Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Furniture for the House

The house that is being remodelled adjacent to us is almost done. It's been two months already since they started the renovation. The owner of the house invested so much money for renovation and right now it is almost 70% complete. The owner is my neighbor and my real good friend and she asked me if any of my friends or relatives are looking for a house for rent. She wants somebody whom she can trust and maintain the house properly. It is a three-storey building with the ground floor as the garage, and second & third floor as living room and dining room subsequently. Now I can say, the house is a flood free zone. In the present unpredictable climate condition, the house needs to adapt the changes to spare from typhoon and flooding too.

Each floor has its own bathroom and since the owner intended to hire a tenant to occupy the house, the next that she had planned to provide is furniture. She needs to furnish the house and buy vanities as well including bathroom. I guess this is the best time for her to check the discount bathroom vanities. The renter will be very glad and proud to have this furniture. Since the bathroom have a very large space, furniture of this kind is very appropriate and it will surely bring elegant look for the house. The owner is now looking for tenant who will be responsible not only for the rental payment but also for taking care of furniture.

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