Thursday, August 19, 2010

Article for Website

Many things occupied my time lately. Blogging was set aside. When I checked my blog status, I actually got the same hits during the time when I was active updating and hopping from one blog to another. I would like to thank my loyal readers who constantly visit my site during my absence. Blogging is truly fun. Writing down everyday journal seems to be an endless topic for those who have passion in blogging. You wouldn't run out of ideas, hence, the more you write, the more ideas pop into your mind.

Buying a new domain maybe next month about my love for food will be my next goal. I actually have joined weekly meme for this topic. Anyways, I have no problem anymore about building links too. Article Alley is a website where I can write about the topic that I want like food, health and wellness, finance, shopping and many more and when the reader find my article interesting, they will visit me back and that's an instant traffic in my site. I can either write or republish the article. The website is very helpful either for bloggers or for some who are making research and information on different categories.


  1. Hello mommy Wowa, visiting you in here. By the way, it is indeed a fun hobby of writing down our thoughts online. Thanks for sharing mommy Wowa! Same here, I have fun of it! muahhh!

  2. I planned to buy another domain. Thanks for the info


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