Monday, August 30, 2010

Nursing Scrubs for my Cousin

Only 41.40% passed the NLE or Nurse Licensure Examination given last July 2010. There are lots of nurses in the list again waiting for their luck to work abroad. I believe, if those nurses rely in their own fortune, they will not go anywhere else. They should strive hard to reach their dream. My cousin worked hard to complete all the requirements to become nurse few years ago. She passed all the examinations and gained clinical experiences as requirements to become a nurse. I salute her for the determination she showed to fulfill her dream. I admit, I was a bit envy when I saw her photos wearing medical nursing scrubs. I dreamed of becoming a nurse too but unlike her, I lacked of determination and ended as a stay at home mom. She's really smart and even smarter in hospital uniform. I bet everything is provided for nurses and she's not required anymore to buy medical scrubs for herself. I told her she's very stylish even during younger days. She has great sense of style and carries herself well even in hospital uniform.

Nurses are incredibly tough worker and I salute my cousin for being a dedicated nurse. Nurses must posses incredible love and care to patient. And even if nurses work in a graveyard shift, they should still appear presentable to patients with their scrub sets. It is also important that nurses wear a comfortable one with the kind of work that they have.

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