Sunday, August 15, 2010

Window Film

Husband complained about hot temperature when he visited his friend in Nevada. In the city where he lives, temperature is quite much cooler. Even in the office where he works, the office stays cool even without high air conditioning. The office has window film Los Angeles that block the direct sun and it is cooler inside the building. Even if it is summer in LA, they still save electricity as the windows and wall were made up of window film. He said he could not have felt the extreme heat when he visited his friend should he only installed window film in his car earlier. He is such a hot tempered person that he easily got irritated with hot weather. During his vacation, he stayed inside the house and switched the air conditioning all the time and that results to high electricity bill. If only our house is made of window film, it could be much cooler and probably he would stay inside the house all day. I swear, it's like a burning fire with hot temperature as hot as thirty nine degrees at the peak of summer.

Today, I'm thinking of installing this film window in our house. We could save electricity because the room will stay cool, besides, this will also block ultraviolet rays that will enter directly into our house.

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  1. ay oo. useful din yan. pero before installing films, check the amount of sun they block. may gradients din kasi yan eh. :)


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