I did something worth to make my life and online life easier.  How could I wait such a long period of time to click that button "update".   Such a bummer!

Sometimes, I just want to blog such as this to remind myself  to never procrastinate.

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