Saturday, August 7, 2010

available loans

Running out of cash? Don't worry! You are not alone. Even the rich people are running out of cash too. But don't be fooled by friendly banker that offers you to get a credit card for you might end up paying double the sum of the money you use for shopping and you'll find yourself up to neck drowning into debt. There are other options that will help you find solution should you need cash now, loans are available whether you have bad credit or personal loan.

Honestly, I don't have credit card of my own. I am just too scared of huge interest using it. I only have debit card and only use it securely to pay for my online purchases. I remember one incident when I went shopping and my credit line went too bad that I have to double my earnings just to get the bills paid at the end of the month. It was horrible and I promised myself not to get one anymore. Well I think, I was not ready enough to handle credit card and irresponsible that time that all I think about was to shop. Oh well, I am quite different now. Credit card is a no-no for me. If you are credit card holder, be responsible enough and get ready to pay the charges on due time.

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  1. Buti pa dito may namimigay ng pera hehehe. yup im running out of cash nts hehe


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