Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday



Express yourself by Post-It-Note Tuesday!
Join us now with and have fun.
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edited: 11 aug
*it should be air conditioner and not air conditioners, $$$ instead of $.. :) i find it easier to edit here than make another post-it.. :) happy PINT!


  1. I think the bills all get together and discuss which one is going to have the biggest increase for the month, so it makes almost impossible to budget anything.

  2. Blech...bills! If it weren't for those, I'd be rich!!! ;)

  3. Bills Bills Bills....I say we just ignore them!

  4. hahhaah sana mabasa nya to!!

    sa totoo lng tlga.. ang electric bill saket sa ulo. pag wlang kuryente sakit sa ulo.. pag meron sakit sa ulo rin :D nkkahilo hihih

    hope u are feeling better na ganda :)

    thanks for flooding me with comments hiihih


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