Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping Time

This is crazy but I have to admit, I am back to serious spending habit again. After limiting ourselves going to mall for quite sometime now just to save some penny, I am now back to impulsive buying again. Me and my kids went out shopping last weekend and we were just so surprised to see the items that we purchased. My daughters bought jeggings and other girls' accessories while I save mine to buy a cashmere sweaters as present for my friend who will celebrate his birthday this month. If you see it in a shop, I bet you'll never have a second thought on buying this too. I just love the apparel much and the next time I go to mall again, I definitely will buy one for myself. Lucky me, however amount I spent on shopping, I'm still not over spending it as I don't own a credit card and spend only the money that I have.

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