Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nostalgia #13

Here's a story about a six-year old girl who got lost during the camp. That girl, being new to this adventure, was totally amazed on how big that camp participated by different school. When the bell rang, the girl ran to the nearest ice cream booth to fill her cravings and entertained herself by different decorations in each camp. After few minutes, she was surprised to see herself alone with strangers. She approached a Senior Scout.

Twinkler: I am lost (col) Here is my address. (girl mentioning her full address) My mother's name is_____ and my father's name is_______..

Senior: No. Not your address but what troop are you in?

Twinkler: Why troop? My mother told me to just give my home address so to trace my way home when I get lost anywhere else.

Senior: Hey twinkler, You're lost but just inside the school camp. Now, if you tell me your troop number, we can accompany you to your camp now.

Twinkler: But I live in (mentioning again the address.) and my mother is probably looking for me now. (The girl mentioned her address about two or three times..)

Senior: (annoyed)

The Twinkler Scout was then reunited with the troop and that experience taught her the real motto of scout, to be prepared in mind and in body.
Later in her grade school years, that little twinkler actively participated in Junior Training Seminar and managed to be on her own, not a day camp, but three days and two- night camp.

And that little Twinkler was me. A once was a happy Twinkler, Star, Junior and Senior Scout, now a mom of two scouts.

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  1. Awww that is such a sweet pic of the two of them sis.. Sino ba si twinkler, si bunso or si ate?

  2. @rose, bunso was just a star scout here, ate as girl scout and myself as the little twinkler.. hihi. was too tired when I published this post last night. kala ko nga sa draft page palang.

  3. ayan kase dahil sa ice cream...ehehe.

    cute nilang tignan. si rj din star scout ngayon. kaya sunday bibili kami ng uniform nya. pinayagan ko kase masaya mga jamborees. na-experience ko rin kase noon.

  4. hahhaha...I was puzzled kung sino si twinkler...ikaw pala!...ehehhehe...:) your girls are pretty..mana sa mami....:)


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