Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am much too excited. My little girl will have her first lyre performance tomorrow. Yey! I am more than excited that even if the uniform is not really done yet, I took it from the shop and just do myself the finishing touch at home. I just want to make sure I will not run out of time tomorrow and everything is okay and prepared for the event. Just a small event. I'm just over acting again. I'm not that excited, right? I'm not! I'm not just excited, but over excited!
*excited=5x mentioned in the post. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Receiving Photo Postcard

Although virtual gifts are dominant business on social network today, nothing beats the real gift or card personally handed by a friend. Technology makes it easier for all of us to get in touch with each other but receiving a card or photo postcard is a genuine thought that makes us more special and felt we're truly remembered by our loves ones.

Ber-months are fast coming and in just few days, we will start to hear Christmas song being played again over the radio. This also means that we need to start listing down names of our friends and relatives so as not to miss any one of them in our Christmas list. For me, it is not how big or small that we give or receive but the thought of giving gift itself.

Nursing Scrubs for my Cousin

Only 41.40% passed the NLE or Nurse Licensure Examination given last July 2010. There are lots of nurses in the list again waiting for their luck to work abroad. I believe, if those nurses rely in their own fortune, they will not go anywhere else. They should strive hard to reach their dream. My cousin worked hard to complete all the requirements to become nurse few years ago. She passed all the examinations and gained clinical experiences as requirements to become a nurse. I salute her for the determination she showed to fulfill her dream. I admit, I was a bit envy when I saw her photos wearing medical nursing scrubs. I dreamed of becoming a nurse too but unlike her, I lacked of determination and ended as a stay at home mom. She's really smart and even smarter in hospital uniform. I bet everything is provided for nurses and she's not required anymore to buy medical scrubs for herself. I told her she's very stylish even during younger days. She has great sense of style and carries herself well even in hospital uniform.

Nurses are incredibly tough worker and I salute my cousin for being a dedicated nurse. Nurses must posses incredible love and care to patient. And even if nurses work in a graveyard shift, they should still appear presentable to patients with their scrub sets. It is also important that nurses wear a comfortable one with the kind of work that they have.

blogging to major level

Mellow Yellow Monday to the max, I mean major major level. For the first time in blogging, I am documenting our weekend and that starts with Mcdo delivery man. Lol. My little daughter was the one who reminded me to take a photo. "Ma, go take a photo for your Mellow Monday. Look, he's wearing yellow." Lol. And I'm quick right?. So there you go men. Please say cheese burger to the camera.

Usual mess on Sundays when I'm not in the mood to cook or when we opt to stay home rather than go out for weekend malling.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Responsible Tenants

The house adjacent to us is about to finish. With just two days left before the target date, construction workers are now working overtime even on Sunday just to beat the deadline. When I saw my neighbor yesterday, she told me that they will occupy the second floor and will hire tenants for mezzanine and third floor. Each room has its own bathroom. She said that she needs to inquire first for the cheaper price of bathroom fans and once ready, will be installed right away. In the next few days, the house will be ready for occupancy. I just advised her that she should hire only descent and responsible tenants who will use the premises and other furniture with care and proper manner.

suddenly, I remember

Friendster. I just visited my account. Although I haven't opened it for quite sometime now, Friendster still is a home for my old friends. And why should I not delete the account? Friendster opened myself to blogging. I started my first blog at FS. So, thanks to you. I just miss you. You once were the apple of my eye.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

I felt dead tired last night. After few days procrastination of doing household chores, I've finished tons of laundry and that resulted my hands to feel numb today. I'm nearing forty and now that I am at a stage where they say life begins, I'm beginning to feel a lot of symptoms accompanying old age. I easily get tired and sometimes I have this feeling of dizziness or nausea. My parents both died of cancer and I hate think that I'll die of the same way too. I'm taking extra care like visiting the doctor annually for medical check-up. I still consider myself lucky that I got no serious problem that needs to undergo diagnosis. I believe that prevention is better than cure so I always make sure that I visit our family doctor often to prevent serious sickness in the future.

she's into lyre instrument

According to Wikipedia, lyre is a stringed musical instrument well known for its use in classical antiquity and later. The word comes from the Greek "λύρα" (lyra) and the earliest reference to the word is the Mycenaean Greek ru-ra-ta-e, meaning "lyrists", written in Linear B syllabic script. The earliest picture of a lyre with seven strings appears in the famous sarcophagus of Hagia Triada.

And here's what keeps my daughter busy these days.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping Time

This is crazy but I have to admit, I am back to serious spending habit again. After limiting ourselves going to mall for quite sometime now just to save some penny, I am now back to impulsive buying again. Me and my kids went out shopping last weekend and we were just so surprised to see the items that we purchased. My daughters bought jeggings and other girls' accessories while I save mine to buy a cashmere sweaters as present for my friend who will celebrate his birthday this month. If you see it in a shop, I bet you'll never have a second thought on buying this too. I just love the apparel much and the next time I go to mall again, I definitely will buy one for myself. Lucky me, however amount I spent on shopping, I'm still not over spending it as I don't own a credit card and spend only the money that I have.

online degree

Aside from earning a degree in college, husband still aims to finish any of online degree programs which he thinks is an edge for better career in the future. He is currently working in a pharmaceutical company where he is required to stay eight hours a day in the office. He just told me about the promotion in the office but he is still waiting for the papers to formally accept a higher position he's being assigned. He still has free time when he's out from work and since the program does not require him to go personally to school, he is determined to finish it for the future. He is very satisfied with the company he is working now but he still wants to achieve more for himself.

when you're in love

you'll do everything to protect the one you love with all the utmost care you can give..

anti-scratch velvet lining, anti UV, anti-dust, with multiple dividers and pockets for accessories.
i just so love you my buddy, and you deserve all the best.

Eberhard Replica Watches

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nostalgia 15

Here are my two lovely ladies as flower girls in two different weddings many years ago. During my younger days, I did not remember a single moment wearing any gown or as flower girl in a wedding. I could have been this lovely too if I only got the chance to wear this beautiful gown. haha. Nevertheless, I was more than happy and excited when I first saw them dressed as young ladies here.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hostage Taking in Manila, Venus Raj in Miss Universe Pageant and Flood in Manila

Hostage taking started Monday morning when dismissed police officer Rolando Mendoza took hostage of 22 Chinese nationals from Hongkong and three Filipinos at the tourist bus at Quirino Grandstand. I feel for the family of hostage victims who were just here in the Philippines for a vacation but ended that tour not as pleasure but a very tragic event.

I wonder what Venus Raj feels right now. Too much pressure is now on her shoulder representing the country. Her heart is still mourning over death of her friend Binibining Pilipinas International Melody Gersbach. I guess she must get ready also for the possible question if she makes it to top 10. "How would you promote Philippines Tourism now that the nearby countries issued a travel ban/travel black to the Philippines." Good luck Venus. Please bring home the crown.

After a heavy rain last night, flooding came right away. While media men and the world focused on hostage taking event, I myself was surprised to see above-knee flood outside. Flooding is just an ordinary thing now in Manila. It rained so hard but Manilenos are now accustomed to this kind of situation. Oh life!

Monday, August 23, 2010

too shy..

here we go again.. pointing the camera, ready to click the shutter and here's the product of my photo shoot.. tada!!

with splash of yellow around,
and she's my daughter, my eldest.
and she's too shy to smile at the camera

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

love at first sight...

i'm in love again..

it was love at first sight..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Article for Website

Many things occupied my time lately. Blogging was set aside. When I checked my blog status, I actually got the same hits during the time when I was active updating and hopping from one blog to another. I would like to thank my loyal readers who constantly visit my site during my absence. Blogging is truly fun. Writing down everyday journal seems to be an endless topic for those who have passion in blogging. You wouldn't run out of ideas, hence, the more you write, the more ideas pop into your mind.

Buying a new domain maybe next month about my love for food will be my next goal. I actually have joined weekly meme for this topic. Anyways, I have no problem anymore about building links too. Article Alley is a website where I can write about the topic that I want like food, health and wellness, finance, shopping and many more and when the reader find my article interesting, they will visit me back and that's an instant traffic in my site. I can either write or republish the article. The website is very helpful either for bloggers or for some who are making research and information on different categories.

Nostalgia 14

I am sure you can so relate here if you are into my generation. I grew up with Bagets time and every time I see any videos, photos, movies and songs of the 80s, beautiful memories flash back in my mind. And who would forget Aga Muhlach, Herbert Bautista, Raymond Launchengco and more in their 80s outfit. I remember those times when I would have my hair tissed and heavily hairsprayed all over my bangs. I have no photos of those times and if I have one, I still have to dig my archives in my hometown. I am sharing videos of Bagets. This is so 80s.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Make a Difference

Change the world for children! You can do your part by simply sharing your extra blessings to other. No matter how big or small, it matters a lot for less fortunate children in different parts of the world. Sometimes we are all in a rush to help people in emergency time, but we are not really aware that more kids are suffering a lot not only during tragedy times but most of all in their everyday life. There are far more children who need a pair of shoes, care and more decent food. Sharing few of your blessings would help them a lot. It doesn't matter how much you share, one bucks or few will make a big difference in their life. Share your blessings to Child Charity. It will make a big difference to their life now!

Daughter joined outreach program in their school and this will help her understand more about the reality of life and the real condition of less fortunate children who are suffering from malnutrition and starvation. I always remind them about the real condition of children who are crying for help. Sharing will make a big difference!

Mellow Yellow Monday

I hardly get the chance to take a photo of my kids lately because they are not comfortable anymore with the camera. But nothing can stop me when camera is within my reach.

"I am sorry but I am quicker before you even make face baby."
Took this photo after our grocery shopping. School time was dismissed earlier because of teacher's meeting today. My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Window Film

Husband complained about hot temperature when he visited his friend in Nevada. In the city where he lives, temperature is quite much cooler. Even in the office where he works, the office stays cool even without high air conditioning. The office has window film Los Angeles that block the direct sun and it is cooler inside the building. Even if it is summer in LA, they still save electricity as the windows and wall were made up of window film. He said he could not have felt the extreme heat when he visited his friend should he only installed window film in his car earlier. He is such a hot tempered person that he easily got irritated with hot weather. During his vacation, he stayed inside the house and switched the air conditioning all the time and that results to high electricity bill. If only our house is made of window film, it could be much cooler and probably he would stay inside the house all day. I swear, it's like a burning fire with hot temperature as hot as thirty nine degrees at the peak of summer.

Today, I'm thinking of installing this film window in our house. We could save electricity because the room will stay cool, besides, this will also block ultraviolet rays that will enter directly into our house.

me and my girlfriends

It feels good to unwind after a week long of being a full time mom and part time blogger. Saturday night is just for me and myself and my girlfriends. It was such a great time, meeting new moms, new friends although I've known them for years already. We only got the chance to be in one event tonight, drink, eat, talk and endless talk. You know when girls were out, they really talk out loud. (lol and tol) It was such a lovely night with friends. Tired, a little bit tipsy but happy. Good night folks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


My older daughter seems to have a strong passion in photography. She is just twelve years old and I've noticed recently her great desire in this subject. I always see her browsing pages about learning photography. She also insists on buying SLR of her own. Because she knew that it is quite expensive, she told me that she will save money for it. I told her that a point and shot camera is all what we needed since we only use them for personal use like family gatherings and school events.

I just wish that she'll be a great photographer someday like this Richmond photographer David Proett. He is a professional photographer that pays attention to details and with great depth of expertise in all aspects of photography. One qualities that everyone would look for a photographer is that someone that provides photography with personal touch. And that's David Proett. That means, people whom he worked with would recommend him because of his great work. He does not focus alone on what he wanted but also the participation of client by listening to what they want. Every moment is treasure for David Proett. I do hope that my daughter will pursue her passion in photography in the future.

Friday, August 13, 2010

2nd Give Away Contest hosted by Dhemz

Hurray! This is your big chance to win the 2nd give away contest hosted by Dhemz. Thank you so much Dhemz for giving us again another chance to win the prizes. Contest will run from July 27 to August 27. So hurry up now. Prizes are waiting for lucky winners.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgia #13

Here's a story about a six-year old girl who got lost during the camp. That girl, being new to this adventure, was totally amazed on how big that camp participated by different school. When the bell rang, the girl ran to the nearest ice cream booth to fill her cravings and entertained herself by different decorations in each camp. After few minutes, she was surprised to see herself alone with strangers. She approached a Senior Scout.

Twinkler: I am lost (col) Here is my address. (girl mentioning her full address) My mother's name is_____ and my father's name is_______..

Senior: No. Not your address but what troop are you in?

Twinkler: Why troop? My mother told me to just give my home address so to trace my way home when I get lost anywhere else.

Senior: Hey twinkler, You're lost but just inside the school camp. Now, if you tell me your troop number, we can accompany you to your camp now.

Twinkler: But I live in (mentioning again the address.) and my mother is probably looking for me now. (The girl mentioned her address about two or three times..)

Senior: (annoyed)

The Twinkler Scout was then reunited with the troop and that experience taught her the real motto of scout, to be prepared in mind and in body.
Later in her grade school years, that little twinkler actively participated in Junior Training Seminar and managed to be on her own, not a day camp, but three days and two- night camp.

And that little Twinkler was me. A once was a happy Twinkler, Star, Junior and Senior Scout, now a mom of two scouts.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Car Accessories

Are you tired of looking for accessories for you car? Or tired of window shopping and find no accessories that matches for your car? There is nothing to worry about. Motorists and car owners looking for car accessories now have a one stop shop where they can choose variety of accessories whether chevy camaro accessories or any type of brand and product. You can choose the product that will compliment the total appearance your car. Adding accessories whether to the outside or inside of your vehicle will definitely give an ultimate new look to your car and the personality of car owner.

Look only for the website that offers the best and can make your vehicle personalized too. Imagine yourself driving a sports car. Would you be flattered when someone gave an envious look on your car? It just gave you a great feeling too, like you are just as handsome as a Hollywood hunk. You never want your baby to be outdated and you want to look handsome too, right? So head over now to the site and choose the most sporty car accessories that fits your style.

Post It Note Tuesday



Express yourself by Post-It-Note Tuesday!
Join us now with and have fun.
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*it should be air conditioner and not air conditioners, $$$ instead of $.. :) i find it easier to edit here than make another post-it.. :) happy PINT!

Furniture for the House

The house that is being remodelled adjacent to us is almost done. It's been two months already since they started the renovation. The owner of the house invested so much money for renovation and right now it is almost 70% complete. The owner is my neighbor and my real good friend and she asked me if any of my friends or relatives are looking for a house for rent. She wants somebody whom she can trust and maintain the house properly. It is a three-storey building with the ground floor as the garage, and second & third floor as living room and dining room subsequently. Now I can say, the house is a flood free zone. In the present unpredictable climate condition, the house needs to adapt the changes to spare from typhoon and flooding too.

Each floor has its own bathroom and since the owner intended to hire a tenant to occupy the house, the next that she had planned to provide is furniture. She needs to furnish the house and buy vanities as well including bathroom. I guess this is the best time for her to check the discount bathroom vanities. The renter will be very glad and proud to have this furniture. Since the bathroom have a very large space, furniture of this kind is very appropriate and it will surely bring elegant look for the house. The owner is now looking for tenant who will be responsible not only for the rental payment but also for taking care of furniture.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

available loans

Running out of cash? Don't worry! You are not alone. Even the rich people are running out of cash too. But don't be fooled by friendly banker that offers you to get a credit card for you might end up paying double the sum of the money you use for shopping and you'll find yourself up to neck drowning into debt. There are other options that will help you find solution should you need cash now, loans are available whether you have bad credit or personal loan.

Honestly, I don't have credit card of my own. I am just too scared of huge interest using it. I only have debit card and only use it securely to pay for my online purchases. I remember one incident when I went shopping and my credit line went too bad that I have to double my earnings just to get the bills paid at the end of the month. It was horrible and I promised myself not to get one anymore. Well I think, I was not ready enough to handle credit card and irresponsible that time that all I think about was to shop. Oh well, I am quite different now. Credit card is a no-no for me. If you are credit card holder, be responsible enough and get ready to pay the charges on due time.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Online Cash Advance

Budget is basically writing down, planning expenses and deciding where to spend every cents of your money accordingly. School expenses, bills, food allowances, health and other unexpected expenses are just on top of usual monthly budget. However good or expert you are in doing monthly budget, when the budget is not enough, you surely will end up looking for a quick cash loan. Sending children to school does not only mean paying tuition fees alone but everyday expenses are far lot bigger if you sum up, and if you have a little budget, you'll surely end up very short at the end of the month. In times like this or when you need cash badly, no fax payday loans are the best solution. You'll have the cash that you need in no time at all even if you have bad record in credit line.

I only wish for a bigger monthly allowance so as to keep my mind from stress doing my budget and keeping both ends meet at the end of the month. I'm thankful that I have at least a little earnings online to spend when our monthly allowance is delayed in time. I am telling my two daughters at this early time on how to handle money wisely. Doing budget brings a lot of headache for me especially when I have no enough money to fill up the portion of other unexpected expenses.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Road Repair

I wonder why road repair/maintenance is done during rainy season. I just went to a nearby shop this morning to buy patch for my daughter's GSP uniform and it took me half an hour to get me to the place. Road repair brought too much traffic that leads the motorists to take another route. Public must be advised to give enough travel time allowance so as not to get late for any appointment. I hope that the road repair will be done very soon. It leads to so much inconvenience to many but I know it is for our own good too. Government must provide highly equipped materials like diggers to facilitate and make the job done faster. They replaced bigger and wider canal to avoid heavy flooding again. Government just realized that a fast developing city needs to adapt the fast changing climate too. I saw a sign that the project for road maintenance will be finished soon but I think it is not enough. They must take a look also to improve the flood way.

Nostalgia 12

For the love of Nostalgia and the host, Rose, I am now back to blogging. Today is August 5 and this this will be my first entry for the month. Blog hiatus for a couple of days. Aaah.. paid posts went to trash and got expired too. Anyways, I hope to be back in blogging now. I hope.

I just had to end Baguio series but will share again old photos and memories in my future post. For now, I am sharing a photo taken in Quezon province many many years ago. I am not sure the exact location, I only remember Cagsiay and Mauban Quezon. The beach was very nice but it was not maintained, no resort nor facilities too. The people in the village used coconut crop as their way of living as you can see at the background. We heard also that the nearby place was a haven for bandits but it didn't stop us to visit the island. We all believe it was only a rumor but we're lucky still, we could have been in the news being captured by bandits.

Anyways, I'm the one in the middle. Look at my hair, so fashionable. I love it. so 80s. lol.

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